What is the Best Hairstyle for Men with a Widows Peak?

We have some examples for you to choose the perfect hairstyle to go with your widows peak:

To find the best hairstyle for men with widows peaks, you must decide whether you want to make it less noticeable, or if you want to embrace it and wear it proudly. Once you have come to a decision, it will be a lot easier to shop for the best hairstyle. Here are some great hairstyles for men with a widows peak which you can recreate easily and quickly.

Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men # 1

widows-peak-hairstyle (1)

A nice and tall pompadour is always a good hairstyle to have if you have a widow’s peak. It will look even more flattering if you have short hair at the sides and long hair at the top. You can part your hair from the side, and then comb it over to the other side. A side part can also help make the V of the widow’s peak smaller and less prominent.

To get this kind of hairstyle, keep the sides short and the top long. Apply pomade on the hair, putting more if you want a shinier pompadour, or less if you want a more natural and softer look.

Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men # 2

widows-peak-hairstyle (2)

One way to effectively hide a widows peak is to bring the hair forward or to the sides, and then have a hair part at the sides. You can keep the sides short and the top long. This is a kind of hairstyle that will work on guys with wavy or thick hair. If you have fine hair, the widows peak may still look noticeable, so we highly recommend doing another hairstyle.

Don’t style the hair too flat or too slick, though. Instead, create volume at the top by rumpling it and making it look like a sexy and stylish bedhead. Not too polished and slick, but definitely very sexy and elegant.

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Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men # 3

widows-peak-hairstyle (3)

A short and spiky hairstyle will also look flattering on men with a widows peak. Have it parted at the sides, and then style the top hair in textured and spiky streaks. You can achieve that by applying pomade on your hair with just your fingers instead of a fine-toothed comb.

This is a good hairstyle for all kinds of hair. If you have fine or thick hair, or wavy or curly hair, this will be a flattering hairstyle to have. Just keep the hair short and textured to get just the right kind of spiky look. It’s perfect for everyday wear to the office or to school, and can be dressed up for the more formal and fancier events.

Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men # 4

widows-peak-hairstyle (4)

If you like hairstyles that are striking as they are dramatic, this may be the perfect hairstyle for your widows peak. It’s long and wavy. It’s sexy and seductive. More importantly, it’s falling over the forehead in true Hollywood leading man fashion. Who has time to notice your widows peak when your hair is busy making people fall in love with you?

To get this hairstyle, you must have long and wavy hair, and a nicely shaped haircut. Apply pomade all over the hair and start combing the sides and the back. Make it neat and smooth as possible. Comb the top hair to the side, and then create a little sexy and curly quiff.

Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men # 5

widows-peak-hairstyle (5)

When you have a widows peak, sometimes the best hairstyle to wear is one that doesn’t require hair at all. Just like this shaved hairstyle that proudly displays the widows peak in all its glory. Did losing the hair make him look hideous? Did it affect his sex appeal?

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Definitely not. Even if there’s no hair to hide the widows peak with, it most certainly is not an awful-looking hairstyle.In fact, without all the hair, the widows peak just looks like a natural part of the head and the hair. It even gives the face a sexier and younger look. Sure beats awkward combovers and weird toupees every time.

Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men # 6

widows-peak-hairstyle (6)

The best way to make a widows peak less prominent is by having great top hair. Just like the top hair on this guy. Notice how your eyes are just drawn to that beautiful and slick hair combed softly to the side? Yes, that’s the exact thing you need to achieve when styling your hair. You need to make people forget about the receding hairline or the widows peak.

Always create your part at the side, and try to bring a little of the top hair forward for more coverage. You can wear it slick and shiny, or you can wear it soft and natural.

Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men # 7

widows-peak-hairstyle (7)

Another way to make a widows peak less prominent is to grow as much hair as you can on your head and on your face. Grow your hair longer and thicker. Let it reach your shoulders, or even longer than that. Get a full beard, and let it grow full and thick on your cheeks, your jawline, and your chin.

You can choose to wear your hair long and all natural, and just let it fall around your shoulders. You can also wear it in a very stylish top knot or man bun that’s all the rage these days. The trick is to give people something interesting to look at so that they don’t notice the V on your forehead. A man bun or facial carpet can certainly do just that.

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A widows peak is not a cause for concern, nor does it signal the end of happy hair. It can be a setback, sure, but it can also give your look more character. When you have a widows peak, it doesn’t mean you have to live your days wearing ugly and boring hair, either. These hairstyles are proof that you can have a widows peak but still look absolutely sensational.

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