Top 10 Short Hairstyles in 2016

We have rounded up only the best and most attractive short hairstyles that will rock in 2016:

For those of you who want to know what will be the hottest hairstyles in 2016, wonder no more. Here are ten short hairstyles that will be popular in the coming year. You might be wearing some of these hairstyles already, so read on to see more hairstyle inspirations.

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 1

short-haircuts (1)

Look forward to more cool and classic haircuts in 2016, especially ones with lots of gloss and lots of spikes. They will continue to enjoy huge popularity, especially as the hipster and vintage looks continue to be loved by men more than ever.

This is a good short hairstyle that you can wear. It looks clean and classy, while staying fun and casual. Get the look by having a good fade at the sides and at the back, and then a small hard part just off the middle. Keep the top short and textured, adding a little pomade to make it look shiny and firm.

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 2

short-haircuts (2)

This is another good haircut that will still be a huge favorite in the coming year. Fans of the buzz cut look will be happy to know that this will still remain a crowd favorite.

If you’re wearing your hair long now, you can maybe try this haircut next to change your whole look. If you’re wearing a similar hairstyle now, keep the hair faded at the sides and back, and then keep it short on top.

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 3

short-haircuts (3)

The short and slick hairstyles will also be the rage next year. No need to throw away the pomade and the hair wax just yet, because you can still enjoy the short and slick combovers which make you look sophisticated and distinguished.

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Keep this slick hairstyle that’s short and simple, but also very fashionable. Just make sure there is a little more length for your top hair so that you can easily create the volume and texture that you need.

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 4

short-haircuts (4)

If it’s a shortcut that looks perfect for work or for school, then it will definitely remain a hot and trendy hairstyle in the coming year. These haircuts are timeless and can be styled to look more trendy and fashionable.

If you like the whole preppy and Ivy League hairstyle, this one should definitely be your hairstyle of choice. It’s classic and sophisticated, and does not require a lot of upkeep and styling.

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 5

short-haircuts (5)

Next year’s hairstyles will also be fun and exciting, much like this shaved undercut hairstyle. It’s just the kind of hairstyle that will suit guys who want something less ordinary and more badass. You’ll be surprised that for something that looks sexy and stylish, it doesn’t require a lot of styling or a lot of maintenance.

To get this look, shave off the sides and a little of the top to achieve the Mohawk. You can have a tall Mohawk or a short Mohawk. It’s completely up to you. Both will look awesome, anyway.

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 6

short-haircuts (6)

Classic hairstyles will never go away, just like this short and clean cropped hairstyle. There will always be guys who will go for the hottest trends, but there will be more guys who will stick to the tried and tested hairstyles. Nothing wrong with sticking to the basics, because they can be styled to look interesting and exciting, too.

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Always go for a short haircut that will look flattering on your face shape and the texture of your hair. Also choose a hairstyle that will suit your needs as a serious student or a hardworking young professional.

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 7

short-haircuts (7)

Yes, the ever so popular buzz cut will definitely still be around. Who doesn’t love a good buzz cut? We know we do. Buzz cuts are perfect for guys who want simple and no nonsense hairstyles. Less maintenance, but very high on style. Imagine all the time that you can save in the morning just by wearing a haircut that you don’t even have to comb or brush.

It looks great on just about any guy, and can work with any kind of look or lifestyle. Just wash it and wear it, and look awesome every single day!

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 8

short-haircuts (8)

Short and textured hairstyles will still be relevant in the coming year. This is a classic example of a short and textured hairstyle that will work best with guys who have thick, wavy, or curly hair. It will also look awesome on guys with thinning and receding hairlines.

Steal the look by keeping the hair at the sides and the back short. Keep the top hair closely cropped as well, but make sure to get more layers or textures to make it look thick and full. Use some pomade or hairstyling wax if you like a glossy finish. Use hair clay if you want a natural dry matte one.

Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 9

short-haircuts (9)

This is another great short hairstyle that will still be visible on guys’ heads next year. Mostly short on the sides and long on top, and styled to look tall and spiky. It’s not a complex hairstyle, but may require a little styling for the top hair. Especially if you want it to look a certain way. But that’s nothing that a good haircut and a good pomade cannot fix.

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Mens Short Hairstyles Inspiration # 10

short-haircuts (10)

If you like short hair with just a little edginess and style, you’ll be glad to know that these kinds of hairstyles are also going to be popular in 2016. Just like this short, shaved, and spiky hairstyle.

Keep the sides faded or tapered, and leave the top hair short and spiky. You can style it further by combing it down, or making it tall and textured. Both styles can be achieved with a good pomade, a fine-toothed comb, and just your own fingers!

Short hairstyles are not going away. Not for a long time. They will only be styled in different ways but they will always be relevant. Make sure that you get a really good one!

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