Top 10 Men’s Long Hairstyles 2016

Here are the top 10 long hairstyles for men this upcoming 2016:

Just like short hairstyles, long hairstyles are also a much loved hairstyle, which will continue to be worn by men, now and in the years to come. They will definitely still enjoy popularity in 2016. So take a look at some of the hottest long hairstyles that you should wear come the new year.

Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 1

long-hairstyles (1)

Long hairstyles will still be a huge favorite among the men, not only because of the many ways you can style long hair, but also because it’s a great hairstyle to pair with a full beard. Any beard will look intimidating when you wear it with a long beard. Just like this long hairstyle right here.

The hair just has a nice and natural shape. No fancy cuts or layers. The tips just curl softly and gracefully, giving the face a whole romantic look that all women love. The beard, on the other hand, provides a nice contrast with its short and scruffy look. Perfect combination, if you ask us.

Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 2

long-hairstyles (2)

Long hair and fade haircuts will still figure greatly in next year’s coolest hairstyles. So don’t worry, that awesome fade hairstyle will still not look out of place. And also, how can something so cool and kickass as this hairstyle simply just stop being cool?

Go ahead and grow your hair long. Get your barber to do a nice high fade on the sides and the back, just like what this guy has on. Keep the top hair long so that you can style it in whichever way you want. You can keep it soft and thick by doing this simple combover. You can also keep it slick and shiny by adding more styling product.

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Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 3

long-hairstyles (3)

This is another variation of the short on sides but long on top haircut. The length and the volume are concentrated on top of the head, while the sides are very neatly faded or tapered. It’s a very good-looking haircut that will suit men of all ages. It’s also quite a versatile hairstyle that can be worn on casual days and fancy events.

Anyone can wear this kind of long hairstyle, but more so men who have thick and wavy hair, or thick and curly hair. It helps control the volume and give the hair a nice and flattering shape.

Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 4

long-hairstyles (4)

Long hairstyles that are long and flowing will always remain a crowd favorite. As long as women find long hair on men attractive, they will never go out of style. Just like this long hairstyle that will make any grown man look confident and intriguing. With or without the abs or the arm tattoo.

There’s not a lot of hair styling involved, though. You just need to have a good haircare regimen in place to make sure that the hair looks soft and shiny, and that it’s always silky and manageable.

Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 5

long-hairstyles (5)

Like we said, long hair and fade haircuts will definitely still be around. Which means you still have the chance to wear a hairstyle that looks this chic and fashionable.

The short on sides and long on top hairstyle is actually very easy to create. You only have to focus on the making the top hair look as slick and as smooth as possible.

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If you want to have top hair that looks dry and natural, you can also do so by using a hairstyling product that will give it a soft and natural finish. Like hair clay.

Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 6

long-hairstyles (6)

Long hairstyles for men are supposed to look sexy and exciting and all manners of dangerous. This fact will not change in 2016, so expect more men to wear their hair long in these kinds of hairstyles.

The best way to wear long hair is by doing the whole sexy bedhead look. It may be a bit challenging to make your hair look intentionally messy, like you just got out of bed. But if you want the look, you have to work at it until you achieve it.

A simple but effective way to do this is to skip the shampoo, and stick with the conditioner. Conditioning will make your hair more manageable, unlike freshly shampooed hair that tends to be too soft or too smooth.

Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 7

long-hairstyles (7)

Of course, long hair and pompadours will still be a big hit when it comes to next year’s hairstyles for men. As long as there is hair, you can work a pompadour, actually. But the longer the hair, the better. Longer hair means taller and more dramatic pomps, and even quiffs.

A pompadour will look great with any kind of hairstyle, but it will look even cooler with a good fade haircut. It just looks more dramatic when the sides and the back are buzzed really short, and the top hair is all slick and shiny.

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Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 8

long-hairstyles (8)

The long and layered hairstyle will also remain popular with the men. It’s a good hairstyle to keep the frizz away, especially if you have thick, wavy, or curly hair. Not to mention that it makes you look like a pop star, or an up and coming celebrity.

Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 9

long-hairstyles (9)

Long and layered hairstyles are a great way to make fine or curly hair look thicker, or less curly. This can be achieved by getting a haircut like this one right here. It will keep the thickness at a minimum on the sides and the back. And then you can just let the top hair long and textured.

Long Hairstyles for Men Style # 10

long-hairstyles (10)

Undercuts and long hair go together like salt and pepper. We can’t imagine this hairstyle ever stopping being cool. Not now, and certainly not in 2016. If you’re not ready to wear one, just keep the hair long and get an undercut anytime you wish.

People will either love or hate long hair. But whichever team you belong to, you have to admit that long hair just looks sensational on some men, and it will be such a waste to see all that glorious long hairstyle go. Cheers to long hair and the beauty it brings!

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