Top 10 Medium Length Mens Hairstyles for 2016

We've rounded up the best medium length hairstyles for men this upcoming 2016:

Medium length hairstyles are always stylish and sophisticated. Check out our gallery of the hottest and coolest medium length hairstyles that will be certified hits this 2016. See if your favorite hairstyles made the list.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 1

medium-hairstyles (1)

You will still see more of medium length hairstyles in 2016, as much as you’ll see guys wearing short and long hairstyles. It’s just the right length to have. Not too long, and not too short. Which explains why so many guys prefer medium length hair.

This is a popular men’s hairstyle that you’ll see anytime, anywhere. It’s long and wavy, but with just the right shape and volume to keep it stylish and up to date. It looks awesome with just the right amount of sheen and slickness.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 2

medium-hairstyles (2)

The shaggy hairstyle will also continue to be cool and awesome. So rejoice, guys with curly and wavy hair. You can still rock the hairstyle, and it won’t dampen your style a bit.

This is a good hairstyle for guys who have a problem with frizziness and volume. It keeps the hair layered and textured while giving it a nice shape.

This kind of hairstyle also needs to look glossy and soft, so you need a good shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair looking soft, shiny, and silky. Also, you can use an anti-frizz serum for added control.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 3

medium-hairstyles (3)

This is another way to wear a shaggy hairstyle, but cleaner, softer, and wispier. The layers are more pronounced, and the hair is longer. The hair is combed forward, making it look more dramatic and romantic. Expect to see more dramatic and striking hairstyles in the coming year.

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Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 4

medium-hairstyles (4)

Curls on medium length hair are also going to be a popular hairstyle in 2016, especially soft and big curls that look a lot like these. They go very well with all the vintage and hipster fashion that have been very popular lately. Plus, it’s a really nice way to make your curls truly stand out.

You can get the most beautiful curls by using a good shampoo and conditioner. You can also use a leave-in conditioner to make sure the hair is always fresh and moisturized. Avoid using a fine-toothed comb or a regular brush to brush your curls, especially when the hair is wet.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 5

medium-hairstyles (5)

Medium length hair can sometimes be awkward, because it’s too long to be considered short, and too short to be considered long. But this is a good hairstyle that you can wear now, and all the way to 2016.

Keep the hair at the sides and the back short, and leave the top hair long and thick. With the help of a little pomade or hairstyling wax, you can make the top hair as high and as thick as you want. Use a volume brush to get the desired effect. Get the style in place by applying a little hairspray for extra hold.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 6

medium-hairstyles (6)

Medium length hair is perfect for guys with wavy and curly hair. Wavy hair or curly hair just looks great at medium length. There’s an effortless sexiness and masculinity to it that you can’t recreate with any length.

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Even if wavy hair looks messy, it still looks ridiculously hot. It’s got character and sensuality, and will definitely make you feel and look like a real man. Add this to the list of hairstyles that we will see next year.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 7

medium-hairstyles (7)

When your hair is long and silky, you just have to let all the world see and enjoy it. Wear it loud and proud, just like this really cool and impressive pompadour. It’s all soft and silky, and you just want to touch and see just how soft it is.

If you want this pompadour, and you have medium length hair, it’s definitely something you can easily achieve. Just get a really good pomade and a volume brush. You’ll definitely be seeing more of these rockabilly hairstyles in 2016.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 8

medium-hairstyles (8)

It looks like rockabilly hairstyles are here to stay. How long have we been seeing David Beckham in these kinds of hairstyles, right? But if you’re a huge fan of this hairstyle, you’ll definitely be happy to know that you can still wear this all year next year, and you will not stop looking fabulous.

You know the drill. Get the hair at the sides and the back short, and then leave the top hair long and thick. Apply pomade on the hair and just comb everything back with a fine-toothed comb. Alas! You’re now fashionable and fabulous.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 9

medium-hairstyles (9)

Medium length hair is also the perfect length of hair to wear a side combover. The hair is long enough to be swept all the way to the side. Plus it looks slicker and smoother the longer the hair is.

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If you combine the long top hair with a tapered side and back, the hairstyle will look even more elegant and stylish. It’s a very cool hairstyle that will look great on guys who like crisp and clean cuts.

Medium Length Mens Hairstyles Style # 10

medium-hairstyles (10)

If you’re a big fan of tall hair and short hair on the sides, you can expect to see a lot of these hairstyles in 2016, too. So keep that top hair long, because you will be styling that a lot.

That top hair that seems to have a mind of its own is easily achieved by applying pomade with a strong hold. The hair is then blow dried to lock the style in, and then a little hairspray is also applied for extra hold.

We’re excited to know what the next year holds when it comes to new hairstyles for men, but it also gives us a nice and happy feeling that our favorite styles this year will still be fashionable in 2016.

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