This will be the Most Popular Hairstyle for College Guys this Year

Try experimenting these hairstyles suited for most College guys and rock your school year!

When it comes to college guys and hairstyles, you want to choose one that will make you look more intelligent, more attractive, and a whole lot more interesting. Yes, all that’s possible with just the right hairstyle. Check out our gallery of this year’s popular hairstyles for college guys.

Hairstyle Inspiration for College Guys # 1


As a hardworking college student, of course you want to get good grades and look sensational while doing it. If you want to be taken seriously by your peers and your professors, as well as earn the admiration of the female population on campus, get this polished and preppy hairstyle.

College guys dig hairstyles that will make them look smarter, in a sexy and not geeky kind of way. This hairstyle adds a bit of sophistication and elegance in your otherwise casual and regular college outfit. It can truly make you stand out from the rest. Any kind of hairstyle can give you the mature and cultured look with just a little bit of pomade or hairstyling wax.

Hairstyle Inspiration for College Guys # 2

colleg-guys-hairstyle (2)

When your days are filled with all-nighters and tight deadlines, you can easily forget to style and maintain a good hairstyle. You don’t want that. You want to look good and gorgeous even when really busy. You want to look great whatever you’re doing, because you want to avoid the awkward throwback photos in the future.

Get this short and no-nonsense hairstyle if you want something easy and quick. You can wash and wear it, literally. There’s also very little styling involved, and you will still look all cool and stylish. A little hairstyling wax can give your hair the shine and the hold it needs, but other than that, you don’t really need to apply or do anything else. Now what could be easier than that?

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Hairstyle Inspiration for College Guys # 3

colleg-guys-hairstyle (3)

For the college guys with more style in mind, it’s all about the drama and the overall look of the hair. Keep the hair long and layered with this perfectly textured and dramatic hairstyle. It will satisfy the inner celebrity in you, because wearing a hairstyle like this will definitely win you popularity votes.

It’s short on the sides and long on top. The only difference is that it’s all combed forward to make it look more exciting and striking. Apply a little hairstyling wax with medium to strong hold, so that the style will be kept in place even after a long day of studying. Now who says being studious means not being stylish?

Hairstyle Inspiration for College Guys # 4

colleg-guys-hairstyle (4)

All work and no play makes college guys dull and uninteresting. Not to mention it makes them look common and just plain meh. Take charge of your looks and get this cool and classic hairstyle. It’s easy to style and quick to wear, but always looks stylish and fashionable whatever outfit you’re wearing.

Get your barber to cut the sides short. You can also get a high fade or a low fade if you wish. Keep the top long and textured. Apply a little pomade or hairstyling wax for gloss and extra hold. You can use a fine-toothed comb for a more polished look, or you can finger comb it if you want more texture.

Hairstyle Inspiration for College Guys # 5

colleg-guys-hairstyle (5)

This is another popular hairstyle among college guys. It’s simple and functional, yet can be styled to look fancy and elegant. A little hairstyling wax or a little pomade can make this short hairstyle cosmopolitan enough and make your look just a little more interesting.

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Get the look by getting the right haircut. Keep it short on the sides and at the back. Make the top slightly longer than the rest so you can have more length to work with. Get a good side part and just comb the hair to one side. Style it with your fingers for a more textured and naturally messy look.

Hairstyle Inspiration for College Guys # 6

colleg-guys-hairstyle (6)

College should not only be about getting good grades and excelling in your classes. It’s also about having fun and enjoying a little rest and recreational activities. What better hairstyle to wear than this short, spiky, and fun hairstyle?

Impress the ladies and the bros with your great hairstyle in and out of the classrooms. Cut the sides and the back short. Keep the top hair full and long. Texturize the hair so that it looks tall and spiky.

Keep the style in place by applying some pomade or hairstyling wax. Make sure that you visit your barber when the hair starts to grow so that it doesn’t look big and neglected.

Hairstyle Inspiration for College Guys # 7

colleg-guys-hairstyle (7)

Some college guys like the trendy and fashionable hairstyles, while some prefer the simple and the classic. Others just don’t care what hairstyle they wear, so long as their hair looks soft and natural.

Take a look at this tall and long hairstyle that makes any person want to run their fingers through it. The hair looks fluffy and nice. It’s the most attractive when it’s lightly tousled and just a little messy. But it can also be jazzed up to look formal and fancy if you style it in a combover.

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If you have wavy to slightly curly hair, you can get this kind of hairstyle by asking your barber to do a short on sides long on top haircut on you. Make sure that the top is really long, so you can style it as high and as dramatic as you want. You can also wear it without too much styling and it will still look great falling over your forehead.

If you’re not yet wearing any of these great hairstyles, get your head out of those books for a moment and take a quick trip over to the barbershop. They are guaranteed to give you the boost to your looks and to your confidence. You’re welcome!

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