The Top Knot for Men – How to Get the Look

Do you want to know how to get the Top Knot look for men? We rounded that up for you:

In the past, the top knot was something we can only see on women. Now, its growing popularity on men with long hair just proves that top knots are for everybody. Long hair, wavy hair, curly hair, thick hair, fine hair — there’s a top knot style that’s right for you. If you’re curious about the top knot, here are some cool top knot style ideas and how you can get the look.

Top Knot # 1


This top knot hairstyle is cool and stylish, but still manages to look laidback. It doesn’t look like it took a whole village to style it, either. This top knot will work on any style of hair, most especially buzz cuts, undercuts, and tapered hair.

What you need to do is apply some hair wax first and then comb back the hair at the center with a fine-toothed comb. Do a half ponytail without pulling it out all the way, forming a knot in the process. Make the knot a little loose to soften the look of the slick back. The look you want to achieve is one that’s easy and breezy, and one that exudes effortless sexiness.

Top Knot # 2

long_hairstyles (2)

This top knot style screams sexy beast and bad boy who can break hearts at will. This is the top knot style that can convince other grown men to start wearing one.

But first, get yourself a fade haircut. And then grow your hair at the top at least four inches. Even longer. It depends on how perfect you want your top knot to look. The longer the hair, the better you can style it and pull it on top. And then maybe you can sport a beard, too, while you’re at it. You can also get your ears pierced and wear an ear plug for a more badass look. But all of that is completely optional, of course.

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Top Knot # 3

 long_hairstyles (3)

This top knot is popular with the ladies even if it looks big, messy, and wild. For them, it’s the hair that shows a man’s mysterious, passionate, and romantic side. It indicates a man who loves art, music, books, and pop culture. It signifies a man who will fight for endangered animals, promote upcycling, and go vegan for a year for a worthy cause.

To achieve this look, you must have really thick and big hair. This top knot is full of volume and texture, and it won’t look as nice if you have fine and straight hair. To maximize the manly man effect, you can combine the top knot with a full working beard and hipster specs.

Top Knot # 4

 long_hairstyles (4)

Yes, such a top knot exists and it’s very formidable looking, especially on this guy. But for the rest of us ordinary folks, this will still look like a strong and powerful top knot. It’s edgy and striking, and can definitely make you look tougher to other men, and sexier to other women.

Again, to copy this top knot look, you should have a pretty solid fade haircut, or an undercut, which will reach all the way to the top where your full head of hair grows. For maximum effect, there should be no hair on the sides and the back. Apply some hair wax or hair gel first, and then comb it over and pull into a tight ponytail.

Top Knot # 5

 long_hairstyles (5)

Everything about this guy screams Greek god who came down from the skies to lie back and enjoy the sun and people’s admiring glances. Nobody should look this good, but hey. It must be his top knot.

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To achieve the same sensational-looking top knot, one must be blessed with the same long, messy, curly, and golden hair. If you can only manage long and messy, that will have to do for now. Just gather up all your hair and position it at the top of your head. Tie it in a loose knot. The hair should be loose and relaxed, and it must have that unkempt and rumpled look.

Top Knot # 6

 long_hairstyles (6)

Like the undercut with the top knot hairstyle, this top knot style is similar in a way. Instead of an undercut, you wear a high fade cut, and then brush back the top hair to make a small knot. It’s simple and understated in its badassery, and you don’t need really long hair to do it.

It will look great on curly and wavy hair. It can also give you a whole new look, one that’s more badass, and more rock star.

This top knot will look even better with some facial hair or piercings. But if that really isn’t your personality, just the hair alone is more than enough!

Top Knot # 7

long_hairstyles (7)

Again, here’s another example of the great combination of a short stubble, an undercut, a combover, and a top knot. It’s a very busy look, but it succeeds in making him look stylish and hip without going overboard.

Fans of this top knot should have long hair, maybe more than 4-5 inches, to be able to do the loose and tall knot. If you have straight, wavy, or curly hair — no problem. You can easily pull off this look. In fact, we highly recommend it to guys with thick and unruly hair. It’s an easy way to control the hair without sacrificing personal style.

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If you enjoy wearing a nice top knot, be proud and let people see it. Don’t listen to what other people have to say. At the end of the day, what matters is how comfortable you feel and how great you look wearing it!

It doesn’t matter how long, how beautiful, and how thick your hair is. What matters is that you can tie it on top of your head and feel proud and comfortable wearing it.

Don’t wear it because everybody else is wearing it. Wear it because you like it and it adds something positive to your personal style. Cheers to more top knots!

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