The Taper Fade – A Complete Guide

If you are trying out the taper fade hairstyle, here's a helpful guide in styling it:

A taper fade is the gradual change of hair length, usually from the pate down to the sides and the base of the hairline. It’s usually achieved by using a pair of scissors and clippers. The taper fade is usually worn with a longer hairstyle at the top, like a comb over, or a slick back, or even a pompadour. It’s a timeless and classic haircut that looks flattering on any guy, on any kind of hair. Here are a few taper fade hairstyles that will get you more familiar with the haircut, just in case you aren’t.

Taper Fade Hairstyle Inspiration # 1

taper-fade-hairstyle (1)

The taper fade is strong and beautiful with this haircut. You can clearly see the transition from long hair to short hair, from hair to skin. Even the top hair is nicely textured, shorter at the back and growing longer as it reaches the front of the head.

Haircuts like this provide you with less styling, because the haircut is already styled enough. A taper fade keeps the hair from looking shaggy or shapeless. It keeps the volume in control, whether you have fine or thick hair, or straight or curly hair. It gives it a nice and flawless finish all over, just like this classic haircut that makes you look every bit a modern gentleman.

Taper Fade Hairstyle Inspiration # 2

taper-fade-hairstyle (2)

A taper fade is best styled with slick combovers. Whether it’s a high, low, or medium taper, when the top hair is combed back, the look completely changes. You get something that looks smooth and polished. It’s also casual enough to wear every day, yet fancy enough for formal or lavish events.

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This kind of hairstyle won’t even take you a long time each morning to style. Just make sure that the hair is clean and damp. Apply your hairstyling product of choice, preferably one that has high gloss and strong hold. And then with a fine-toothed comb, start combing the hair from front to back. Adjust the look according to how slick or loose you want it.

Taper Fade Hairstyle Inspiration # 3

taper-fade-hairstyle (3)

A taper fade is cool and classic, and it looks great on just about any guy. It’s been around for decades, and it’s been changed and given different twists to keep it looking current. And we just love how it looks ever since. Because sometimes, less is more.

It’s a timeless haircut that won’t make you laugh at yourself when you look at your photos years from now. It’s neat and elegant and will suit even the pickiest tastes. There’s not a lot of styling involved, too, because the hair is already good-looking enough. It’s just the perfect haircut that you can wear every day, and then style up for a fancy or special event. Styled just the right way, it can also be sexy and sophisticated.

Taper Fade Hairstyle Inspiration # 4

taper-fade-hairstyle (4)

Have we said that taper fade haircuts go best with slick combovers or side sweeps? We have? Well, that’s because they do look great with any kind of slick hairstyle. It looks simple and clean, but oh so elegant and chic. Not to mention sexy and masculine, too.

Steal the look by getting the sides and the back short and nicely tapered. You can have it as high or as low as you want, depending on your taste. You can put a hard part or a regular part off the middle, too.

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Once you have that sorted, you can just apply some pomade on the hair, and then start combing it to the other side with a fine-toothed comb. Voila! Your slick and sexy hairstyle is all done!

Taper Fade Hairstyle Inspiration # 5

taper-fade-hairstyle (5)

A taper fade haircut also looks awesome on thick and curly hair. It’s a good-looking and stylish way to manage all that volume, which comes from naturally thick hair. It keeps the sides and the back from looking shaggy, especially when the hair starts to get long.

You can fade the sides, or you can taper them for a more classic and sophisticated look. You can style or wear the top hair any which way you want. You can wear a quiff or a Mohawk, or you can brush it up, or comb it down. You can also comb it slick and shiny. Your hairstyling possibilities will keep you really busy.

Taper Fade Hairstyle Inspiration # 6

taper-fade-hairstyle (6)

If you like classic looks and timeless haircuts, this taper fade haircut will surely be one of your favorites. It’s neat and nice where it’s supposed to be, and it gives you that boyish charm that you just can’t get from any other haircut. It’s simple yet sophisticated, and you can really see the potential of this haircut just by looking at it.

It looks right at home at fancy parties and formal events, as much as it does at college parties and Sunday brunches. It’s fun and relaxed, but can be serious and professional when the need arises. It’s really no surprise there why it continues to be one of the most loved haircuts by men of all ages.

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Taper Fade Hairstyle Inspiration # 7

taper-fade-hairstyle (7)

If you like the less ordinary kind of haircuts, a taper fade haircut can be styled to look striking and edgy, too. Just take a look at his haircut, here. There’s a nice and flawless taper at the sides, which starts from the hard part off the middle. The back is also tapered, creating a nicely shaped haircut from wherever angle you look at it.

The top hair is perfectly combed in a pompadour on a slick side comb over. It’s super glossy and smooth, not a hair out of place. The sharp edges around the temples are enough to give this haircut a slightly edgy and badass look, too.

You can get this look with no hassle. Tell your barber to do a high taper fade on the side and the back, and a small hard part just off the center where you want it. You can also ask him to clip the edges near your temples to look more square or angular. From there, you can just apply your hairstyling product of choice, and do a comb over or a slick back.

A taper fade looks flattering on almost anybody, and can give any haircut a nice and balanced look. It can give your hair a less shaggy or ragged look. It’s just a haircut that your hair needs, period!

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