The Quiff – A Definitive Guide

Here's your awesome guide to styling the quiff hairstyle. Make it rockin'!

You can see it on classic movie posters from the 1950’s. James Dean and Elvis Presley made it their signature hairstyles in the same decade, and it resurfaced again sometime in the 1980’s when The Smiths frontman Morrissey made it look cool all over again.

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, we’re talking about that lazy but awesome looking piece of hair on your head that’s called the quiff. It may not be a lot of hair, but it definitely packs a punch when it comes to style and looks. A haircut just gets a whole lot more interesting and stylish with a great-looking quiff in place. Find great quiff hairstyle inspirations here and pick a favorite!

Quiff Hairstyle Inspiration # 1

quiff-hairstyle (1)

A good quiff is prominent, and usually the first thing you notice on a haircut. It rests or falls naturally over the forehead, and gives the whole haircut a dramatic and fashionable finish. It can be short and simple, and it can also be long and dramatic. It can also even be layered and spiky, just like this quiff hairstyle.

A quiff is not hard to style, but you will need to have a good length of hair to work with. Also, you need a good haircut that will complement the quiff perfectly.

A good haircut for this is something that’s short on the sides but long at the top. Ask your stylist or your barber to do a good texture on the top hair so that it looks thick and pointy when you style it. To get the maximum volume for your quiff, use a volumizing spray before blow drying, especially when you have fine hair.

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Quiff Hairstyle Inspiration # 2

quiff-hairstyle (2)

You can also make your quiff look slick and rounded, much like this one. It’s very rockabilly, and you will certainly look like you’ve just time traveled all the way from the fifties with this kind of quiff hairstyle.

For this kind of quiff, though, you will need extra shine and extra hold. You might want to use some pomade with medium to strong hold, depending on how fine or how thick your hair is. You might also have to use some hairspray to make sure that the quiff will stay tall and in place all throughout. Use a fine-toothed comb to smooth out the sides and the back.

Quiff Hairstyle Inspiration # 3

quiff-hairstyle (3)

If you don’t want your quiff to be hanging low over your eyes, you can also style it in such a way that it’s away from your face, and looks tall and pointy on top of your head. To get this kind of quiff, you need to gather all your top hair and apply a generous amount of pomade. Not too much that it looks wet and greasy, though.

Apply it all over your hair, and then start styling it with a fine-toothed comb. Build the quiff to as tall as you want, and make sure that the tip looks pointy and dramatic. Secure the style in place with some hairspray with extra hold.

Quiff Hairstyle Inspiration # 4

quiff-hairstyle (4)

Yes, even guys with long and curly hair can sport a quiff! And doesn’t his look just fantastic? Curly hair is already styled enough, so you just need to style it some more so that it looks sexier and more flattering. Also, it will make styling easier if you get a haircut that’s short on the sides and the back, but longer on top, just like the haircut that he has.

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You want to make the curls look soft and silky, with just the right amount of gloss. Use a little pomade for the hold and the shine, and then a little hairspray, too, for extra hold.

Quiff Hairstyle Inspiration # 5

quiff-hairstyle (5)

A quiff doesn’t have to look low and droopy all the time. It can also look tall and wavy just like this. You need a short on the sides and long on top haircut to be able to achieve this kind of quiff. Keep the top hair longer so that you will have more hair to use for styling.

Also use a pomade that will give you just the right amount of shine and the right kind of hold. Too much pomade will make the hair look too stringy, too greasy, or too heavy. Remember that you want your quiff to look light and silky, with a natural dry matte finish.

Quiff Hairstyle Inspiration # 6

quiff-hairstyle (6)

You’re probably so used to seeing quiffs that are so perfectly styled and flawlessly smooth. It may surprise you to see one so loose and messy, just like this one. Yes, a quiff can look rumpled and disheveled, too, and it’s not as effortless as you might think.

You need to achieve just the right level of messiness that will not look like a total mess, or an actual mess. It just needs to look loose and relaxed, like you just rolled out of bed and happened to look fabulous like that.

A good pomade or hairstyling gel is just what you need. With your fingers, style your top hair until you achieve the desired rumpled look. Don’t forget to style the sides and the back as well.

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Quiff Hairstyle Inspiration # 7

quiff-hairstyle (7)

When you say quiff, you want to wear one that looks full, thick, and dramatic. You want something that looks like a proper quiff, just like how they wore it back in the 50’s. This is that quiff. And to achieve this kind of awesome quiff, you must have long top hair that you can style in such fashion.

To get the most out of this quiff hairstyle, keep the sides and the back nicely faded or shaved. This will make the quiff look even more dramatic. Use a round volume brush to style the hair, and then put on some extra hold hairspray to make sure that the style stays in place.

A quiff is always fun and fashionable, so when you have the chance to wear one, just go for it! It’s a nice way to make a simple haircut look even more interesting and quirky, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to style one.

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