The High Fade Hairstyle and How to Work it

If there's a low fade, there's also a high fade hairstyle. Here are ways on how you can style it:

High fade hairstyles are the big thing in men’s hair fashion today. Everywhere you go and everywhere you look, there are men who sport these very stylish high fade haircuts. Other variation for this is the low fade hairstyle and a badass low fade hairstyle as well. You may also want to check out the taper fade haircut.

When you say high fade, the hair at the sides and at the back of the head, which are two inches below the top hair, just ‘fades’ away. This is achieved by the use of clippers and by getting a skilled barber to do a high fade on your hair.

Here are more examples of high fade hairstyle ideas that will convince you to wear one now.

High Fade Hairstyle # 1


This is probably one of the most popular high fade hairstyles you will see when you walk the streets, or take the subway, or have a cup of coffee at the corner café, or hit the local club, or grab dinner at the trendy restaurant downtown. Yes, this high fade hairstyle is everywhere. Your friends, co-workers, or maybe you yourself wear it.

It’s an extremely popular hairstyle because of its whole retro and classic vibe, as well as its nice and elegant look. It’s chiseled to perfection, with a neat side sweep and a fancy little pomp. It’s a pretty cool hairstyle to have because it’s also very easy to achieve. Just a dip of your finger in some pomade, a quick run through your hair, a little primping here and there, and you’re all set!

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High Fade Hairstyle # 2


This is another way to work a high fade hairstyle. Keep the bottom buzzed very close to the scalp, and gradually build your way up to an elaborate pompadour. You will look every inch the modern gentleman even without hipster clothing.

With this kind of high fade hairstyle, the secret is in the pompadour. Make it as tall and as impressive as your strong hold pomade can support. Keep the hair tight and slick with an extra shot of hair spray for good measure.

The high fade hairstyle will make you look dressed up all the time, even if you’re only wearing your comfy shirt and jeans ensemble.

High Fade Hairstyle # 3


The high fade is very strong with this next hairstyle. Check out the tapered beard. And what about that beautiful fade from the nape to the temples? That’s a pretty badass comb down, too.

Everything about this haircut is badass, period.

Again, this demonstrates the versatility of the high fade haircut. This one right here does not have a side part, only thick and textured top hair. The hair is brushed forward and raised at the tips for a more killer look. That impressive beard also helped in giving it a finished and balanced look. This high fade haircut truly deserves two thumbs up.

High Fade Hairstyle # 4


Fans of big and tall hair will love this next hairstyle. It’s a high fade with a tall and soft pomp. Perfect for the more adventurous, more daring, and more fashion forward.

Just like the other high fade hairstyles, you must have a good and solid high fade haircut as a base. Your top hair must be longer and thicker to easily work it to a soft and fluffy pouf.

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Before styling, make sure that your hair is clean and damp. Apply a finger’s worth of pomade or hair wax, depending on the consistency of pouf you want. If you’re aiming for the soft and silky pouf, use a little less pomade, and then style it with a rounded volume brush.

High Fade Hairstyle # 5


This is another popular high fade hairstyle among the guys. It’s a high fade with a side part and full side sweep. This look is also achieved by keeping the sides and the back closely cropped, while the top hair is longer and thicker.

With this particular hairstyle, the top hair is brushed to the side, starting from the side part. It’s one tight, solid, and cohesive look that you can dress up or dress down, depending on the requirement. Upkeep is no hassle at all, as this is a wash-and-wear, ready-in-less-than-five-minutes kind of hair. No wonder it’s such a big hit among the boys!

High Fade Hairstyle # 6


If you’re looking for a high fade hairstyle that will impress the ladies, this is your best bet. It’s still a high fade haircut, but only lightly cropped at the sides and at the back. There is a prominent side part, and it’s completed by a soft full side sweep.

It’s very GQ and very Hollywood. It’s one great-looking hair that will be flattering on almost all kinds of face shapes.

When wearing this hair, you want to get the top to look soft and not too tall. Use some medium hold hairstyling gel and a wide-toothed comb. Hold everything together with hairspray.

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High Fade Hairstyle # 7


This may be the last on the list, but it’s certainly not the least. This is a pretty badass high fade haircut that’s lightly cropped at the sides and at the back. The top and center are tapered with a Mohawk style full slick back. There’s also a full beard to balance the look.

A lot of hair, yes. But if it looked that awesome, who would even mind?

Mohawk-looking slick back, huh? Nothing that a strong hold hair gel or pomade cannot handle. This hairstyle requires a lot of height. The taller, the better. Make sure you have some reliable hairspray with you to hold everything together.

If you’re a rebel or a badass who lives the rock star kind of life, this is the hairstyle that’s meant for you.

The high fade haircut is a pretty cool one to have. It’s just the fashion accessory that your look needs which you don’t ever have to take off. To get the best results, find the style that will best compliment your hair and facial structure. When you’re done with that, it’s time to find yourself a badass barber to do the work for you.

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