The Fade Haircut – A Definitive Guide

Here's how to get you started in wearing the fade haircut:

Just what exactly is a fade haircut? All we know is that fade haircuts have taken men’s hairstyles by storm, and almost every guy we see nowadays is wearing some version of a fade haircut. Chances are you’re one of them, and you’re wearing a fade haircut right now. Are we right? We are? Wow, what are the chances?

Basically, a fade haircut is a type of men’s haircut that gradually transitions from short hair to long hair. You can often see this transition from short to long at the sides, just near the temple and the ear, and at the back, just near the base of the hairline. It’s usually a very flawless transition, hence, the term fade. Because the hair seems to just magically fade in the scalp.

There are many different fade haircuts that can be done on one guy’s hair. And it can be styled in so many ways you’ll wonder why you never wore this haircut sooner. Stop beating yourself up for a minute and read our definitive guide on the fade haircut, starting with the high fade haircut.

High Fade Haircut

fade-haircut (1)

Just as the name suggests, the high fade haircut shows a high fade on the hair. That’s usually two inches just below the hair on top of your head. This can be higher, as is the case with Mohawks and undercuts. But two inches is often the standard.

You can get a really a close fade on the sides, or you can keep a little bit of hair. It’s a very versatile and flexible haircut and can be altered to suit the look that you’re trying to achieve.

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This haircut is great with long top hair as it provides a pretty dramatic backdrop for the hair. Just look at that really cool and stylish pompadour. The contrast between the two is striking, and it makes it look even more impressive.

Low Fade Haircut

fade-haircut (2)

The fade in a low fade haircut is noticeably much lower, of course. The hair starts to fade just above the ear, or just near the temple. There’s also a low fade at the back, although less prominent. It’s a little higher than a regular fade, and usually an inch before it reaches the natural hairline at the back and at the sides.

It’s a good haircut if you prefer to have good amount of hair at the sides and at the back. It’s still short, nonetheless, and can still be styled in many ways, depending on the length of your top hair.

High Top Fade Haircut

fade-haircut (3)

If you grew up in the 90s, there’s no way that you don’t know what a high top fade haircut looks like. MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice totally rocked this haircut back then, complete with harem pants that are so loose you can fit three children inside.

The sides and the back are faded. And then the top hair is cut and shaped to look tall and long. Like a box sitting on top of the head. It will definitely work with tight and kinky curls, because you really need to have the right amount of thickness and volume for the hair to stand up on its own like that. Definitely one of the coolest hairstyles we have ever seen.

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Low Top Fade Haircut

fade-haircut (4)

Just like the high top fade haircut, the low top fade haircut also has the fade at the sides and at the back. However, the top hair is cut short or cropped close to the scalp. There’s not a lot of styling involved because of the length of the hair, but you will have to keep the hair at the sides and the back faded to keep the original look.

Taper Fade Haircut

fade-haircut (5)

The taper fade haircut can also be called the skin fade, because it shows the smooth and flawless transition from short hair to skin. There’s a gradual decrease in hair length somewhere near the ears and the back of the head. It’s perfect on most rockabilly or hipster hairstyles that are all the rage these days.

On this guy, though, the taper fade is complemented by the long and thick top hair. It’s very nicely textured, too, giving the top hair a good shape which looks flattering on the shape of his face.

How to Style a Fade Haircut

fade-haircut (6)

A fade haircut is a great way to show off your hairstyle. It works as a nice backdrop for the hairstyle, providing a dramatic or striking effect on the overall look of the hair.

One way to style a fade haircut is with a combover. You can have a nice side part or a thick hard part, and then just comb your hair to the other side. The longer the top hair, the nicer your combover will look. This will also look amazing on straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair.

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Another good hairstyle for a fade haircut is the slick back. Keep the top long and thick, and then apply some pomade. Comb the hair with a fine-toothed comb, and then comb the hair all the way to the back.

Of course, who will forget the pompadour? Fade haircuts and pompadours are meant to be worn together. No rockabilly hairstyle will look complete without some form of pompadour in place.

The same way that you style a slick back, you just apply pomade onto the hair and comb it back. Push the hair forward to create the pomp. Repeat until the pomp looks clean and smooth, and you have achieved the height and the fullness that you want.

A fade haircut is one of the best decisions you will ever make when it comes to your hair. It’s simple but very stylish, and can be worn with so many different hairstyles. If you want the perfect fade, always go to a professional. Also choose the right kind of styling products for your hair that will suit the texture, gloss, and softness that you want.

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