The Buzz Cut – A Definitive Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to sport the classic buzz cut for you:

These days, the buzz cut is not exclusive to army recruits and men in uniform. It has been a favorite haircut of guys of all ages because of its clean look and hassle free maintenance. Not to mention it looks sexy and fun with hardly any effort.

Are you ready to let go of all that hair and go bare? Do you have what it takes to pull off a buzz cut? If you are, check out our gallery of some of the coolest buzz cuts that you can wear with the help of your favorite barber or your own set of clippers at home.

Buzz Cut Hair Inspiration # 1

buzz-cut-hairstyle (1)

This buzz cut hairstyle is not too severely buzzed, so you won’t experience any separation anxiety when the hair comes off. There’s still quite a bit of length at the top, but the sides and the back are faded quite nicely.So yes, you can still achieve a short on the sides long at the top haircut even with a buzz cut.

It’s a short haircut, so you don’t have a lot of hair to style or worry about. It will definitely save you a lot of time in the morning, because you can literally step out of the shower, wipe your head, dress up, and leave. You’ll still look very nice and very well put together.

Buzz Cut Hair Inspiration # 2

buzz-cut-hairstyle (2)

This is also a buzz cut hairstyle that’s quite popular with the guys. It’s short, but not super short, and you still get to enjoy at least half an inch of hair all over your head. It still looks nice and neat, which is just what you need in a hairstyle, anyway.

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It’s another classic example of haircut that you just wash and wear every day. No brushing or combing, no hairstyling products, no special anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, no hairspray with extra strong hold. Just you and your hair, plus a ton of sex appeal and hot good looks, probably. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Buzz Cut Hair Inspiration # 3

buzz-cut-hairstyle (3)

It’s hard to imagine Wentworth Miller wearing any other haircut apart from the buzz cut. It has been ingrained in our brains, and it will be kind of a disappointment to see him wearing anything else. No matter how great he looks in it.

That’s the thing with buzz cuts, though. You have to have the right kind of face and the right shape of head to be able to pull the look off. Some guys have unsightly bumps at the back of the head, or scars that are too big not too notice. They may also have too round a face that may look even rounder without all that hair that can give their face a more flattering shape.

Buzz Cut Hair Inspiration # 4

buzz-cut-hairstyle (4)

A buzz cut need not be buzzed all over. You can still enjoy a little hair at the top, much like this buzz cut hairstyle. The sides and the back are buzzed, and the hair at the top is long and thick. It can be styled forward to make it look thick and spiky, or it can also be styled up to look tall and spiky.

Depending on how long the hair is, you can use a pomade or a hairstyling wax to make the hair look glossier and slicker. You can also wear it soft and natural, so that it’s nicer and silkier to the touch.

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Buzz Cut Hair Inspiration # 5

buzz-cut-hairstyle (5)

A buzz cut is also the quickest and easiest way you can address problems with thinning hair or receding hairlines. Rather than styling your hair in awkward comb overs or other ill-fitting hairstyles, you can just simply shave it all off and get a younger, hipper, new look in the process.

So many men have done it, and they ended up wearing the buzz cut as their signature hairstyle (Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, to name a few). And why not? It’s a great-looking hairstyle without having to do anything to your hair! Well, perhaps just a little sunscreen so that your scalp doesn’t burn. Other than that, it’s just a really wash and wear kind of hair.

Buzz Cut Hair Inspiration # 6

buzz-cut-hairstyle (6)

If you have just the right length of top hair, you can style your buzz cut into a nice and short pompadour, too. Nothing too fancy, though. Just a simple comb over with a little pomp at the front. It works just perfectly with the shaved sides and back. It also provides a nice contrast between shaved hair and long, slick hair.

Just apply a little pomade on the top hair, depending on how you want the top hair to look. If you want it to look slicker or glossier, you can apply more. If you want it soft and natural, just a pea-sized amount of pomade will be enough.

Buzz Cut Hair Inspiration # 7

buzz-cut-hairstyle (7)

We love the classic buzz cut where it’s nicely and closely shaved all over. No need to worry about frizz or volume. No need to worry about dry hair or oily hair. No need to spend a ton of money on hair products for different hair problems, or different styling products for different looks. With a buzz cut, what you see is what you get. You can sleep with this hair tonight, and wake up with the same hair the next morning with no mess. No more bad hair days with a buzz cut.

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You can buzz your own hair if you have a good set of clippers at home. If you don’t want the mess or the hassle, you can also pop by the barbershop and let your barber do it for you. It’s a classic hairstyle that won’t be going away for a very long time. It’s the perfect hairstyle for guys who are on the go and lead very active lifestyles. It’s a guarantee that you’ll look good no matter what, 24/7.

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