Taper Fade Haircuts – 5 Awesome Examples

Taper fade hairstyles look amazing on most guys. Here are 5 of the best styles to copy.

The taper fade haircut is possibly the most popular haircut for men this year.

It does not look as disconnected as the undercut, because the taper fade haircut gradually transitions from short hair to skin. It’s known by many names, but if you tell your barber or your stylist that you want a taper fade haircut, they would know what to do.

Well, that is if you have a really good barber / stylist with mad haircutting skills. Tell them to do a razor fade, or a bald fade, or a skin fade. They should get the idea.

Taper Fade Haircut Style # 1


This taper fade haircut is clean and tailored. You can see where the short hair fades to skin on the side and the back. The top hair is full and thick.

There is no noticeable side part, which makes it the perfect hair to brush up, comb down, comb over, or side sweep.

On Mr. Beckham here, he chose to comb it forward and do a little pomp at the front for a more rumpled and messy look.

It’s one of the more popular taper fade haircuts because of its stylish and versatile look.

You can completely transform your hair, and your whole look, with just a run-through of your fingers or a fine-toothed comb.

You can wear it naturally, or with pomade and styling wax, and the effect will be different, too.

It’s the taper fade haircut that you can wear to the office, to formal functions, and to any of your favorite flow activities. It’s stylish and awesome-looking every day hair!

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Taper Fade Haircut Style # 2


When you want to catch someone’s attention and make your presence known, you need to wear this taper fade haircut. Of course, it will be a lot easier to achieve if you have really curly or kinky hair like this. And a really kickass full beard like this. But if hair is scarce, no problem.

This haircut alone should complete your look.

This taper fade haircut is achieved by buzzing and shaping the sides and the back. How high or how low you want it is up to you.

This is a high fade that transitions into full-blown hair at the top. You can have the hair on the top shaped into something like a Mohawk, or an overgrown buzz cut. Don’t forget to add the quiff.

The quiff is what will set this taper fade haircut apart from the rest!

Taper Fade Haircut Style # 3


This another example of an awesome taper fade haircut. It’s a trendy combover fade on a high tapered haircut.

Notice the straight edges and the clean lines. Check out how the hair ever so gradually disappears at the bottom in a super clean and flawless fade.

If you bring your eyes to the top, not a hair is out of place, from the side part all the way to the other side. All the hair is smoothly combed over, with a little pomp action at the front. We can only shake our head in awe at its perfection.

Once again, you can achieve this kind of taper fade haircut with the help of a really good stylist.

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Take a snapshot of the hairstyle that you want and show it to your stylist so they know exactly how to cut and style your hair. Better safe than sorry, right?

Taper Fade Haircut Style # 4


This is an example of an awesome taper fade haircut combined with a handsome pompadour. It’s not an uncommon hairstyle as you might think. Ever since hipster fashion became all the rage, this kind of hairstyle can be seen on almost every guy out on the streets.

It’s the kind of taper fade haircut that you can dress down or dress up very easily and quickly.

You want to get a nice high fade going, and a strong side part so you can comb the hair over. Keep your hair at the top strong and long, so you can have more length to work with when styling or combing over.

When it comes to styling a pompadour such as this one, you need to have fairly long hair to brush it up to the height that you prefer.

Taper Fade Haircut Style # 5


This next awesome taper fade haircut looks similar with the last one, only this has no side part and it is brushed back in a combover. The sides and the back are lightly cropped, and the top is full, textured, and long.

It’s just the kind of haircut that can make you look an inch or two taller, depending on how high you brush up your top hair.

This taper fade haircut is very fashionable and stylish, but also clean, fun, and youthful-looking.

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It’s best paired with a full beard or stubble. If you think that’s too much hair already, you can always settle for a pair of hipster specs, or ear plugs, or a piercing. That’s completely up to you.

You can have a taper fade anywhere you want on your head. You can style it and do basically anything you want with it.

It’s what makes the taper fade haircut one of the most versatile and functional hairstyles around. It requires very little to no maintenance.

It takes a while for hair to grow, and you can just wash and wear it as you please. Which explains why it’s a popular choice of hairstyle for men.

Overall, if you want to wear a taper fade haircut, you must decide whether you want a regular taper fade, a high taper fade, a low taper fade, a high top fade, or a temple fade haircut.

Also, pick a haircut that will work best with the shape of your face.

You don’t want to sport a haircut that will make you a lot less attractive instead of the other way around.

Remember that what looks awesome on that guy may not look as awesome on you, so do your research on the looks that best suit you before booking that hair appointment.

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