3 Unusual Ways to Style a Quiff Haircut

Quiff Hairstyles don't all have to look the same... here are 3 cool alternatives.

There’s something about the quiff haircut. When you see a quiff haircut on a man, the first thing that will come to mind is someone who’s rebellious and flashy.

After all, Elvis Presley and James Dean owned the quiff.

They made the quiff haircut their signature hairstyle it’s hard to picture them without it.

For those who are not in the know, a quick Google search will tell you that a quiff is a piece of hair that is usually longer than the rest of the hair on your head, and is brushed upward, backward, or forward from the forehead.

The quiff haircut became very popular during the 1950s, during the rise of rock and roll and teenage badassery.

Back then, the quiff was usually brushed up away from the face with the help of some pomade and a comb.

It’s pretty much the same kind of quiff that you see nowadays, although what we have today are edgier and much more styled.

A kickass quiff haircut doesn’t happen magically. It needs to reach a certain height and a certain length to look prominent, and to really stick out and make an impression.

Not only that, you should part your hair in such a way that you can easily get a full block of hair and style it easily.

A good, clean, and stylized haircut can help you with that. And of course, some really good pomade and hairstyling gel to make sure that the quiff will hold.

Despite its height and flamboyance, the quiff haircut can be very fun and easy to style.

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There are so many things you can do with a quiff haircut, and here are three creative and unusual ways how.

Unusual Quiff Haircut # 1


It’s the kind of quiff haircut that’s sharp and edgy, both literally and figuratively. Thanks to the strongly buzzed sides and back, and the nicely tapered top.

This quiff haircut reminds you of a rocket ship tail or a wing of a plane, but everything about this look works. He has the facial features and shape to rock the look, not to mention the right thickness and texture of hair.

This kind of quiff requires some extra hold styling agents and a fine-toothed comb.

You will want to build up the fullness or the volume first, and then bring it to the height that you want, moving toward the front. The sharper and straighter, the better.

Unusual Quiff Haircut # 2


This quiff haircut also demonstrates how a quiff should look: soft, tall, and dramatic.

There’s a nice and lightly cropped side and back, and all the hair at the top is long, full, and shaggy. This is the kind of unusual quiff haircut that will suit guys with naturally wavy or curly hair.

When you already have big hair, you save plenty of time combing and styling (not to mention hairstyling products!) to achieve the height and volume needed.

Guys who have dark colored hair can also rock this look better, because there’s a more dramatic and glossier effect when the lights hit your dark colored quiff.

For this look, a nice blow dry is needed to achieve it.

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It needs to be blow-dried into shape. But before doing so, you have to make sure that the hair is clean and damp, not wet. Go easy on the hairstyling gel or pomade, because too much will actually make it even heavier and harder to style.

Depending on the quiff that you’re aiming for, you can make it messy and ruffled with just your fingers.

You can also make it soft and slightly curled at the tip. Nothing that a good styling gel or hair dryer can’t fix.

The trick is in the right amount of styling gel, and of course, some mad skills with hairstyling. Let your imagination run wild!

Unusual Quiff Haircut # 3


The Morrissey quiff is another quiff haircut that was all the rage in the ‘80s and is now making its way back to the barbershops and hair salons.

The Smiths frontrunner Morrissey not only hit the airwaves with their unique British rock sound, he also proved to be very influential when sporting the quiff.

He used to wear it long and tall, or long and droopy, or wild and messy.

However way he wore it, nothing looked cooler or more rock star. In fact, this quiff haircut has become a cult classic when it comes to hairstyles!

Like all other quiff hairstyles, they must begin with a good haircut.

With the Morrissey quiff, you want to wear it dark and grow it long. You also should try to keep it fanned out. Keep the sides tight and closely cropped, while the top is long and wild.

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You brush it up, or cut it into spikes or even a Mohawk. You can comb it over forward or make it stand up from the roots.

You don’t need to be an iconic rock star icon or a legendary movie star to wear a quiff.

Aside from the confidence to sport such a stylish haircut, you also must have the right face shape.

A quiff doesn’t look particularly flattering on long-shaped faces. It creates the illusion of an even longer face. But if you have a heart-shaped or oval-shaped face, a quiff haircut should look nice and flattering sitting on your head.

The quiff haircut is becoming more and more popular among the gentlemen as hipster fashion’s popularity surges.

To keep your quiff looking awesome, invest in a good number of hairstyling products. You need to find the right kind of shampoo that will keep your hair clean, fresh, and ready to style.

You also must have a good hair dryer for days when you’re in a hurry and need a nice-looking quiff, stat.

Last but not the least, you need a powerful styling gel and styling wax with superb hold and flexibility that will give your quiff haircut the form and definition it needs.

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