How to Rock a “Short on Sides Long on Top” Hairstyle

This classic hairstyle is actually pretty hard to get right.. Here are 7 examples that have nailed it.

The hair truly is a person’s crowning glory.

So many looks have failed epically because of the wrong kind of hairstyle. On the other hand, so many hairstyles have also completely transformed a person’s looks and brought out the real beauty of the face.

There are so many hot and stylish hairstyles for men that you can choose from, but we have picked out seven of the most exciting and most fashionable short on sides long on top hairstyles that will appeal to almost everybody.

Short on Sides Long on Top Hairstyle # 1


Just like the name of this hairstyle, to achieve the look, the sides must be cut short and the top should be thick and long. The sides can be faded or tapered. They can also be lightly cropped or trimmed, just as long as the contrast between thick and thin is noticeable.

With this particular hairstyle, the sides and the back are lightly buzzed.

You don’t see too much scalp, but you don’t see a lot of hair, either. The bottom is trimmed with straight edges and straight lines. There’s a light side part where the thin hair ends and the thick hair begins (the contrast is beautiful!)

The rest of the top hair are combed forward to create a soft and curly quiff, which totally makes this hairstyle rocking!

Short on Sides Long on Top Hairstyle # 2


You can clearly see how short the sides and the back are, and how tall and long the top hair is.

This hairstyle is made even more kickass by the addition of the soft beard and the mustache.

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The hair is styled to the side in a soft and wispy combover. It’s the kind of hipster hair that’s so popular with a lot of guys these days. We understand the fascination.

The style is in the cut, and you only need to brush the hair to suit your style or mood at the moment.

Which is kind of cool, because you don’t need to go and see your stylist every time you feel like changing your hair.

Short on Sides Long on Top Hairstyle # 3


This is such a simple hairstyle, but overflowing with style and cool.

The short and shaved sides keep the hair looking neat and polished, while the long and slick combover provides the texture and the style.

This is one of the hairstyles that you should consider wearing for every day, especially if you like anything trendy or stylish, and if you don’t want to spend too much time fixing your hair in the morning.

The short on sides long on top formula definitely works, and this is one hairstyle that demonstrates just how flexible it can be.

Short on Sides Long on Top Hairstyle # 4


This is another short on sides long on top hairstyle that will look awesome on guys who have thick, wavy, or curly hair. It’s also a high and tight hairstyle, with a crown of beautiful short curls. Perfect for guys who have rounded or angular face shapes. The haircut is very easy to achieve.

All you need to tell your barber is that you want it short at the sides and long on top.

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How short and how long – that’s entirely up to you. But you definitely want to add more length on top to have more hair to work with.

Short on Sides Long on Top Hairstyle # 5


Short and tight sides, stylish side swept top hair — we approve! It’s a very preppy and very Ivy League kind of hairstyle that can also be worn to formal dinners and after work drinks.

A different style of combover can make this hair beach ready, or party ready, or date ready.

This kind of hairstyle is perfect with cool hipster clothing.

If you’re going through your hipster phase, now’s the best time to get this hairstyle. It’s crazy easy to style, and you can do so many looks with it. Also, it will look great with any kind of outfit. Even your sleeping clothes.

Short on Sides Long on Top Hairstyle # 6


This next hairstyle is short and tight, with slight tapered hair at the back just below the top hair. The top hair is brushed back, looking totally slick and cool. It’s undeniably attractive hair for the sporty, the artistic, and the adventurous types.

If you want to wear this hair, you should have straight to slightly wavy hair.

You should have enough length at the top for nice combovers or slick backs, as well.

The sides and the back will be high faded and tapered, and the top hair will be trimmed so that it’s long and textured.

Once you have the haircut, you can simply comb it back for a simple comb over, using some pomade or hair wax, and a fine-toothed comb.

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Short on Sides Long on Top Hairstyle # 7


This is another example of a hairstyle that’s short on the sides and long at the top.

It’s just a really nice and stylish hairstyle that will look flattering on any guy. Short and tight sides are perfect if you have wavy and unruly hair. They will help keep the hair tame and in control.

If you have wavy hair, you should keep it long and soft at the top.

The more volume you have for the top hair, the better the hairstyle looks.

We’re feeling some real and solid hair envy right now. All that lazy-looking hair sitting prettily on his head? It’s unbelievable how soft and glossy it looks.

No man should have hair that soft-looking. Even his Van Dyke beard looks flawless and well-behaved. Some guys really have all the hair luck.

If you’re comfortable with the hairstyle, and if you look a thousand times better wearing it, you should definitely wear it. Wear it anytime, anywhere.

Wear it while it’s still fashionable and relevant. Wear it until you’re ready to move on to the next hairstyle. Wear it and just have fun with it!

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