Rock an Ivy League Haircut without Looking like a Geek

Want to sport an Ivy League haircut but scared to look like a geek? We've got that covered:

When you say Ivy League, it refers to the prestigious group colleges and universities in the United States, which includes Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth College, and the University of Pennsylvania.

But why is it called the Ivy League haircut? It’s actually also called the Harvard Clip, or the Princeton Clip, and it’s for the simple reason that the haircut originated from the Ivy League schools (Harvard or Princeton, they are still debating on it).

If you will visualize what an Ivy League haircut looks like, think of it as a more polished and sophisticated kind of crew cut. It’s a buzz cut with more shape, more texture, and more style.

There are also other hairstyles that spells sophistication like the High and Tight, Short on Sides Long on Top, or Wavy Hairstyles for short hair.

Here are a few more Ivy League haircut style ideas for easy reference.

Ivy League Haircut # 1


This Ivy League haircut looks like the hair of a 1960s movie leading man. It has clean and strongly defined lines. It’s tight and perfectly styled in the middle. The sides and the back are closely cropped, gradually thickening on the crown and the front.

From there, the hair is styled, slicked, and polished. While it’s a very short haircut, the top still allows you the freedom to style it in different ways. You can comb it to the side for a more formal and dressy look, or you can brush it up for a more laidback and relaxed style.

Ivy League Haircut # 2


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Our next Ivy League haircut is on the longer and softer side, but an Ivy League haircut all the same. It’s soft and textured, but not severely slicked to the back or to the side. There’s a slight brush up at the front, and the rest of the hair is nicely and closely cropped.

The look is simple but stylish and elegant. It’s just the kind of hairstyle that will look perfect at work and at play. And because this is a high and tight hairstyle, you can wear this hair whenever, wherever. You can even wear this clean-shaven or with a full rocking beard.

Ivy League Haircut # 3


This Ivy League haircut is short and tight, but sexy and sophisticated as well. There’s no side part, just straight up hair action. The sides and the back are lightly buzzed, and the top is thick and full. There’s even a little quiff happening right there in front, which totally works.

With this particular hairstyle, it’s all in the haircut. There’s no combover or slick back for this one, but the hair sure is styled perfectly. When you have a haircut this good-looking, you don’t really need a lot of styling. Wait until it grows out a little bit, then you can start putting your mad hairstyling skills to action.

Ivy League Haircut # 4


Nothing screams Ivy League haircut more than this picture, complete with coat and bowtie. The hair on this distinguished looking gentleman is classic and timeless. There’s a prominent side part, and a lightly cropped side and back. The top hair is short and tight but styled in a way that makes it stand tall and textured.

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You can easily recreate this look by brushing the hair to the side, and applying some good old pomade to keep the hair in place. Keep the crown flat and slick, while brushing up the front tips ever so slightly. You’ve got yourself a handsome and sophisticated set of hair for all the women, and men, to admire.

Ivy League Haircut # 5


Who says an Ivy League haircut is plain and boring? Here’s proof that Ivy League hair can be just as exciting, artistic, and dramatic like other short and tight hairstyles.

It’s a dramatic pouf on a slick back hair, with chiseled sides and back. The jet black hair and the thin, soft stubble provide the contrast effectively. Clearly, it’s the kind of hairstyle that belongs inside a fashion magazine spread.

But you can copy this look, of course. If you have the same Ivy League haircut, all it takes is pomade, a volume brush, and a hair dryer. You’re welcome!

Ivy League Haircut # 6


Even Brad Pitt right here looks the part of an Ivy League student. The haircut is neat and slick, and perfectly polished from end to end. There’s not a hair out of place. The face is clean-shaven, too.

This kind of hairstyle requires a lot of pomade and some even-toothed comb action. To achieve this look, find the perfect side part, rub pomade between your hands, and finger comb through your hair. Comb the hair over to the side, keeping it slick and soft, and not too tight. Comb the sides and the back as well to make sure that everything is neat and polished.

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Ivy League Haircut # 7


This is an example of a high and tight Ivy League haircut. The sides and the back are buzzed high, and the top is short and solid. The tips of the hair in front are longer and styled to form a nice little quiff.

It really does look like a buzz cut with a twist. The only thing missing is a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and an attache case. And perhaps a 1969 Cadillac Sedan DeVille.

Recreate this look by getting a high and tight haircut. Keep the top hair long and thick so you can have a lot of length to work with.

The Ivy League haircut packs a punch when it comes to style and looks. It’s very versatile, and you can vary the length for the hair on the side and the back according to your personal preference. Same goes for the top hair. You can have it closely cropped, short, medium, long, even extra-long.

The best thing about the Ivy League haircut is that it’s flexible regardless of length or style. For a hairstyle so short, you can wear it side parted, side swept, slicked back, combed down, or quiffed. What can be cooler than that?

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