Modern Rockabilly Hairstyles that make you look… Rockin’

Rock a rockin' rockabilly hairstyles and you will forever rock in many women's hearts indeed:

The vintage look is all the rage these days. If there’s anything that we totally love about this era, that will definitely be rock and roll and the rockabilly hairstyle. Wait, the rockawhat?

It’s rockabilly, a term to reference rock and roll music and hillbilly music, or country music, which enjoyed quite a level of popularity during the 1940s and the 1950s. A rockabilly hairstyle is any kind of hairstyle that was popular during that time, which includes pompadours, combovers, and slickbacks. Here are some more rockabilly hairstyles that will get you wearing a pompadour in no time.

Rockabilly Hair Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 1

rockabilly-men-hairstyle (1)

More and more fashion forward men are embracing the rockabilly hairstyle because of how stylish it looks and how easy it is to style. One of the easiest ways to achieve a rockabilly hairstyle is by getting a short on sides long on top haircut. You need to keep the hair at the top longer so that you can have more hair to style.

To create the combover, you need to use a good pomade that can give your hair the hold that you want. Put some pomade on your palms to work up a lather and then apply it all over your hair. Once you have the pomade in, you can start styling it with a fine-toothed comb.

Rockabilly Hair Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 2

rockabilly-men-hairstyle (2)

This is another men’s rockabilly hairstyle that’s a huge favorite. It’s very stylish and good-looking, and can be worn with different looks and different outfits. It will look just as great with a denim and shirt combo, as well as a fancy suit and tie. It will also look perfect with and without tattoos.

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Just like any rockabilly hairstyle, it’s easy and quick to create. A great side combover starts with a great fade haircut, so if you still haven’t got a fade haircut, get one first. Make sure that your top hair is long, so you can comb it over to the side and build it to the height that you want.

Rockabilly Hair Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 3

rockabilly-men-hairstyle (3)

Rockabilly hairstyles are all about the slick and polished look. They can get the modern twist by wearing them with a shaved hairstyle, or with other accessories to make them look more relevant and more badass. Like earplugs. Or big neck tattoos with eyes and wings.

Like we said, this is a great hairstyle that will look fantastic on just about any guy and any style. Such a simple hairstyle that has a lot of flair. Just get a good hair part going, apply some pomade, and start styling the hair back in a combover with the help of a fine-toothed comb.

Rockabilly Hair Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 4

rockabilly-men-hairstyle (4)

When you say rockabilly hairstyle, it also covers slick and sexy pompadour hairstyles. And who doesn’t love a good-looking pompadour, right? Anyone who has hair can wear it, and it’s so easy to style as well. You can change how your pompadour looks simply by styling it with some curves and curls, or changing how tall or how short it is.

When you have a pompadour as your go-to hairstyle, you must never leave home without pomade, and maybe a little hairspray. Depending on the strength of your pomade, you might need to do a quick retouch to make sure that the pompadour looks flawless all day long.

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Rockabilly Hair Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 5

rockabilly-men-hairstyle (5)

Pompadours are such a popular hairstyle nowadays, thanks to the men who love anything hipster, or anything that has to do with vintage fashion. We are big fans of this hairstyle ourselves. We like how cool and so put together it looks, and just how it perfectly complements any outfit and any occasion.

We like pompadours that look soft and light, without a lot of hairstyling products. We like the natural look and how it makes the hair smooth and gentle to the touch. It’s a nice and stylish way to let the hair breathe once in a while. Most hairstyling products now are formulated to be gentle on the hair, but sometimes you just also need to go bare and go natural.

Rockabilly Hair Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 6

rockabilly-men-hairstyle (6)

Love greaser hairstyles? We do, too. Now that’s one thing we have in common now. But to tell you the truth, we just love hairstyles that give us an extra dose of cool and sex appeal, and this is certainly one of them.

The secret to rocking this hairstyle is to grow your hair long. Your hair at the top must be at least four inches long. It doesn’t matter if you have straight hair or wavy hair. You can easily create that with your hairstyling products.

Next thing you need to do is to get a good haircut, one that will give your hair a nice shape. Don’t cut too much, though, as you will need the length to achieve the desired volume.

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Once you have the haircut, it’s time to get the hairstyle. If you have thick hair and prefer a shinier and slicker look, you can use more pomade on it. Otherwise, just apply a pea-sized amount.

Use a volume brush to brush the hair in soft tufts and create more volume. Also use the brush to build up more height. Make it a little bit messy, for more character. When you have the desired look for your top hair, you can lock the style in place by applying some hairspray.

Rockabilly Hair Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 7

rockabilly-men-hairstyle (7)

Get rockin’ with your rockabilly hairstyle and give it a modern twist. Wear it with a high fade or a low fade haircut, a shaved undercut, or even a Mohawk kind of haircut. You can do a hard part or a soft part. You can wear your top hair long and tall, or short and slick. You can keep everything nice and smooth, or you can also work a little quiff in front. There are a lot of possibilities with this kind of hairstyle, and will definitely add something great to your present look.

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