Modern Haircuts that are Inspired by Popular Movies

Looking for some hair-spiration from the movies? We've rounded up a couple of them to show you some examples:

How many times have you experienced sitting inside the movie house, enjoying the movie, and getting distracted by the main character’s hair? Distracted in a good way, of course, because you’re visualizing yourself wearing the same kind of hairstyle. So inspired are you by the hair that you’ll be making a beeline for the nearest barbershop to get that same haircut before you change your mind.

We’ve all had those pure hair envy moments. We want the reel hair as our real hair! Take a look at our gallery of some of the best modern haircuts from the best and most popular Hollywood movies.

Modern Haircuts Inspired by Popular Movies Style # 1

movie-hairstyle-inspiration (1)

We love a good war movie, and we usually don’t give a damn how the actors look in it. As long as the details are accurate and the acting’s good, we’re good. But when we saw the 2014 war film Fury, we couldn’t help zeroing in on Brad Pitt’s killer hairstyle. He played the role of the badass Don “Wardaddy” Collier, and he definitely led his tank crews with all badassery and style, while wearing a shaved undercut and slick back hair.

It’s very easy to recreate the look, sans the military garb. All you need is a really good fade haircut at the sides and at the back. We highly recommend an undercut, so the top hair will really look dramatic and striking when slicked back. Once you got the sides and the back handled, it’s time to apply some pomade on your top hair, and then comb it all the way to the back. It’s a very cool and very sophisticated hairstyle that you can wear to almost anywhere. No, you don’t need to declare war on another country just to rock this hair.

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Modern Haircuts Inspired by Popular Movies Style # 2

movie-hairstyle-inspiration (2)

Ever since the movie came out, every grown man wishes to rock James Dean’s messy, sexy hair from Rebel without a Cause. Not everybody has his sexy bad boy look, but everyone can have the bad boy haircut, plus the matching bad boy outfits.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to time travel to the 50’s just to wear this kind of haircut. This haircut is enjoying such a huge popularity these days you’d think we’re all in a different era. You can just grow your hair long, especially the top hair, and make an appointment with your barber. Keep the sides and back short, and leave the top long and thick. Apply a little pomade or hairstyling wax with a soft hold to give the hair a nice and natural look. Instant James Dean look in just minutes!

Modern Haircuts Inspired by Popular Movies Style # 3

movie-hairstyle-inspiration (3)

Leonardo Di Caprio was truly a shark in the 2013 film Wolf of Wall Street. And we still can’t wrap our heads around the fact that he did not win that Oscar. But let’s talk about the hair instead, shall we?

The haircut that was worn by Leonardo’s character, Jordan Belfort, was just the kind of haircut that young, good-looking, rich, and successful men wore. So we completely understand why men suddenly started getting this haircut in real life.

The trick is in getting a short on the sides and long at the top haircut first. You should get a nice and solid hair part at the sides, too. And then with some pomade, preferably with extra sheen and hold, style the hair in a side combover using a fine-toothed comb.

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Modern Haircuts Inspired by Popular Movies Style # 4

movie-hairstyle-inspiration (4)

Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic Toretto, in The Fast and The Furious movies made muscles, muscle cars, and shaved heads look sexier and more badass than ever. Even without the hot cars, the ripped muscles, or the wifebeater, you can still channel the inner Toretto in you.

This is the easiest haircut you can get. So easy that you can even do it yourself with a good set of clippers. Watch out for the uneven bumps and curves, though. Make sure that the hair is all evenly shaved and just the right length. You can now cruise the highways and byways with a rockin’ new look and cooler new attitude.

Modern Haircuts Inspired by Popular Movies Style # 5

movie-hairstyle-inspiration (5)

Now who can ever forget our favorite gladiator Maximus, from the 2000 movie Gladiator? He showed no mercy and annihilated the bad men with relish. But he also broke our hearts when he died from that stab wound. However, the haircut lived on, and many men are still wearing the Gladiator haircut up to this day.

This haircut is also called the Caesar haircut, in case you’re wondering how to explain it to your barber. It’s often closely cropped at the sides, at the back, and at the top. Not too short, though, so you can have more length to work with for styling.

Modern Haircuts Inspired by Popular Movies Style # 6

movie-hairstyle-inspiration (6)

We loved the 2014 movie Nightcrawler, and we also loved Jake Gyllenhaal’s look as Lou Bloom. Yes, even if he looked dirty and emaciated, we’re big fans of the look. Mainly because of that man bun which made all the difference.

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You have to admit that long hair tied up like that can instantly give your sex appeal a boost, without doing anything expensive or drastic. Try it on for size.

Modern Haircuts Inspired by Popular Movies Style # 7

movie-hairstyle-inspiration (7)

If you’re the clean cut kind of guy, you probably dig Maverick’s haircut in the 1986 film Top Gun. It’s got that military look to it, but it also has the sophistication and elegance that can grace the covers of popular men’s magazines. It’s short and textured and very easy to style. It’s just the kind of haircut that you can wash and wear, and dress up or dress down. It will look flattering on just about any shape of face and hair texture. Definitely a haircut that will take your breath away! *Cue in music: Take My Breath Away by Berlin

There’s a ton of haircut inspirations there that can last you a lifetime.

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