Messy Hairstyles for Men that won’t get you Fired

We all want to look like a boss yet still manage a casual style. Here are messy hairstyles you should try:

Messy hairstyles can look sensational on men. There’s something just so appealing about tousled hair and natural soft curls falling just above the eye. However, messy hairstyles are quite tricky to wear. There’s a fine line between attractive messy and just plain dirty messy. Learn how to tell the difference. Here are seven messy hairstyles for men that look presentable enough for the office and won’t cost you your job.

Messy Hairstyles for Men # 1


The trick is to wear a messy hairstyle without it looking like the actual mess brought about by bad hygiene or plain laziness. One way to achieve the messy hairstyle that’s fit for the workplace is to get a haircut that’s short on the sides but long on top.

This will help you style your hair so that it looks rumpled and disheveled. Wash your hair and use a mild conditioner. When it’s all nice and damp, apply a soft hold pomade all over your hair and style it with your fingers. Rake through the strands and get them to stick out to build more height. Scrunch it up so that it looks bedraggled but sexy.

Messy Hairstyles for Men # 2


When you have long and curly hair, you’re definitely used to dealing with messy hair. Well, guess what? You can now take the messy curls to work, but not without a little hair management, of course.

You can either get a shorter haircut to manage the wild curls, like a short on sides long on top kind of haircut. Or you can get a good hair care regimen in place so that you don’t look like a slovenly mess most of the time.

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For starters, get a good shampoo and conditioner that can keep your hair soft and smooth, and combat frizz and other common hair problems. Shampoo about once or twice a week, but don’t forget to condition every day. This will keep your hair soft and moisturized, which is easier to style than freshly washed or shampooed hair. Use a styling product that will give your hair a dry matte finish, like hair wax.

Messy Hairstyles for Men # 3


Because of the long and thick top hair, which is also highly textured, it can look a little big and messy sitting on top of your head. Get it under control by keeping the hair at the sides and the back short. Keep the top hair tall and long, and just a little messy, using some styling wax and finger combing action.

It doesn’t need to look polished or flat. Create height and volume as desired, and keep it just a little bit on the messy side. Complete the look with some stylish pair of glasses and you’re more than ready to be your office’s employee of the month.

Messy Hairstyles for Men # 4


When the hair is thick and long, it just naturally falls around the face, softly framing your face and placing the emphasis on your facial features. But it’s so easy to fall into the trap of just letting your hair loose with no styling or primping whatsoever.

You can make a long and shaggy hairstyle nice and office appropriate by cutting it at just the right length, so that it doesn’t fall over your eyes and affect your vision.

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You can also get yourself a shaggy haircut like this to manage the volume and give the hair a nice shape. Keep it nice and long at the top for easier styling. Keep the sides longer and let the hair naturally frame the face.

Messy Hairstyles for Men # 5


This is another example of a messy hairstyle that won’t get you in trouble at work. The sides and the back are very nicely trimmed, but it gets busier and messier when you reach the top. This is the appeal of this hairstyle. The messier, the better.

But keep the mess at a minimum with some medium hold pomade. Apply it all over your hair and begin styling with your fingers. You can also use a round brush for a softer and smoother finish (but we prefer finger combing it). To make sure that the gloriously messy hair remains in place, you can apply some hairspray on it, too.

Messy Hairstyles for Men # 6


This is just the perfect hairstyle that will go well with power suits. Your curls shouldn’t get you fired, especially if they look as gorgeous as this. Make the messy curls work for you by controlling the frizz and keeping the hair away from the face.

Keep it neat and tidy at the sides and the back. All these can be achieved by applying a styling product with light to medium hold, so that it stays in place all though out the day. Also, when all else fails, you can always use some hairspray.

Messy Hairstyles for Men # 7


Depending on the industry that you’re working for, you can rock the office halls with a messy hairstyle like this and still keep your job.

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In a less traditional office setting, this hairstyle doesn’t make you look unprofessional at all. It exudes a certain kind of confidence and authority that will certainly make people sit up and notice. When it comes to making first impressions, this hairstyle will definitely leave a lasting one.

Aside from not combing and not washing, there are other more hygienic ways to achieve a messy hairstyle on purpose.

You can grow your hair long and tie it up in a loose top knot. You can also gather your luscious locks and twist them into a relaxed man bun. Either way, the look is sexy, tousled, and masculine. It’s a win-win situation.

Now you believe us when we tell you messy is the new sexy? But before you go throwing away your combs and brushes, remember that messy hair doesn’t mean dirty, or smelly, or greasy, or flaky hair. Don’t forego hygiene for style, because that’s just a really, really terrible idea.

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