Tell your Barber this if you Want a Messy Hairstyle

Messy hairstyles are hot and sexy. You should definitely tell your barber to let you sport these:

It may look like lazy and effortless hair, but you actually need to exert more than a little effort to get the messy hairstyle work for you. The trick is to get the right length of hair at the top, and around the crown that will be easy to style. It should then gradually fade as it reaches the neck or the bottom.

Here are some messy hairstyles that you can ask your barber to do for you the next time you go for your hair appointment.

Messy Hairstyles # 1

messy-hairstyles (1)

To wear this disheveled hairstyle with volume and texture, you don’t need to toss and turn in bed all night to wake up the next morning with it. All you need to do is apply some texturizing pomade on your damp hair, working your hair from roots to tips.

The top hair should be around three to four inches long, while the hair at the crown should be about one or two inches long. Let the hair fade as it reaches the nape.

If you have fairly straight hair, you need to twist and rumple the hair to get as much texture and volume in, and then just lock it all in by using a blow dryer.

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, simply air drying it will do. You can strengthen the hold and use a little hairspray so that everything stays in place longer.

Messy Hairstyles # 2

messy-hairstyles (2)

The tousled top is another messy hairstyle that looks great even if it’s such a mess. The style is at the top of the head, and the hair is raised and messed up to look taller and fuller.

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You can style your hair into anything you want by using a pomade or a styling gel. If you want this tousled look, tell your barber to style it messily on one side, with a few flips here and there.

The goal is for your hair to look stylishly messy, and not look like it has never been combed or washed for days. Put on some hairspray to make sure that the hair stays in place and looks fresh all day.

Messy Hairstyles # 3

 messy-hairstyles (3)

It’s the stylish kind of sloppy, and it’s very manly in its messiness. You will see that the hair at the sides and the back are cut short, but the top hair is strong and long. The stylish mess on top of the hair is created by using a texturizing pomade and doing a brush-up.

The hair should look soft and shiny, so make sure that you’re using a volumizing brush to build a soft and smooth top hair.

This is a very fun and playful hairstyle. Perfect for guys who like it steady and simple. No hidden agenda here. Just nice and playful hair for every day.

Messy Hairstyles # 4

messy-hairstyles (4)

These long and lazy locks don’t happen by being lazy, though. Even if they look like just a long and lovely mess, it takes some effort to make it look that way. To get this kind of hair, first you need to wash your hair to remove the dirt and grime.

Afterward, you need to apply a light hold styling product like a texturizing cream. You then need to brush your hair with a volumizing brush while using a blow dryer to create thicker and softer locks. Style it the way you want it and try to keep it a little rumpled. Keep it an organized and stylish mess and you’re all set.

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Messy Hairstyles # 5

messy-hairstyles (5)

If you’ve always been fascinated with the bedhead, it can easily be yours without having to lie down in bed and mussing up your hair against the pillows. With just a few strokes of your fingers through your hair, you can easily achieve this gorgeous and messy bedhead hair.

First up, you need to apply hair mousseon your damp hair for that added volume. You can also spray on some heat protector to protect your locks from the heat of the blow dryer (blow drying will give your hair more volume). Blow dry your hair in the direction you want it to go, and apply more wax to give your hair more texture.

Messy Hairstyles # 6

messy-hairstyles (6)

To get the dramatic and disheveled hairstyle, you want to get the hairstyle to look tall and full at the top of the head. You can use some hairstyling wax or mousse before you brush it up with a volumizing brush. Use a blow dryer and brush it in the direction or in the height that you want.

You need to do a tall semi combover and make it slightly messy at the back and at the sides. Keep it tall and soft at the top of your head, and keep everything in place with the help of some hairspray.

Messy Hairstyles # 7

messy-hairstyles (7)

You can easily achieve this long and messy hairstyle like you just rolled out of bed and woke up gorgeous like that. The trick is in the volume. Apply hair mousse on damp hair and start styling it with your fingers. Make sure that you spread it evenly from roots to tips. And then blow dry your hair until you achieve the fullness and the softness that you want.

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Make sure that it looks disheveled but soft, especially the sides and the hair at the top. Rumple your hair with your fingers and lock the style in place with a soft hold hairspray.

The messy hairstyle is quite the interesting hairstyle. You fix your hair up so that it will look messy. Do you even realize how ridiculous that sounds? But curiously enough, the whole look just works. It turns out that people dig the lived in and messed up look as much as the slick and polished look. You might as well go ahead and have fun with it! You’ll definitely look great in it.

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