Men with Beards – Do Women Really Find Them Sexy?

Popular culture claims that all women love facial hair - what is the real story?

Men with beards have never been hotter and sexier.

Thanks to the term that’s been coined to describe the hot hipsters channeling their inner lumberjacks.

Lumbersexuals and their impressive beards have now become the symbol of strength and manliness, and the women are having a field day deciding which beard styles are the sexiest. Here are seven reasons why women find men with beards sexy as hell.

Reason # 1


Men with beards are rugged, strong, and manly men. Nothing exudes virility and masculinity than a full and thick beard. If you already have a perfectly sculpted body, having a beard only adds more appeal to your overall look.

You can’t get any more badass.

But even if you don’t have washboard abs, once you wear a beard, your face instantly transforms to someone who’s attractive, mature, distinguished, and intelligent.

With a beard, you don’t need to be built with solid muscles just to be considered sexy. A beard can make you look intellectually sexy, too. As it turns out, brainy and beardy are also the new sexy!

Reason # 2


Men with beards are so much fun to kiss. Women like the tickling sensation when their lips land on beard or mustache hair. They like placing their hands on the beard to stroke and caress. And well, they like their man’s mustache and beard hair on other parts of their body, too.

However, hours of hot and passionate kissing can cause your lady to suffer from the ‘stache rash’, or mustache rash.

Prevent this from happening by growing a full beard and not just a short and thick stubble.

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Keep it soft and neatly trimmed. In case of beard burn, it’s nothing that a good soothing night cream cannot remedy. So carry on the kissing, kids.

Reason # 3


Men with beards clean up pretty good. They may look scruffy and disheveled in their shirt and jeans.

But when they switch to a suit and tie, the transformation can be pretty amazing. The unkempt guy can look sophisticated and elegant with hardly any effort, thanks to the only accessory he will ever need: the facial hair.

He rocks the attitude whatever clothes he’s wearing.

He can be the fashionable lumberjack without the woodcutter outfit.

He can also be the man who knows a lot about the world and who already accomplished so much he doesn’t care what other people think anymore.

Either way, women are in for a treat.

Reason # 4


Men with beards are committed. They have the strength, the will, and the patience to carry through something that’s obviously not a very easy task (like growing a beard).

This roughly translates to his commitment to other aspects of his life, like jobs, hobbies, and romantic relationships.

When they start on something, they want to see it through, all the way.

There’s simply no cutting corners.

Men with beards are not slovenly bums.

They work hard at making their beards look perfect and well-conditioned. Women can expect the same kind of focus and determination when it comes to the more serious stuff, like life and love.

Reason # 5


Men with beards command the respect of other men. Men with beards achieve a certain alpha male status among other men.

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You’re one of the cool kids and you can join them at the table. They know just what’s involved in growing a respectable-looking beard, and if they see you sporting one, you have their high regard.

Men with beards are also not afraid to be themselves, be different, or try something new.

They are always ready for an adventure that’s anything but ordinary. They’re very patient and cool, never reckless and agitated. They understand how the world works and they don’t let it affect them.

Reason # 6


Men with beards are more mysterious and fascinating. One look at them and you know there’s more to them than meets the eye.

They can be involved with music, with the arts, or with nature. They can be the young CEO to watch out for.

Or they can be the next important science fiction writer for the millennials.

They’re usually comfortable in their own skin. They can wear anything they want and look good wearing it. That’s because they who know who they are.

More than good looks, toned physiques, and towering heights, women are attracted to men who hold power and intelligence. And a good full beard can certainly give that to a man.

Reason # 7


Men with beards are just more attractive and more mature-looking compared to their clean shaven and baby-faced peers.

How many Hollywood male celebrities have you seen that totally made the transformation from innocent and young-looking boys to sexy and mature-looking gentlemen?

Ben Affleck, Chris Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, and Adam Levine will still look crazy handsome, because they’re naturally good-looking. But if they lose the beards, they lose a little of that masculine lumberjack look, too.

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There’s nothing like a good full beard to add texture to the face and make it more interesting.

Some faces are just meant to wear a beard. It would be a disservice to women if you don’t.

To keep your beard looking clean and sexy, you must first invest in a really good beard trimmer.

Sure, you can always pop by at the barbers whenever you need a trim. But for emergencies, you also need to have your own set of trimmers so you can sort beard problems as they happen.

Choose the most flattering and most attractive beard style for your face and your personality.

If you’re not sure which style looks perfect on you, no problem. Just let your beard grow to the length that you desire, and then you can start trimming and shaping according to the shape of your face.

Not only are women wildly attracted to men with beards, beards can actually provide protection for your face.

They provide a natural blanket for your face, especially during harsh winters and hot summers.

They can keep you warm on really cold days, and provide an extra layer of skin protection when the summer heat becomes unbearable.

Now, do you believe us?