Medium Length Hair – A Definitive Guide

Wanting to grow your hair not a little long, and not a little short? Then this guide for medium length hair is perfect for you:

Medium length hair is here to stay, so you might as well learn how to look sensational in it. It’s the easiest length to style, because you get to enjoy longer hair, without the hassle of too long hair. Most hairstyles today require long hair at the top, so if you have medium length hair, that means more great hairstyles for you to try. Take a look at some of the best hairstyles that you can create with your hair and start looking fabulous ASAP.

Medium Length Hair Style Inspiration # 1

medium-length-hairstyle (1)

Medium length hair is probably the best length of hair that a guy can wear, simply because it offers more versatility and flexibility when it comes to styling. It’s not too long, nor is it too short, so you definitely have a lot of styles that you can create.

One such hairstyle is this one. It’s sexy and good-looking, and will look perfect on guys who have wavy to curly hair. The sides and the back are trimmed, and then the top hair is full and thick. It looks soft and silky, not at all like an oil spill because of too much styling product. It also looks good enough to touch and run your fingers through.

Medium Length Hair Style Inspiration # 2

medium-length-hairstyle (2)

Medium length hair also looks awesome with long hair at the top and tapered sides and back. Just look at the gorgeous contrast of short hair and long hair here. The top hair is long and soft and silky. It makes you want to touch it and feel the smoothness on your fingers. The sides are also very neatly tapered. Everything looks flawless, down to that impressive full beard.

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This is how medium length hair should look. Long but neat, stylish but professional. You can pull this look off easily by getting this kind of haircut, and styling the top hair to look light and natural. It’s the perfect hairstyle for students and businessmen who want to look fashionable but still professional in every sense of the word.

Medium Length Hair Style Inspiration # 3

medium-length-hairstyle (3)

You can flaunt the classic look and still be fashionable with this medium length hairstyle. It’s simple but oozing with sophistication. It’s elegant but easy enough to be worn for every day. It’s dressy enough for fancy parties and formal gatherings, but you can also style it down so that it’s perfect for a day out with friends and family.

The hair is neatly cropped all around, with the tips curling softly and romantically into wisps. It will look awesome clean shaven, but it will also look even more badass with some facial hair. Definitely a hairstyle with lots of potential.

Medium Length Hair Style Inspiration # 4

medium-length-hairstyle (4)

Sometimes you just have to let your hair loose. Sometimes you just have to let it run wild so that it can breathe. This is a great hairstyle that can do just that.

The hair stands tall and thick at the top of the head, but it doesn’t look messy or unkempt at all. If anything, it’s just the type of fanned out messy hair that most guys won’t mind wearing, if they had the hair. It’s long and full, but still looks soft and silky.

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Thanks to some really good hairstyling products, you too can get this kind of hairstyle. Just grow out your hair at the top, and then keep the sides and the back short and trimmed. Apply your hairstyling product of choice, and start styling the hair with a round volume brush. Once you have achieved the desired effect, apply some hairspray to keep the style in place.

Medium Length Hair Style Inspiration # 5

medium-length-hairstyle (5)

In case you don’t like tall, big, and full hairstyles, you can also wear your medium length hair in this messy and shaggy hairstyle. The sides and the back are shorter, but the top hair is long and thick. It’s layered and textured, but keeps that fun and fashionable spiky hairstyle.

You can achieve this look by applying some pomade or hairstyling wax onto the hair. Apply it all over with your fingers, and then start styling your hair according to how spiky or messy you want it to look. It doesn’t need to look smooth and polished. Go for the messy hair to make it a lot more interesting.

Medium Length Hair Style Inspiration # 6

medium-length-hairstyle (6)

Did anybody say bedhead? Medium length hair usually gets the bedhead, especially if you don’t take extra measures to avoid having one the next morning.

But a bedhead is not that bad. In fact, guys are trying to recreate the bedhead look to wear to work or to school. Luckily for you, you don’t need to roll around in bed just to achieve the authentic bedhead hair.

You can easily wear this sexy but unkempt hairstyle by applying a little pomade on your medium length hair. Don’t put too much, because you don’t want it to look slick and shiny. You want it to look natural, with a dry matte finish. As if you really just rolled out of bed.

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Once you have applied the styling product, start blow drying your hair while brushing it with a round volume brush. Do it in thirty seconds or less, otherwise the hair will look stiff and dry. For added hold, apply some hairspray so that the style will remain in place.

Medium Length Hair Style Inspiration # 7

medium-length-hairstyle (7)

When hair is worn longer, it just looks sexier and more attractive, don’t you think? Medium length hair lets you enjoy the perks of having both short and long hair. You can wear classic and timeless hairstyles and add a sexy spin to them by wearing them long and full. Much like this hairstyle.

It’s a simple gentleman’s haircut, styled to look more rugged and sensual. It’s the perfect hairstyle for guys who have thick, wavy, and curly hair.

The volume is managed by keeping the sides and the back short, and keeping the length at the top. You can style it with some pomade or hair gel if you want a smoother or slicker hairstyle. You can also wear it like this and just let the hair loose.

Don’t be so quick to cut off that medium length hair without trying out these hairstyles first. They’re fun, they’re fashionable, and they’re functional. Perfect for modern gentlemen just like you!

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