Long on Top Short on Sides Men’s Haircut

One of the most popular haircuts for men nowadays is trending here now in our site. Here are some examples:

Perhaps this is the common denominator of all the popular men’s haircuts today. Long on top, short on sides. And we can completely understand why. You can actually pull off a lot of different hairstyles just by having your hair cut this way.

You can mix short sides with fringes, or you can brush all the hair to the front, to the back, or to the sides. You can wear it with a quiff or a pompadour. You can style it in a Mohawk, or you can tie it back in a little man bun.

There are just so many great styles you can do with it. No wonder it’s such a popular hairstyle. Here are a few more long on top short on sides hairstyle ideas that you can try for next time.

Long on Top Short on Sides Hairstyle # 1


This hairstyle is such a hit among the hipster fans, not only because of its vintage and classic look, but also because it’s very low maintenance. You can just step into the shower, squeeze out the excess water from your hair, comb and style, and voila! You have salon sexy hair in only a few minutes.

The secret to this kind of hairstyle is a great haircut. The sides are buzzed close to the skin, and the hair is long on top, which allows for versatility in styling. Guys with straight, wavy, curly, and thick hair should get a hairstyle like this to control the volume, and give the hair a nice shape.

Long on Top Short on Sides Hairstyle # 2


If you don’t like the sides and the back to be closely cropped or buzzed, you can also try this hairstyle. It’s also long on top and short on the sides, but with longer hair length. There’s also a strong side part, and the hair is combed to the side in a slick combover.

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It’s just the perfect hairstyle for guys who enjoy a bit of length and fullness. It’s a hairstyle that you can wear to work, to business meetings, to family dinners, to formal occasions, to romantic dates, and to weekend chillax sessions. It’s quite a versatile hairstyle, and can be easily styled up or down in just minutes.

Long on Top Short on Sides Hairstyle # 3


Guys with thick hair should best go with hairstyles that are long on top and short on sides. It effectively controls the volume by trimming the hair at the sides and making it thinner, and keeping some of the thickness and the volume at the top.

This is the perfect hairstyle for guys who have thick and wavy hair. Having this kind of hair actually saves you time trying to create the required volume. All you need to do is just apply some pomade or hair wax, and then style with your fingers. The messier and more rumpled, the better.

Long on Top Short on Sides Hairstyle # 4


Did somebody say sexy bedhead? Yes, this sexy and disheveled hair can be yours, too. But first, get the haircut. Keep the sides and back short, leave the top hair long and textured. Once you get this done, apply the styling product that you prefer, depending on the hold that you want.

If you want something soft and natural, you can use pomade or hair wax. If you want something stronger and stiffer, you can apply hair gel or extra hold hair spray.

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Just rub it all over your hair and style with your fingers. You want to create a soft and bedraggled look, so don’t make it look too perfect. Scrunch it up here and there for a more natural texture.

Long on Top Short on Sides Hairstyle # 5



This is another example of a long on top and short on sides hairstyle. The sides and back are buzzed, and there’s a hard line that separates the side from the top. There’s a lot of shine and a lot of texture, and we totally approve.

The top hair is more dramatic and awesome. It’s a pompadour that looks like a Mohawk brush-up, starting from the top and ending just below the crown. It looks like a complicated and difficult style to achieve, but definitely nothing that a good pomade, hair wax, blow dry, and hair spray can’t handle.

Long on Top Short on Sides Hairstyle # 6


In case you were wondering, yes, you can combine an undercut, or a fade haircut, with long hair on top. You can actually wear the top hair loose and just combed over to the sides. Or you can wear it combed back , sleek and shiny, and then tie it up in a little top knot.

Of course, this kind of hairstyle is reserved to younger guys who are still in college, or young professionals working in a relaxed and informal office setting. The traditional corporate environment may not be ready for a hairstyle like this, unfortunate as that may sound.

Long on Top Short on Sides Hairstyle # 7


And then there’s this classic and elegant hairstyle that everybody loves. It’s office-appropriate, and it will look good on just about anybody. The key is to get the best fade at the sides and at the back, and then just trim or texture the hair on top so that it looks fuller and thicker.

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Keep the top hair looking soft and light. Don’t weigh it down with too much styling products. If you want a simple pompadour, just apply soft hold pomade so that the hair looks more natural. If you want a firmer pompadour, you can always use medium to extra strong hold pomade.

When it comes to styling, try to mix and match. You’ll be surprised at how versatile and how easy you can change your hairstyle just by doing a combover, or just by blow drying your hair. Experiment with your look so you can come up with your favorites!

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