Long Hair and Beard Combinations that Look Ultra Cool

Long hair is sexy. Beard is sexy. These two combined? It's just extraordinary! Take a peek at some of our examples here:

When a man has long hair, the natural inclination is to grow a beard as well, since you’re growing out the major source of hair on your head, anyway.

Most of the time, guys grow the hair and the beard together. Some guys prefer to grow the beard or the hair first, because they just can’t deal with all the growth going on. Both are good ways to go around it, just as long as you let the hair grow, neatly and stylishly.

Here are some of the best and coolest long hair and beard combinations that will make you feel like the most good-looking and manliest of men.

Long Hair and Beard Style Inspiration # 1

beard-long-hair (1)

Let’s face it. No matter what the haters say about men wearing beards and top knots, men who wear them just look cooler, sexier, and surer of themselves. Even without the ripped body or the bulging muscles, they look like they can clobber you with a pole, even without a pole.

Long hair and a beard can instantly transform your look from nice and wholesome to something seductive and confident. They don’t even have to be neat and proper all the time. You can just tie all that gorgeous hair up in a loose knot, and just let the magic happen.

Long Hair and Beard Style Inspiration # 2

beard-long-hair (2)

Wearing long hair and a beard can also give your look that simple but dramatic boost to your sex appeal. If you don’t believe us, just try to Google images of men and their with and without beard photos. Your mind will be blown. You won’t believe how a seemingly ordinary facial carpet can change how a guy looks from weakling to beast. Oh, we kid you not.

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If you want to look like a real man, and if you want to impress your woman and earn the admiration of other guys, just grow your hair long, and your beard thick and full. This is the easiest (not to mention cheapest) and most painless way that you can improve or change how you look.

Long Hair and Beard Style Inspiration # 3

beard-long-hair (3)

We like our hair long but tidy, and our beards thick and neatly trimmed. But sometimes, messy and scraggly can work pretty well, too.

Long hair and full beard that look scraggly and messy are different from long hair and full beard that are actually dirty and smelly. Eew, gross. Remember that you’re trying to change and improve your looks. Not intentionally making yourself look like a man marooned on an island for three years.

What you don’t realize is that long hair and full beards that look unkempt and scruffy, but also feel nice and soft, and smell good, take a lot of work to make them look that way. It’s definitely not foregoing style or hygiene. Not at all.

Long Hair and Beard Style Inspiration # 4

beard-long-hair (4)

What do you get when you combine long and curly hair with thick and scruffy beard? Perfection. You get perfection. And such sexy and sophisticated look, too. You can play with different looks and change the style factor each time.

You can wear it like a quirky buy stylish guy who likes big books and good wine. You can also wear it like a leather-clad bad boy who has a passion for hot cars and hot women. You can even wear it with ripped muscles and badass tattoos and just be the resident bad boy with a generous heart. There’s so much you can do with a beard and long hair, and you can keep reinventing yourself as often as you want.

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Long Hair and Beard Style Inspiration # 5

beard-long-hair (5)

Long hair and full beards make you look deep, intellectual, and mature. Not to mention manly and sexy. Match that with some really great clothes and a confident attitude, you will have to start turning down women, and even men, sooner or later.

We know that it takes months, even years, to truly achieve an impressive beard and long, beautiful hair. But you can enjoy the benefits even with hair at medium length, or even with a short stubble. The trick is to keeping it well-groomed and nicely shaped. Enjoy wearing the hair while it continues to grow, and you won’t realize that you have already reached the length that you desire.

Long Hair and Beard Style Inspiration # 6

beard-long-hair (6)

With that much hair on your head and your face, it’s very easy to just let the days pass without taking care of the hair. If your goal is to turn off people and lie in your bed in a messy and smelly clump, just continue what you’re doing.

But no. You want to be the most attractive version of yourself. So getting up and taking care of the hair is something that you should do every. Single. Day.

It’s not that difficult, either. Just get a hair care and beard care routine in place and you can be done with it in just minutes. The most important thing is to keep the hair and the beard clean, soft, and nice smelling.

Every shower, make sure that you condition your hair. You can shampoo once or twice a week. Wash the beard, too, with beard shampoo and conditioner. And then always apply beard oil to keep it soft and smooth. That’s it. All done! Now that doesn’t sound so hard, right?

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Guys with long hair and full beards just have more fun when it comes to styling their hair and changing their looks. There’s just more hair to work with, and more flexibility. The only guys who cannot wear this look are the guys who have not been genetically blessed with facial hair, or those who have gone bald because of age and genetics. But if you have a pretty healthy head of hair, and your stubble looks like it has potential, go right ahead and do the long hair and beard combo!

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