Is this the Best Beard Style in the World?

Ready to rock these beards? We've rounded up the best ones for you to choose from:

When it comes to the best beard styles, it’s not a one size fits all type of thing. One beard style may look kickass for you, while the same beard style may look lame to another. We have chosen our own personal favorites and narrowed them down to seven of the best beard styles in the world. Check out our gallery here and pick your favorite.

Best Beard Style # 1

best-beard-style (1)

The best beard style is one that can give you a completely new look. Often better, sexier, and more mature. If you’ve been blessed with boyish features, there will be days when you wish you looked a lot older and more masculine. Don’t worry, because a beard can help you with that.

If it’s the first time for you to grow a beard, you can start off with this short stubble. You can pretty much see how the facial hair can change your looks. If you like how it looks, you can grow it longer to a full-fledged beard. Even if it’s a short stubble, it still looks very manly and mature. You should definitely keep it.

Best Beard Style # 2

best-beard-style (2)

The best beard styles also provide just the right amount of coverage without overwhelming the face. It should give the face just the right amount of texture and make the imperfections less prominent. It should also enhance the best features of the face.

A short and neatly trimmed beard can make the face look less elongated, or less round, or less angular. Yes, a good beard can do that. You have to grow out the hair long enough so that the hair looks less spiky or scratchy. When you have the desired length, trim it with your clippers to get that soft and natural texture.

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Best Beard Style # 3

best-beard-style (3)

The best beard also gives you a more sensitive but masculine look. One that no plastic surgery or hours and hours at the gym can ever provide. There’s something elegant and distinguished about a man who wears a beard. A nice-looking beard can instantly make you look respectable and arresting. It can also make you look dark and mysterious, or warm and friendly, depending on the look that you’re going for.

Not all men will have such an impressively thick and full beard, though. It’s mostly because of genetics, so don’t take it personally. You will have to have a lot of patience to not shave it off. Just let it grow out and trim as necessary.

Best Beard Style # 4

best-beard-style (4)

The best beard style is also one that fits your personality. It suits your lifestyle, and is work appropriate. Your beard should not keep you from doing the regular things that you enjoy. It should not distract you when you’re working, or eating, or speaking with important people. Life should still go as usual, and you should not be devoting all of your time just to make a beard look okay enough.

There are certain beards that look scraggly and scratchy as they grow longer. Make sure that you don’t reach Hagrid beard levels. Keep the beard short and neatly trimmed. Trim the beard every week or so, and look out for ugly rogue and stray hairs that can ruin the look.

Best Beard Style # 5

best-beard-style (5)

The best beard style is also trendy and stylish. You can wear it with any kind of outfit and you can make it look cool and fashionable enough. This beard style may look vintage and old-fashioned, but it’s actually the kind of beard that most guys are wearing now.

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You will need to devote a few months to get the desired length and thickness of the beard. It may take longer if facial hair is not something that you have a lot of. You should already know this, anyway. Growing a beard is not something that happens instantly. If you want to wear the hair, you have to wait for the hair to come out. There’s no shortcut and no fast forward.

Best Beard Style # 6

best-beard-style (6)

The best beard style does not have to be really long and really thick to look awesome. A great beard is also one that’s short and very neatly trimmed. It’s about having the right amount of facial hair in all the right places. It’s about having the best and most flattering beard style for your shape of face, too.

To enhance the appearance of the beard, everything must look balanced. The hair should go well with the beard. The mustache must be short and neat. Even the soul patch should be small and contained. The neckline should also be neatly trimmed, as well as the sideburns. All these play a huge role in making your beard look even more impressive.

Best Beard Style # 7

best-beard-style (7)

For others, the best beard styles make other people stand up and notice. They should make jaws drop and eyes wide. They should make you stand out from the crowd. They should shock, surprise, amaze, and even inspire. Just like this awesome beard style right here.

It probably took this guy more than twelve months to achieve a beard this long and this thick. The beard is so long you can’t even see his neck anymore. But if you’ll look at the beard as a whole, you will find that it is indeed a truly impressive and fashionable beard.

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The long and slick hairstyle is a perfect companion to this full-length beard. Hipster beards are quite common these days, because of the male population who just live by the hipster fashion trend. Still, seeing one up close can be compared to your best starstruck moments. It can render you speechless and make you want to whip out your phone to snap a picture.

Have you picked your favorite beard style yet? That’s okay if you haven’t. Start growing the beard for now, and then you can just start styling it when you already have a beard style in mind. Best of luck to you and your beard!