Is a Bowl Cut ever a Fashionable Hairstyle?

Who says bowl cut isn't a great fashion statement? For what it looks like, we sure find it amazingly unique!

If you were born in the seventies or the eighties, you probably experienced wearing the bowl cut hairstyle, as dictated by your mother, your grandmother, or other adult in the family. It was all the rage back then, as most of your childhood photos will demonstrate. And now, it seems that the bowl cut is making a comeback, thanks to celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, and Miley Cyrus. It’s just as popular as other hairstyles like the high fade, buns, or combover.

If you think wearing a mushroom over your head and looking like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber is uncool, you may want to look at these bowl cut hairstyles that are starting to look quite cool and fashionable!

Bowl Cut Hairstyle # 1


If you’re fashion forward and confident in your skin, this is the hairstyle that will have your friends and colleagues talking about it for days. Notice the straight cuts and pronounced angles that look very complimentary to the shape of his face. On a different face shape, this bowl cut will be a disaster. But on this guy, it looks just right.

So don’t knock the bowl cut until you’ve tried it. If you have an oval or diamond shape face, this can very well be the perfect haircut for you this year. Of course, this will still depend on personal tastes and fashion sense. But just remember that the bowl cut remains the easiest to cut and style, in case you consider wearing it sometime in the future.

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Bowl Cut Hairstyle # 2


With the right styling aids and some artistic styling techniques, a bowl cut need not look like a mushroom sitting on top of your head 24/7. You can rock a bowl cut to match your mood or suit the occasion, and it only takes a little side part. Yes, that neat little trick that can spell the difference between just a bowl cut and a really cool bowl cut.

To achieve this look, you only need to comb down your hair, and then part it a little off center. You can mess it up a bit to add more volume so that it doesn’t look flat. Voila! Brand new look from your trusty little bowl cut.

Bowl Cut Hairstyle # 3


Bowl cuts are for curly hair, too. In fact, the curls give the bowl cut a totally different spin. It’s bold, fun, and adventurous — perfect for guys who live bold, fun, and adventurous lives. It’s just the quirky kind of haircut that will reflect your quirky personality.

It can work in the corporate setting, more so in the creative and artistic fields. If you wear this kind of bowl cut, people will wonder if you’re a model or an upcoming actor. They will try to remember which YouTube video they’ve seen you in, or which pop song cover you performed with your band.

Bowl Cut Hairstyle # 4


You can rock a bowl cut with just a different stroke of the hairbrush, and a little mussing up here and there. Think Justin Bieber, only tone it down a bit with the comb-over from the sides. If you’re not so crazy about the bowl shape, this one doesn’t look like a bowl at all.

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You can achieve this look by simply crisscrossing brush strokes on the top and tousling it a little bit for that much needed volume. The bowl cut is wash and wear hair, so you don’t really need too much blow drying or styling. Pretty cool, right?

Bowl Cut Hairstyle # 5


A bowl cut can be the fashion accessory you never take off, and which only requires a little shampooing, conditioning, and styling. This particular one has some uneven layers to add more texture. (There’s only so much you can do with straight and flat bowl cuts.)It looks more rock star and runway fashionable with the striking layers. They certainly add a lot of spunk and character!

Notice how the hair is brushed to the sides to create those soft and wispy curls? Indeed, this bowl cut is starting to look more and more like the hipster hairstyle to have this year.

Bowl Cut Hairstyle # 6


Let’s admit it. The bowl cut can be a fantastic fashion statement, just like this bowl cut in the picture. It can graduate from the fashion runway and magazine print ads to the streets and offices. It takes a certain kind of face and a certain kind of personal style to be able to wear this haircut confidently. But wearing a bowl cut like this instantly makes you bold and daring. And what woman doesn’t love a man who’s bold and daring?

This particular bowl cut will look great on straight and fine hair. You can wear it flat and straight, or you can wear it a little disheveled for added drama.

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Bowl Cut Hairstyle # 7


And who said bowl cuts are just for geeks who know nothing about fashion? This cool dude just proves that bowl cuts can look cool and fashionable, too! On him, the bowl cut looks natural and stylish. Maybe it’s the earrings, or the mean tattoo. But whatever it is, it just shows that you can make anything look good if you are confident and comfortable. It would be helpful to know that bowl cuts only look great if you have really fine hair, and an oblong or oval face shape. It just won’t look flattering on rounder or chubbier faces.

If you have good bone structure and really good hair, having a bowl cut can be the best hair decision you’ll ever make. You can test it out first and see how this cut will look on you. If a bowl cut agrees with you, you can spice it up with layers and soft wisps so that it doesn’t look severely straight. You can even put some highlights, or bleach it, or dye it a different color. The bowl cut is not for everybody, but it can look really fashionable for some people with the right hair, face, and most important of all, the right kind of confidence.

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