How to Work a Funky Combover Hairstyle

Learn how to sport this funky combover hairstyle that will surely make the girls go gaga:

Nowadays, you don’t need to suffer from male pattern baldness to wear a combover. If you think combovers are reserved for old and unattractive bald men, think again. Have you been living under a rock and not seeing male celebrities who wear this type of hairstyle?

Through the years, combovers have managed to look hot, stylish, and attractive, aside from the common hairstyles like the high fade, bowl cut, or bun hairstyles. They are no longer the hideous ones that you see online when you do a quick Wikipedia search. So how exactly do you create a combover, and what’s the best way to wear it? Here are some tips and some combover hairstyles that will convince you to start wearing one.

Combover Hairstyle # 1


This side combover looks classy and elegant. It’s perfect for any formal occasion, and can also be worn every day for school or for work.

Before doing any combover hairstyle, you must make sure that your hair is clean and dry. After which, you need to use some hair wax or hair pomade and apply it all over your hair. Find your side part and start parting the hair to the side with your fingers.

The hair wax or hair pomade will give your hair the shine and the hold it needs to stay in place. When you’re done with the side part, use your fine-toothed comb to even out the hair and polish the look. If you see stubborn hair that refuses to join the rest of your combover, just apply some hairspray and that will solve the problem.

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Combover Hairstyle # 2


This middle combover is pretty kickass and looks like a challenge to achieve. But no, if you’ve already got the low fade haircut, styling it will be a piece of cake.

Just like the side combover, you first need to establish the part of your hair. Start applying hair pomade on your hair with your fingers, and then just comb everything to the back.

If you like bigger volume, finger combing your hair will make it look nice enough. If you want a slicker and neater look, you can use a fine-toothed comb for the finishing touches.

Once you have combed over your hair to the back, give it a little volume and create a pomp at the front for a bigger and fuller look.

Combover Hairstyle # 3


It’s trendy and stylish and can make any outfit stand out. It’s dressy enough for the corporate setting, youthful enough for the classroom, and stylish enough for the creative spirits. A combover is just what you need to look and feel fancy.

With a full combover, all the hair that sits on top of your head will be brushed and combed over to achieve maximum effect. You can use hair wax and hair pomade to style it, as well as a hairbrush and a fine-toothed comb to create the pomp. You will also need to use hairspray for this kind of combover to hold everything together.

Combover Hairstyle # 4


Combovers are fun and funky, not to mention fashionable. A combover will work on wavy to slightly curly hair, too. In fact, one of your go-to hairstyles should be the combover, so you can keep the hair in check all the time.

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Use some really good pomade, hair wax, and hair spray. Find your side part and just comb your hair to the back or to the side, whichever one you feel like wearing today.

Use hairspray to catch any rogue or flyaway hair, and just to get the whole look together. No need to blow dry, but keep it neat and polished.

When you’re done with the combover, washing your hair afterwards is very easy, too. Most hairstyling products are water soluble, making cleaning or washing hassle-free.

Combover Hairstyle # 5


This combover is quite versatile and can be worn with dressy or casual outfits.

If you want to achieve this modern gentleman look, you can wear this combover by parting your hair from the side. You need to apply pomade all over your hair, and then comb the hair near your temples so that it looks sleek and flat.

You can comb over the hair on top to look as flat or as tall as you want. A slight pouf always looks good, just like this one in the picture. You can even wear a beard or a short stubble to get an even more hipster effect.

Combover Hairstyle # 6


Like the other combover hairstyles, you need a good low fade or tapered haircut as a base to be able to pull off this hairstyle. The rest is nothing that a good pomade and a comb can’t achieve.

The pouf will be more dramatic if you have much longer hair at the top. It will allow you to create a taller and fuller pouf, and style it however which way you want.

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This combover is perfect for special dates and formal occasions, and can even be worn for casual days and informal affairs. That makes it a must-have hairstyle in our books!

Combover Hairstyle # 7


This combover is simple but quite dramatic to look at. If you already have a good fade haircut going on, doing this combover will be a piece of cake. Of course, you will need hair pomade, hair spray, a fine-toothed comb, and roller hairbrush. A blow dryer may be required, but that’s really up to you.

The objective is to get all the hair together swept back and create a full pomp in the front. You can achieve this by using the brush and styling it to your desired height before locking it in with hairspray. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Thanks to television shows like Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, and Suits, the once old-fashioned combovers are making their way back to our lives and figuring greatly in our personal styles. We understand the fascination, because we ourselves are fascinated!

We love the look an awesome combover provides. But remember: A good combover can only be achieved by getting a good fade haircut. Once you’ve got that covered, you can try different combovers that exist and just pick one which be your signature combover.

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