How to Style Medium Length Hair – in less than 5 Minutes

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to style your medium length hair in less than 5 minutes - no fuss!

Don’t you wish you can just wake up each day with your hair already styled to perfection? No need to shower, no need to comb, and no need to wax. Unfortunately, science has not yet come up with a solution to remove bedhead and bad hair as soon as you wake up in the morning.

However, there areways you can style your hair in less than five minutes each day. It may sound like a stretch, but it can be done. You just need to know how to do it. Here’s how to style medium length hair in less than five minutes.

How to Style Medium Length Hair Step # 1: Condition your hair.


When you want to get the most style and manageability out of your hair, skip the shampoo. Shampooing hair can make it fresh, clean, and soft, no doubt about it. But shampooing can also strip the hair off its natural oils and nutrients.

Shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week, or as needed, but make sure you condition your hair every day.

Conditioning your hair keeps it moisturized and enriched with essential nutrients. It also helps soothe the scalp and soften the hair, preventing tangles, snags, and knots.

It also adds an extra layer of protection for the hair against styling damage, or heat from blow dryers and other styling tools. All these while keeping it shiny, soft, and light.

Conditioning your hair can just take you a minute or two, tops. Dilute some conditioner in warm water and massage onto your hair all over. Rinse thoroughly until all the soapy and slippery feel is gone.

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How to Style Medium Length Hair Step # 2: Towel dry your hair.

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The next thing you need to do is to dry your hair. Drying medium length hair is quick and easy. For this task, use a very soft kind of towel, or an old T-shirt. This is to avoid your hair becoming frizzy. Using an old T-shirt or soft towel instead will dry it very nicely, with a soft and naturally glossy finish.

Squeeze out the excess water without twisting or squeezing too hard. Just gently wring the water out and blot until your hair is nicely damp. Once you get that done, your hair is ready to be prepped and styled.

How to Style Medium Length Hair Step # 3: Apply hairstyling wax.

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Put a dollop of hairstyling gel or wax on your palm and slowly work a lather. Start running it through your locks in a messy fashion first so you can cover most of the hair. Don’t put too much styling product or it can make the hair look heavy or sticky.

Muss your hair up with your fingers. Focus on the part where hair is the thickest and the longest, because this is where you want the softest and most manageable hair. While doing this, you can also get the idea which style you want to do on it.

How to Style Medium Length Hair Step # 4: Style your hair.

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Now that your hair is soft and fully waxed, you can now have fun styling it! What’s great with medium length hair is that you can take it anywhere on your head, and it will look natural and fashionable.

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You can opt to sweep your hair over to one side, starting from your hair part, or you can also do a simple combover from the front to the back. You can add more height or more volume, depending on your mood or your outfit.

This will be easier to achieve if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. You already have the volume, so you can just easily work on taming or shaping the hair.

However, if volume is your problem, you may have to use a rounded brush, or a volumizing brush, to create the illusion of more hair.

How to Style Medium Length Hair Step # 5: Put some hairspray.

medium_hairstyles 5

After you have styled your hair to the hairstyle that you want, make sure that you lock the style in by running it through the blow dryer. Don’t run it too long, otherwise, you’ll end up with stiff and sticky hair.

Just run it long enough for the hair to stay in place. After which, you can spray the hair with a little medium-hold hairspray.

Medium length hair for guys is actually quite the best length to keep. It’s the best length for grooming and the best length for styling. You can play around with it without taking too much time or using too many styling products.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, it should look good on you, and it should make you feel comfortable. Even better, it should make you feel more confident about yourself.

To be able to style your hair in five minutes or less, you should have a great haircut to begin with. A great haircut needs little to no maintenance. When you have a good haircut going, it’s just really a wash and wear kind of thing.

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You can save a lot of time styling your hair if your hair is clean, soft, and manageable. This can be achieved by having a good hair care regimen.

Avoid washing your hair excessively. Too much washing can lead to dullness or coarseness. You also need to wash your hair to remove the styling products that you used, like pomade, wax, or clay. Even leave-in conditioners need to be washed off your hair because they can cause your hair to look lackluster and limp.

Shampoo your hair 2 or 3 times a week, and condition your hair on a daily basis. You can also apply hair oil on your scalp once a week to keep your scalp moisturized, as well as prevent your hair from being dull or getting damaged.

Now that you know how to style medium length hair in just five minutes or less, there’s simply no excuse for you to be late anymore, or to show up looking like a homeless person.

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