How to Style a Pompadour in 4 Easy Steps

Planning to sport a pompadour hairstyle? Try these tips to make sure you'll look really perfect:

A pompadour is one of the hairstyles that you should be wearing while you still have hair. Don’t waste any more time by wearing anything else, because a pompadour makes all the other hairstyles look plain and boring in comparison. It’s a very slick and sophisticated hairstyle but so very easy to create. You won’t believe how easy it is to do. Here’s how you can style your pompadour in just four easy steps.

How to Style a Pompadour Step # 1: Get the right haircut.

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To get the perfect pompadour, you must first get the right kind of haircut. Technically, you can create and achieve a pompadour as long as you have long hair to work with. In other words, you can have a mullet style of hair and still be able to style your hair into a pompadour. But seriously, who still wears a mullet these days?

These days, a pompadour alone just won’t do. The rest of the hair should look great, too. That’s why fade haircuts are ever so popular, because they provide a nice contrast between the length of the hair at the top, and at the sides and the back.

If you want to style your hair into a pompadour, get your barber to do a short on the sides and long on top haircut. Keep the length at the top as long as possible while keeping the rest of the hair closely cropped to the skin. You can have a low fade or a high fade. You can even have an undercut for a more dramatic and impressive looking pompadour. Whatever style you do, make sure that it suits your personality, as well as your lifestyle and your job.

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How to Style a Pompadour Step # 2: Get the right styling products.

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You may have to experiment with a few styling products before you can find the one that works best for you. Take the pomade, for instance. There are many kinds of pomades with different brands and styling hold. You have a pomade with light hold for men who have thin or fine hair. There’s a medium hold for men who have fine to thick hair, or straight to wavy hair. There’s also an extra strong hold for thick and wavy or curly hair.

Pomades are either petroleum-based or water-based, the latter being the more popular one because it is healthier for the hair and the scalp. It’s also easier to wash with water, unlike the petroleum-based ones which can leave a greasy mess.

When you have thin or fine hair, go with a pomade that has a light hold. It won’t add extra weight to your thin hair. Instead, it will just create a soft and natural hold on the hair. When you have thicker and wavier hair, you can use medium to extra strong hold to make sure that the style remains in place throughout the day.

Once you have found the pomade that meets your requirements for scent, shine, slick, and hold, you are one step closer to creating the perfect pompadour. All you need to take out from your styling arsenal are your brush, comb, hairspray, blow dryer, and of course, a mirror.

How to Style a Pompadour Step # 3: Get the hair ready.

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Before you can do any kind of styling, you must first prep your hair accordingly. Step into the shower and wash your hair well with shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to massage the scalp, as well as wash the hair from roots to tips. Wash thoroughly, making sure that there’s no residue from the shampoo or the conditioner.

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After showering, start drying your hair with a towel. Better yet, use an old cotton T-shirt to wring out the excess water and dry your hair. Using an old shirt instead of a towel can help reduce frizz, which can help give you a flawless looking pompadour.

When your hair is not soaking wet anymore, get started on the blow dryer. Using a round volume brush, blow dry your hair by brushing it upwards and then backwards so that the hair rests there. (It’s a sneak peek of how your pompadour will basically look like.)

Concentrate on drying the top hair and giving it the height and the volume it needs. Using a comb, smoothen out the hair at the sides and the back (that is if you still have hair left to comb there).Don’t run the blow dryer too long on the hair, though.

How to Style a Pompadour Step # 4: Get styling.

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Once you have dried your hair completely, it’s time to apply the pomade. Put a pea sized amount on your palm and rub it in. Apply all over your hair, concentrating on the top and distributing it to the rest of the hair. Be careful not to put too much pomade as this can weigh the hair down and affect how your pompadour will look. If you have thin hair and you put too much pomade, the hair will look heavy and droopy.

Using a fine-toothed comb, create the side part. That is if you prefer one. Otherwise, start combing all the hair in a slick back. Use a brush to build the height by brushing back and then pushing the top hair forward. Don’t worry if it looks messy and rough. Repeat the step until you have a tall and full pompadour.

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Keep the sides and the back neat and smooth with your comb. Be on the lookout for rogue or stray hairs. To make sure that the hair will stay in place, apply some light hold hairspray.

A pompadour is one of the easiest and most stylish ways that you can wear your hair. It will take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily achieve a professional-looking pompadour in just minutes. The trick is in having long hair at the top which you can style to look taller and more volumized.

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