How to Rock a Curly High Top Fade

Take inspiration up to a whole new level with this curly high top fade hairstyle:


If you grew up in the 90’s, we can completely understand your fascination with the curly high top fade hairstyle. This hairstyle was all the rage back then. Rappers and musicians used to wear this all the time. If you don’t believe us, try to look up MC Hammer videos on YouTube.

A curly high top fade is a fade haircut on curly hair that’s short on the sides and the back, and is usually brushed up. It’s styled in such a way that it looks tall and stands up high.

These days, more and more men are wearing this popular hairstyle from the 90’s and adding a modern twist to it. It looks right at home with all the other fade and undercut hairstyles. Here are some ways you can rock a curly high top fade without looking like a blast from the past.

Curly High Top Fade Hair Inspiration # 1

curly-high-top-fade (1)

It’s the least high top fade-looking haircut from the bunch, but it has all the elements of a good and classic curly high top fade. You can see the tall and upright curly hair at the top. Plus the sides and the back are nicely and flawlessly buzzed.

The key to getting this kind of hairstyle is to have really long and thick hair at the top, so that it’s easier to shape and style. The top hair extends all the way to the front, creating a curly quiff. This adds more coolness and awesomeness to the hairstyle. It’s a highly styled haircut, so you can choose to wear a very small amount of styling product just to keep the style in place.

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Curly High Top Fade Hair Inspiration # 2

curly-high-top-fade (2)

Now this is what we’re talking about when we say curly high top fade. There’s a nice and solid fade going there at the sides and at the back. But the real focus is the awesome top hair that simply looks electrifying. To achieve this kind of hairstyle, you must have really long and tight curls, which you can easily tease with a comb so that it looks fuller and bigger.

The higher the hair, the more dramatic it becomes. Make sure that you have some extra hold hairspray handy so that you can easily apply on your hair if you want the curly top to last the whole day, and even longer.

Curly High Top Fade Hair Inspiration # 3

curly-high-top-fade (3)

We’re getting goosebumps just looking at this awesome hairstyle. It’s so 90’s we think we’re going to shed a tear or two. We are just so freaking happy to be seeing this hairstyle alive and well again. But enough of the drama.

Here is a pretty kickass curly high top fade hairstyle that not only has a kickass top hair, but also has a kickass hair design. It doesn’t get more kickass than that!

Again, the secret of this hairstyle is really long and really thick curly hair. You have to have a lot of hair to be able to create and style that thing that looks like a box on top of his head. You also need to get a kickass barber to be able to do that design on your fade.

Curly High Top Fade Hair Inspiration # 4

curly-high-top-fade (4)

First of all, that’s real hair that’s resting on top of his head. Second of all, yes, it is color blue, and we think it’s awesome. Third of all, yes, there’s also a small fade on his eyebrow.

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You must be wondering, ‘Why the hell have I not tried this hairstyle before?’, and guess what? We’re actually wondering the same thing!

But we know we can’t pull this look off. We don’t have tight curls and the fierce attitude. On us, this look will fail epically. On this guy, it looks so amazing. Now it makes us wonder again whether he has already done it in red or yellow. That would even be cooler!

Curly High Top Fade Hair Inspiration # 5

curly-high-top-fade (5)

If we walked into this guy out on the street, we’re seriously getting the details of where he had his curly high top fade done. You know, for when we work up the courage in the future to wear such an awesome hairstyle.

That hair, though. What a showstopper! It really does look like a piece of object resting on top of his head, doesn’t it? But that’s his real hair right there. Goodness, does it sound like we’re gushing? That’s because we are!

But how does one achieve this kind of hairstyle? Can you make this hairstyle on hair that’s not kinky or curly? You just need to grow your hair really long, like Afro long, and get a barber to shape the top hair for you, as well as buzz the sides and the back. But no, this cannot be done on straight or wavy hair.

Curly High Top Fade Hair Inspiration # 6

curly-high-top-fade (6)

Another jawdropping curly high top fade that’s worthy of praises. Only this one is created Mohawk style on a shaved sides and back. We love everything about this hairstyle. If you don’t have the attitude, the hairstyle can take care of that for you.

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We can only wonder how that top hair was created, since he’s clearly Japanese and doesn’t have naturally kinky curls. We’re guessing this was a braided dread hairstyle teased into something sturdy, like a Mohawk. Whatever it is, it’s awesome. We totally, 100% approve.

Curly High Top Fade Hair Inspiration # 7

curly-high-top-fade (7)

They say this hair looks like a makeup brush, but we disagree. We think it’s the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air having a bad hair day. But you have to agree with us when we say that this is one of the most interesting hairstyles we’ve ever laid eyes on.

All that texture and thickness makes all of us want to touch it and cuddle it. Such good-looking hair that only a few will be able to wear. Hair can be so unfair.

Now that you know how to rock a curly high top fade, are you bold enough to wear one? Grab any one of these hair inspirations and see your barber today!

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