How to Grow Hair Longer – A Step by Step Guide for Guys

We got some helpful tips for you in case you want to grow your hair longer:

Growing out your hair may look simple and easy, but it actually takes a lot of work and effort. More importantly, it takes a lot of time. That long haired guy you saw out on the street today with the impressive man bun? That took him more than a year to grow out. So yes, it takes strength and commitment to grow your hair long.  But here’s a short and easy guide for you if you’re planning on growing your hair in the near future.

How to Grow Hair Longer Step # 1: Determine the hair length.

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It’s so easy to say you want to wear your hair long. But you have to decide on the length that you want your hair to grow so that you can manage your expectations and know what else is in store for you in the entire hair growing process.

You should know that the average length your hair grows per month is about a half inch. If you want your hair long enough to reach your shoulders, then you should also know that you will have to spend more than 6 months growing your hair out to that length.

We know it’s a long process, but there’s really no magical way to speed up the process. While waiting for hair to grow, you can spend your time and efforts on taking care of your locks, instead.


How to Grow Hair Longer Step # 2: Get a haircut every 2 months.

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Contrary to popular belief, cutting your hair doesn’t make it grow faster. But it does give it more shape and definition. Not to mention it can control the frizz and remove split ends.

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Schedule a haircut every 2 months. You only need to get the sides and the back trimmed while keeping the length at the top. This way, you are growing out your hair and giving it shape. It doesn’t need to sit on your head unattractively, because you’re styling it as you go. As a result, no matter what length your hair is at, you still have a nicely styled haircut.

How to Grow Hair Longer Step # 3: Shampoo and condition.

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When you’re growing out your hair, it’s important that you have the best kind of shampoo and conditioner that will meet your hair requirements.

Stock up on a good shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair. When you have long hair, it does tend to get dry quickly, and you may experience scalp dryness or itchiness.

Use a shampoo that will keep your scalp and hair moisturized.

Also, when you’re growing out your hair, shampoo less and condition often. Shampooing everyday robs your hair of its natural moisture and nutrients, so shampoo about 2 to 3 times a week only.

Condition your hair every day.

How to Grow Hair Longer Step # 4: Invest in a good brush.

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We recommend using a boar bristle brush, as this has the same texture with human hair, which can prove to be very beneficial to your scalp and hair.

It gently massages your scalp, which improves blood flow circulation and helps unclog hair follicles. It also helps condition your hair and give it more shine and body.

Boar bristle brushes can also clean your hair while using it, and prevents frizz and hair breakage. The more often you use it, the softer your hair becomes.

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Brush your hair regularly to avoid tangles, which actually halt or slow down hair growth.

How to Grow Hair Longer Step # 5: Stock up on styling products.

When you’re growing your hair long, there will be days when your hair will become too hard to manage, or too dull, or too sticky, or too tangled. There are plenty of hair products which you can use to control the hair and still make it look nice and attractive.

Take your pick from hundreds of styling gels, hair mousse, hair sprays, grooming clays, and pomades. Avoid using too many products at the same time.


How to Grow Hair Longer Step # 6: Have a balanced diet.

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What you eat also affects how fast and how beautifully your hair grows.

Eat a balanced diet. Eat more food with vitamin C, which is important for scalp care. It can also help boost hair growth.

Make sure you also eat lots of greens, as well as plenty of fish. Stay away from junk food, and drink lots of water.


How to Grow Hair Longer Step # 7: Long top, short sides.

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Grow out the top and then keep the sides and the back short. Do this every eight weeks or so to help keep the shape of the hair as it grows longer. This way, you’ll be able to see early signs of damage or dryness and address them before they get any worse.

Getting a haircut every eight weeks will also keep you from feeling like a huge slob who doesn’t care about his hair. It will provide you with the inspiration and the motivation to grow it out if you see your hair looking better and better as time passes by.

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How to Grow Hair Longer Step # 8: Take care of your hair.

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Avoid wearing your hair in severe ponytails, or brushing it furiously when it’s wet, or drying it too hard with your towel. These little things can damage and cause your hair. Instead of having beautiful long hair, you can end up with damaged and dry hair.

Stay strong when you reach critical hair mass, and just let the hair grow. Soon you will get past the awkward hair stage, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy your long hair just as you imagined all those months ago.


Don’t be stressed out with the whole hair growing process. Focus your attention on other things aside from your hair. Embrace the process and enjoy the highs and the lows.

It will be so much sweeter to finally wear the long hair you’ve worked so hard for to achieve. Just keep thinking about that day when you can finally gather all that glorious hair into a ponytail, and use that as your motivation. Keep strong, and congratulations in advance!

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