How to do a Fade Haircut – and not Mess it Up

Here are some tips on how not to do a fade haircut the right way so you won't mess it up:

You see this type of haircut on most men. If you’re not sure what a fade haircut is, just look for any haircut that’s short at the bottom and gradually grows longer towards the top of the head. With the right haircutting tools and the right haircutting skills, you, too can do a fade haircut. Here’s how you can do a fade haircut without ending up a disaster.

How to do a Fade Haircut Step # 1: Get your tools ready.


Before everything else, you must first get the tools that you’ll be using ready and in good working condition. Make sure that you invest in really good and professional quality clippers that will get the nicest and most flawless fades.

They should be able to do the job of trimming and fading the hair around your ears, temples, and hairlines with no problem. There are many brands sold online and in stores, but to be sure, get the best recommendation from your barber.

Make sure that you have a clean pair of clippers before using them. The clipper set that you purchase should come with a cleaning solution, so use that. In case you no longer have any, you can also use distilled white vinegar.

How to do a Fade Haircut Step # 2: Prep the hair.


Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner. Don’t start cutting hair when it’s soaking wet, because wet hair looks a lot longer. When you’re done washing the hair, pat it dry with a soft towel until the hair is nicely damp.

Comb the hair and create the part for the particular haircut that you want. Always do a side part for a fade haircut. However, if you want a Mohawk or a slickback with a fade undercut, you can skip the side part. These kinds of hairstyles can work even without a side part.

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Try different parts before deciding on a final one. You will wear this part for a long time so make sure that you really, really like it, and that it works nicely on your hair.

How to do a Fade Haircut Step # 3: Determine where you want the fade line to be.


The fade line is where your hair will start changing lengths. It will be visible from one side of the head all the way to the other side. It may or may not keep a consistent straight direction all throughout. More often than not, it dips low at the back and then follows the same fade line again when it reaches the other side.

A fade can be high or low, depending on the haircut that you want. But most haircuts require a high kind of fade so that it’s more visible and dramatic. The higher the fade gets, the more dramatic and striking it becomes. Around two to three inches above the ear should be a good fade line already.

How to do a Fade Haircut Step # 4: Start cutting and fading the hair.


Fading your hair is just like shaving your beard, only more thorough, and there’s more hair to deal with. If you’re doing a high fade with long hair at the top, start at the bottom. Clip the hair in an up and down ‘flick’ kind of motion.

Keep the hand steady. Apply the necessary pressure, especially when you get to the rough or uneven parts of the head. Hold the clippers at just the right angle to get all the hair and the desired fade. Fold the top of the ear to get the hair behind it.

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How to do a Fade Haircut Step # 5: Tidy up the fade.


Using the clipper over comb method, start polishing the fade. Comb up and run the clippers on the hair over the comb’s teeth. Keep doing this until you can no longer see uneven lengths on the fade. It should be close to the skin just near the base of the skull, gradually growing thicker as it reaches the fade line. The sides and the back should all have the right fade line, otherwise the haircut will look really awkward and ugly. Make sure that there no loose hairs or scraggy hairs anywhere, either.

How to do a Fade Haircut Step # 6: Cut the top hair.


Now that the sides have been nicely and flawlessly faded, you can now start cutting the top hair. There are many haircuts that you can do depending on the length of your top hair. You can create some texture so that the hair looks thicker and fuller. You can also leave the length as it is and then just style it up to get different looks each time.

How to do a Fade Haircut Step # 7: Style the hair.


Make sure that your hair is longer than the rest of the hair on your head so that you have more hair to work with. You can style your hair into a pompadour and make it as tall and as poufy as you want. You can even style it in a quiff and enjoy hair dangling over your eyes to captivate the ladies. You can also style it in a simple but stylish sidesweep or combover to wear to the office, or even to parties.

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If you’re not yet sure what you want to do with it, don’t be hasty to decide on the Mohawk or the buzz cut just yet. Once you shave the hair, there’s just no turning back, and all your fade attempts are for naught. It will be better to decide on a haircut way in advance, so do your research before you get the haircut done.

Doing the perfect fade requires a lot of practice with the clippers. If you think you’re not quite ready to do it on your friend or someone else, that’s alright! Even the most skilled haircutters had to start somewhere. Don’t fret. You will be a pro at it, too. It’s a good skill to learn and master over time. It will come in handy in the future. For now, you can always go to your favorite barber and let him do the fade haircut for you.

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