How to Achieve a Hard Part Hairstyle in 4 Easy Steps

Here's how to sport the hard part hairstyle in very simple steps you can follow:

A hard part is not an ordinary hair part that you can achieve using just your fingers or a comb. It’s usually created by a barber by cutting into the hair with the help of a good pair of clippers, trimmers, and sometimes even a razor.

A hard part provides a really nice and strong contrast, especially when you’re sporting an undercut, a fade haircut, a combover, or spiked hair. It’s a very trendy hairstyle these days, but it also requires commitment. Commitment to maintain it and style it every day so that it always looks clean and attractive. If done correctly, a hard part can be the best decision you will ever make about your hair.

There are video tutorials that you can watch online to create the perfect hard part. But if this is your first time getting one, it’s best to go to a highly skilled professional. Not only are you guaranteed a flawless haircut, it will also be a lot safer. Read on to find out how a hard part is created in these four easy steps.

Hard Part Step # 1: Prep the hair.

hard-part-hairstyle (1)

You can’t miss the hard part on this haircut. It’s that clear and clean shaved part on the scalp just off the middle. Before the hard part is done, your barber will wet the hair where you want your hard part to be. This way, it’s easier to part the hair and make a straight line on the scalp.

He may use a comb to part the hair, or just follow your hair’s natural or existing part. Hard parts should be placed off center. Because putting it right in the center will affect how your top hair will look and how you will style it. Plus a center hard part just looks plain ridiculous.

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Hard Part Step # 2:Make a pathway.

hard-part-hairstyle (2)

After your barber has wet your hair and decided on the perfect location of your hard part, with the use of a straight edge razor, he will run the razor on your scalp to make a pathway for the hard part. This will not be the final shave, though. It’s just to mark clearly where the hard part begins and ends.

If you want a bigger hard part, the barber will shave a thicker line. If you want it smaller and only just a little noticeable, the barber can also make it thinner to suit your requirements. Just make sure that you tell him what you want before the actual cutting and shaving starts.

Hard Part Step # 3: Apply shaving gel.

hard-part-hairstyle (3)

Your barber will apply a little shaving gel on your hair and on the scalp to make it easier to cut or shave. Shaving gels are colorless, so they are actually better to use than shaving creams when doing the hard part. Creams can cover up the scalp and it will be harder to achieve a straight and flawless shave.

Now we move to the best part. Once your barber has applied the right amount of gel on the scalp, he will now proceed to the actual shaving and trimming of the hard part.

Hard Part Step # 4: Start shaving.

hard-part-hairstyle (4)

Your barber will finish off styling the hard part with a pair of trimmers. You will see that the hard part becomes whiter and smoother as the hair starts to get shaved off closer and closer to the scalp. This will be further smoothened out and perfectly lined to give your haircut some striking and dramatic contrast.

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What you want to do for the top hair is entirely up to you. You can finish the cut with a stylish pompadour, or a slick combover, or a side sweep, or a quiff, or even a top knot. There are so many hairstyles with which you can match a good-looking hard part. You can put any modern twist to it and always look fashionable and elegant. You only need to be creative and adventurous!

A hard part provides a truly unique spin on regular haircuts, especially spiked hair, undercuts, and fades. The downside on having a hard part is that it requires regular maintenance to keep the hard part visible and always looking good.

Because the hard part is usually shaved, it will grow stubbles in just a matter of days. If you don’t like stubbles or if you hate doing touch-ups on a regular basis, the hard part haircut may not be the perfect haircut for you. If it’s not maintained regularly, it can be quite unattractive to look at, and it will also feel icky to the touch.

If you want a hard part hairstyle, go to a highly skilled barber to do the style for you. This haircut requires steady hands and precision skills to achieve the perfect hard part. Plus barbers have the best tools at their disposal to do intricate haircuts like this.  So no, unfortunately, you cannot DIY this one, no matter how many YouTube video tutorials you’ve watched. Leave it to the professionals for now.

If you do decide to get a hard part, you must also know that once it’s done, it’s done. You can’t undo a hard part if you wake up one day and decide that you no longer like it. The only way you can remedy this hair situation is to wait until the hair grows back and the hard part becomes less and less noticeable. Or you can start sweeping the hair to the other side and hope the combover does a good job at hiding the hard part.

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While waiting for the hair to grow out, try a few different hairstyles to change how your hair looks, and hopefully, how you feel for your hard part as well. Wear your hard part with a mighty fine pompadour, or a bad ass pony tail, or a slick combover. Don’t give up on it just yet. A hard part has a way of surprising you!

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