How long does it take for men to grow their hair out?

What are ways on how you can grow your hair? Read this tips and find out:

Growing hair out is not as easy as it looks. Human hair grows about half an inch per month. It will take about a year to grow the hair at a decent length, long enough to reach your shoulders and be tied back in a ponytail.

That length of time you will devote to growing hair out will not be without problems and challenges. Here are a few things that you must remember during the whole hair growing process to make it easier and less stressful.

Growing Hair Out Tip # 1: Assess the hair situation.


Are you destined to grow your hair long? Take a look at your tresses, and imagine how it will look like a year from now without cutting or trimming. Do you like what you see? Does your hair still look nice even if it looks like a storm has just raged through it? Does your hair still look like hair, and not wildlife?

You may have the passion and commitment to grow out your hair, but unfortunately, you just don’t have the right kind of hair that will look great long. If you already have bushy hair to begin with, it will only become even bushier as it gets longer. It will only be a bigger and bushier problem for you in the future, so skip the long hair and get a different hairstyle instead.

Growing Hair Out Tip # 2: Don’t be scissor happy.


When you’re growing out your hair, you have to exercise patience. You must have a lot of patience. You must fight the temptation to chop it all off, because you will hate yourself for it after. Trust us.

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When your hair starts getting unmanageable, tie it back in a ponytail and let the feelings of frustration subside. Your hair will reach an awkward length where it will stop looking nice and will just be a bunch of messy strands. Make sure you keep it soft and clean, because nothing is a bigger turn-off than long, dirty, and stinky hair.

Growing Hair Out Tip # 3: Begin at the top.


Give your hair at the top a head start. Don’t start growing your hair until you have reached a decent length for your top hair. Say, about four inches or so.

Growing your hair at the sides, and cutting only the top, can leave you with a hair that looks like a mullet. You may like mullets, but still no.

Let your hair grow while keeping the sides and the back short. Regularly trim and do this every two months or so, until your top hair can reach past your ears and you can stop cutting your hair altogether.

Growing Hair Out Tip # 4: Maintain the momentum.


Go to your barber every two or three months to manage the hair growth in places like your sideburns, hairline, and neck. You don’t need them to grow out and reach your shoulders, too.

Let your barber trim and shave as necessary. This will give you a clean and properly groomed appearance. When you’re growing out your hair, this does not mean you have to forego style or hygiene. Regular visits to the barber also give you a chance to get the hair at the sides and the back short and neatly trimmed.

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Growing Hair Out Tip # 5: Use the right hair products.


Hair products that you regularly use will change as your hair starts growing longer. If in the past your hair only needs a little hair wax or a little hair pomade, with longer hair, you may need to start using some grooming cream, leave-in conditioner, or serum.

When your hair reaches critical mass, no matter how awesome your hairstyling products are, your hair will become wild and unmanageable. When that happens, rather than covering your hair with strong hairstyling products, it’s time to get out the hair bands. These are very simple and quick solutions to manage bad hair days, as well as to protect the hair from further damage (heat damage, sun damage, or hair breakage).

Growing Hair Out Tip # 6: Have a good diet.


You are what you eat. To get the best shine and the softest, most manageable hair, you should also have a healthy and good diet. Have a more protein-rich diet because this will help with your collagen production.

When you feel like having a snack, eat more Greek yogurt, nuts, and seeds instead. Having a good diet will help make your hair stronger, silkier, and shinier. Make sure you eat more fish, chicken, and eggs. Stay away from junk food. Drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest.

Growing Hair Out Tip # 7: Avoid things that can stress your hair.


Yes, even the hair gets stressed out. You put your hair under stress when you brush your hair when it’s wet. Or when you rub it dry with a towel really hard. Or even when you wash it with hot water (hot water does not hold moisture in very well). You also put your hair under stress when you dye or color it, leaving it exposed to heat and chemicals.

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If you’re not in a hurry, just let your hair dry naturally with the help of an old t-shirt instead of a towel. Doing this can also keep the frizz away. Condition your hair every day, but shampoo your hair once or twice a week to keep the hair’s natural moisture.

These are just some of the ways you can help your hair grow longer and healthier over time. Growing your hair out can be a long and sad affair, but it can also be a fun and exciting experience. Enjoy the hair growing journey and just be patient. Don’t think about the inches that you still have to grow, but focus on making your hair one of your most attractive features. Care for it every single day, and soon you’ll be rocking a hairstyle that will be envied by many.

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