5 Hipster Hairstyles that Actually Look Good

Who says hipsters can't be cool? These hairstyles will prove you otherwise:

Hipster hair has taken over the world of men’s hair fashion. Metrosexuals, and even regular guys, are sporting the classic hairstyle of yesteryears and wearing it with their favorite pieces of hipster clothing.

In case you’re wondering, there is not one way to wear hipster hair. Each person who wears it can rock it in a way that’s entirely and uniquely his own. Which makes it one of the most favorite and most popular hairstyle of this generation. Here are five ways that will make you love hipster hairstyles even more.

Hipster Hair Style # 1

 hipster-hairstyle (1)

It’s the hipster hair with attitude. Any guy can have hipster hair, no problem. Just walk in to the hair salon and you come out a few minutes later wearing one. But you have to possess a certain kind of cool and badassery to really rock the hairstyle.

This particular hairstyle is a combination of a messy combover and a light fade haircut. It’s such a simple haircut but oozes with plenty of hipster style. It’s not even a difficult hairstyle to achieve. All you need to wear this hair is some good old pomade and a fine-toothed comb.

You want to get the top hair at a longer length for easy styling. Make sure that the sides and the back are smoothly sculpted so that the hair will rest beautifully on top of your head. Keep it polished and slick, but make it loose enough to let a few hairs escape and fall naturally over your forehead for maximum hipster hair effect.

Hipster Hair Style # 2

hipster-hairstyle (2)

It’s the hipster hair for the preppy and stylish geek. Best worn inside the classroom or behind a really big and fat book. It’s just the kind of hipster hair that can make any hipster outfit look smarter and sharper.

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This hairstyle will work on medium to thick hair that’s straight or wavy. The top hair will have to be a lot longer so you have more hair to work with. You will also want to part your hair at the side, where it will be buzzed and trimmed close to the scalp for a light fade.

The top hair will be cut and textured so that it will look nicely when you style it high or low. The trick is to get as much volume as you can to the hair without making it look droopy or heavy. The hair should still look soft and tall.

You can easily achieve this by using a good medium to strong hold styling gel and a volumizing brush. Brush it towards the side and increase the height as you go along. You can use a hair dryer for extra hold, and hairspray to lock it all in.

Hipster Hair Style # 3

hipster-hairstyle (3)

It’s the hipster hair for the guy next door. It’ the hipster hair for the reluctant hipster who still wants to look trendy and fashionable. It’s the least hipster-looking of the bunch, which makes it one of the most flexible hairstyles for men to wear.

You have to admit, though. Even if you’re not crazy about hipster hair or hipster fashion, this is a really good-looking hairstyle. It’s trendy and stylish enough without looking like a wannabe model. It’s also very appropriate for the office or school, and for other rest and relaxation activities.

It’s clean and visually appealing, and it will certainly boost your sex appeal and personal fashion style.

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To rock this hairstyle, learn the technique of doing the perfect combover. There are tons of styling aids to help you. Just pick the ones that are best suited for your type of hair. Remember that your combover need not look like Count Dracula’s. You can make it loose and relaxed, or tall and soft. It’s really up to you however way you want to wear it. That’s the great thing about hipster combovers.

Hipster Hair Style # 4

hipster-hairstyle (4)

It’s the hipster hair for the sexy bad boy. Even heavily tattooed and fully bearded dudes can clean up pretty nicely with the right kind of hipster hair. On this guy, he’s got a nice little pompadour going on top of a really kickass undercut. The hipster look just got more hipster by the full set of beard on his face.

Like any other regular undercut, the sides and the back are shaved, leaving the top long and full. From there, you can actually do anything you want with your hair.

A pompadour is always a good start if you want to look hipster trendy. Just apply pomade on your hair and work a little pomp at the front. Smooth it all the way to the back, and make it look slick for a more polished look.

Hipster Hair Style # 5

hipster-hairstyle (5)

It’s the hipster hair for the rocker dude. Yes, even rule breakers and rebels have been hit by the hipster mania. The hipster hair not only looks great on the chic and elegant. It goes well with the rugged and rock star kind of lifestyle, too.

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But first things first. You must have the sides and the back tapered or buzzed as low or as high as you want. Next, the top hair should be long, flowy and a little messy.

You can have the sleek and elegant pouf like what this guy is wearing, or you can comb it all the way to the back, slick and flat, or in a short ponytail. Either way, the look is sexy and badass, and totally true to your rock star fashion sense.

However popular hipster hair is now, there will still be people who will think it’s not as it’s all hyped up to be. There will still be people who will have a strong dislike for the latest trends. Don’t let that stop you from trying a hipster hairstyle, though. Try it on for size. If it looks good on you, then you definitely should wear it for a time. If it doesn’t, that’s okay, too. You can simply move on to the next hairstyle. Problem solved!

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