Here are 6 Cool Haircuts for Chubby Faces

Some cool haircuts are perfect just for chubby faces, and some of them are these:

Finding the perfect haircuts for chubby faces can be a bit challenging, but not if you know which ones will look flattering and which ones will not. We have rounded up six of the best haircuts that will look awesome on chubby faces. Check them out right here.

Haircuts for Chubby Faces Style # 1

chubby-faces-haircuts (1)

When choosing a haircut for a chubby face, you must pick something that’s tall and spikey so that it draws the eyes away from the round face. You must create something that will catch the attention of people and make it stay there on your hair. Just like this slick and spikey hairstyle.

It’s short at the sides and at the back, but the top is long and full. The top hair is styled in a way that makes it look tall and textured. It creates the illusion of angles. Thus, making the face look less round. The side burns are cut short and close to the skin, too, so as not to create more width to the face.

Haircuts for Chubby Faces Style # 2

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This haircut is another great haircut that will look flattering on chubby faces. The hair at the sides and at the back are faded or buzzed close to the scalp. The top hair is shorter, but still full of jagged edges and textured lines. There’s also a side part, just off the center. The hair is combed softly towards the other side. There’s also a little sheen and gloss on the hair to give it that simple but elegant finish.

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It’s a great haircut to have, because it can be styled up and it can be styled down. You can wear this haircut to work or to school. You can also wear it for glitzy events and fancy parties. Of course, it will be perfect for casual days out and laidback weekends, too.

Haircuts for Chubby Faces Style # 3

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If you need a good haircut to look flattering on a chubby face, get a short on the sides and long on top kind of haircut. Make sure to leave the hair long and thick at the top. You will need this extra length to style the hair into a — drumroll, please — a pompadour.

Just like the tall and spiky hairstyle, a kickass pompadour can effectively draw the eyes away from the lower part of the face. Specifically the cheeks and the jawline.

Make your pompadour the coolest thing about your hair. Apply some soft to medium hold pomade all over your hair. Make sure that you get everything, even the sides and the back. Start combing the top hair with a fine-toothed comb until everything looks soft and smooth.

Now with every comb back, push the hair forward to create the pomp. You can make a tall pomp or a short pomp. It’s completely up to you. Lock the hairstyle in place by applying a little hairspray all over the hair and your pompadour.

Haircuts for Chubby Faces Style # 4

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Once again, remember that tall and spiky hair is your best friend. The taller and spikier the hair, the better. The lines and edges of the hair can help give a round and chubby face a more angular shape. Also, keep the sides and the back short so there’s no additional width to the face.

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There’s no easier way to style a spiky hairstyle. Just wash your hair thoroughly, dry it with a soft towel, or a blow dryer if you’re in a hurry, and then just apply your hairstyling product of choice. Style your hair with your fingers for a more textured and natural look. Keep the hair tall and spiky, and just apply a little hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place.

Haircuts for Chubby Faces Style # 5

chubby-faces-haircuts (5)

A pompadour is truly the haircut of choice when it comes to haircuts for chubby faces. The slick hair also gives the face a nicer and slimmer shape. Also because pompadours are often striking and dramatic that your eyes will just naturally gravitate towards them.

To create a truly gorgeous pompadour, you must have really long hair at the top of your head. A full beard is optional, but it certainly does make a pompadour even more elegant and sophisticated. A pompadour looks great on just about anyone, no matter how young old. And it’s just the kind of elegant hairstyle that looks like a million dollars but only takes minutes to style.

Always keep a tub of pomade handy when you need to touch up your hair, or change your hairstyle altogether. You can wear your pompadour to just about anywhere. To school, to the office, to parties — and it will always look like it truly belongs.

Haircuts for Chubby Faces Style # 6

chubby-faces-haircuts (6)

Last but certainly not the least, the shaggy and layered hairstyle. This is a great haircut for chubby faces because of the angular fringe that it provides. The shaggier and the more textured the hair, the more the face looks angular.

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It will work on most hair lengths, but mostly on short to medium length hair. Keep the sides and the back textured, as well as the fringes. You can make the hair look tall and spiky, or you can brush it down in a tousled but sexy mess.

Don’t put a lot of hairstyling wax or hairspray as this can weigh down the hair and leave it greasy and stringy. This can actually make the hair look fuller and rounder.

You can finish off the look with a little facial hair to make it truly sexy and masculine. If there’s not a lot of facial hair, you can always accessorize with some kickass ear plugs or tattoos. Of course, all that’s optional.

Now that you have six new haircuts that you can add to your list of go-to haircuts for chubby faces, you can change your hairstyle more regularly than ever. Set up an appointment with your barber and pay him a visit ASAP to try out these hairstyles now!

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