Guys with Long Hair – Get the Look

A lot of famous personalities have been sporting the long kind of hairstyle. Want to get the look? We got it here:

Guys with long hair are a dime a dozen. More and more men are wearing their hair long because it gives them more character and sex appeal. But how do you stand out from the crowd?

You stand out by sporting a hairstyle that will catch the eye of people and make them wish they had your hair. So here are seven hairstyles for guys with long hair that make us wish we had their hair.

Look # 1


How many guys have you seen out there sporting the hottest fashion trend of late: the top knot? Guys with long hair are big fans of this trend. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, some guy has a good beard going on his face, and a nice little man bun or knot on top of his head.

Getting the hairstyle is easy. What’s challenging is that you need to wait and grow out your hair to achieve a decent-looking top knot.

However, this particular style does not require really long hair. Just couple of inches on top, say about 5 or 6, is long enough to do a slick back and tie it in a knot.

Keep the sides and the back trimmed. If you want to grow a beard as well, go right ahead. This will create the perfect finish for your long-hair-in-a-short-little-knot look.

Look # 2


Guys with long hair all wish they can look like this at will. Sexy facial hair, long blond hair, and smoldering good looks. While we can’t all be Brad Pitt handsome, we can at least get that hairstyle without going under the knife or selling our souls to the devil.

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This long hairstyle is perfect for guys with fine to thick hair, or naturally wavy hair. It will require a little bit of shaping and trimming, but the rest is a breeze. You just need to shampoo and condition, and use some good anti-frizz to keep it under control. You can use a brush or a comb to keep it tangle-free. But when you can, use your fingers to comb through it for a sexier and more stylish volume.

Look # 3


Guys with long hair also want a hairstyle that will keep their curls and waves in check. This is a perfect hairstyle for guys with naturally wavy or curly hair. You want a style that will follow the natural shape of the hair, at the same time shaping the curls to keep them under control and reduce volume.

One way you can control the frizz and the volume is to use a strong anti-frizz serum. If you can, only wash your hair in cold water. After washing, instead of drying it with a towel, look for an old T-shirt to absorb excess water. This is a very effective method to reduce frizz and lock in the moisture of your hair naturally.

Look # 4


Guys with long hair also want to wear it in kickass dreadlocks. What’s the point of having long, tight, and kinky curls if you can’t wear them in dreads, right?

But you should know that with great badass hair comes great responsibility.

As much as it looks amazing, it requires a lot of upkeep. So before you commit your hair to this great endeavor, make sure that you are ready to take care of your dreads. Wash it as often as needed, and air it out to release any moisture that can cause it to smell. Take care of the lumps and the bumps as early as possible. Religiously apply wax to keep it soft and moisturized.

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Look # 5


You can grow out your hair and just let it loose around your face. The overall effect is disheveled but oozing with sex appeal. You need to keep the hair soft and glossy while enjoying a few curls and waves here and there. It’s an all-natural look, so if you can stay away from hair gels and hair sprays, so much the better.

Guys with long hair can part it in the middle, or on the side. It’s up to you. You should choose the one that will look flattering on your face shape. If you have a wide forehead, it’s best to part it from the side to create the illusion of a small forehead.

Look # 6


Guys with long hair should know that if there’s a top knot and a man bun, there’s also such a thing as a half ponytail.

You should have medium to long hair to be able to pull of this look. It doesn’t matter if you have thin hair or thick hair, straight hair or curly hair. As long as you can tie it back in a half ponytail, you’re good to go.

Most half ponytails are loose and messy, especially for those guys who have wild and curly hair. But half ponytails can also be clean and slick, especially if you have thin and straight hair. Either way, this hairstyle looks cool and hip, and pretty comfy, too.

Look # 7


Some guys with long hair are still faithful to the long shag. It’s a classic stylish look that screams rock star and wild chicks. It’s highly chiseled and styled. It requires regular trimming and styling, but once you’ve got it down pat, wearing this hairstyle will be a breeze.

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It looks great on any length of hair. The trick here is to get the perfect shag. Styling an already perfect shag will be a walk in the park.

To keep your shag looking nice and sexy, shampoo as needed, style it with some mousse, and blow dry to your desired look. Doing this regularly will give your hair the shape and definition it needs.

In the end, it’s not the length, or the pomp, or the volume that matters. What matters is how good and how confident you feel wearing a certain hairstyle. It’s great to be adventurous with your hair every now and then. This is how you know which styles work for you, and which ones don’t. So try on as many as you can and keep reinventing yourself!

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