Guys with Beards – 8 Essential Products you need in your Life

If you want to grow a shiny and healthy-looking beard, the you must try these products:

Great-looking beards don’t just grow on your face and style themselves on their own. They need constant care and attention, and regular upkeep. Here are 8 essential products you should have at home to keep that beard looking fabulous.

Guys with beards need a good beard oil.

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Beard oil is an essential product for guys with beards. You may think that one just lets a beard grow on his face and that’s it. No, there’s actually more upkeep than that. With the beard oil, you’re guaranteed that your beard won’t end up looking shaggy, scraggly, dirty, flaky, or dusty.

Most beard oils that you can buy in stores contain nourishing ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil. These essential oils keep your beard feeling soft and looking healthy.

Not only does beard oil soften and control your beard hair, it also provides hydration to your skin and keep it from being irritated.

Apply beard oil after your morning shower, or after you wash your face. This is when your pores and follicles are open, which make them absorb the oil better. Just place a few drops on your palms and then massage onto your beard and mustache.

Beard oil helps eliminate flakes and tame flyaway hairs. It also keeps the beard smelling good and fresh!

Guys with beards need a mustache wax.

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If you have a beard plus a mustache, you need to find a way to control all that hair activity in your face, especially when hair starts getting into your mouth when you eat, talk, or kiss. One way to control and style mustache hair is by using a good mustache wax.

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There are many kinds of mustache wax available in the market. Just pick something that has light to medium hold, and something made of natural or organic ingredients to avoid possible breakouts or allergic reactions.

To apply mustache wax, take a pea-sized portion and rub it between your fingers to make it light and malleable. And then rub it onto your mustache in the direction that you want your mustache to go.

You can get it to twirl at the tips or just straight down. Smoothen the mustache hairs using a mustache comb.


Guys with beards need a beard shampoo and conditioner.

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Just like the hair on top of your head, facial hair also needs to be shampooed and conditioned. Facial hair also needs to be cleaned and washed of dirt and grime to avoid looking like a dead animal resting on your face.

Washing with a good shampoo and conditioner can replenish your face’s natural oils that have been stripped away, and will keep your skin protected and moisturized.

They can also remove odors from food or smoke and keep your beard smelling nice and fresh all the time.

To shampoo and condition your beard, always use warm water. It allows your pores to open, and your skin is better able to absorb the nutrients.

Use the balls of your fingers to massage and clean your beard. Work up a nice lather, and then rinse afterwards with warm water.


Guys with beards need a beard balm.

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Beard balm is a pomade produced by combining, heating, and cooling sealants and moisturizers. It’s both a styling product and a leave-in conditioner. It moisturizes beard hair, provides a strong hold while styling, and makes beards look thicker and fuller.

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It’s best to use beard balms made of natural sealants like lanolin, beeswax, or shea butter, because they will be gentle on the skin.

Apart from these natural sealants, your beard balm should also contain natural moisturizers, like argan oil or jojoba.

Before you apply the beard balm, make sure that your beard is completely dry. Take a dollop of the beard balm and massage it between your fingers.

If you have a lot of neck hair from your beard, you will need to start applying the balm from the neck, making your way from bottom to top just below the chin. If you have a short beard, start from your side burns. Just massage it onto your beard until your beard looks tame and nicely shaped.


Guys with beards need a beard brush.

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A well-brushed beard can spell the difference between wild mountain man and well-groomed bearded gentleman. Brushing your beard can prevent it from being a dirty and tangled-looking mess.

You should pick a boar bristle beard brush with very firm bristles, because they work like magic on coarse and thick hair.

It’s best to brush your beard first thing in the morning, right before you take your shower. This will help scrape off the dead skin cells and remove the dirt that have accumulated on the beard.

Don’t brush your beard more than two times a day. 



Guys with beards need a beard comb.

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If you need a beard brush, you also need a beard comb. This is the quick fix to wild and unruly beard hair. Just a quick run with the comb should keep the stray hairs nice and tame.

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This is also an important beard product when you need to trim or cut your mustache or your beard. Use a comb to fix facial hair before you trim and shape.

Make sure that you get a beard comb that’s high quality and not just the ordinary ones you see at corner stores. The wrong kind of comb can actually make your facial hair dry and brittle!



Guys with beards need a razor.

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Of course, when you sport a beard, you should also own a set of high quality razors. Sure, you have your barber who can shave your facial hair with the skills of a professional. But you will still need these babies to keep the hair on your cheeks and neckline shaved off to maintain the clean and flawless bearded look.


Guys with beards need a pair of scissors.

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Lastly, you also need a pair of scissors. When there’s a pressing issue of mustache or beard hair entering your mouth whenever you speak, a quick snip can quickly resolve that. Save money and energy booking a hair appointment just to cut a stray hair. Keep a pair of scissors for any kind of beard emergency.

Stock up on these great beard essentials and never experience a bad beard day ever again. They are quite affordable and can even last you for months. Such a small price to pay for such crazy good-looking beards!