Get a Slick Back Hairstyle without the Greasy Look

Slick back hairstyles are cool and sexy. Here's how to wear them without looking greasy and sloppy:

A slick back hairstyle is always an awesome fashion statement. You can wear it anytime and anywhere, and you will always have that elegant and classy look. It’s also a hairstyle that you can achieve in no time, so it’s perfect for busy men who have no time to style their hair but need to look good all the time. Here are a few slick back hairstyles that you should try without ending up wearing something sloppy and greasy.

Slick Back Hairstyle for Men Style # 1

slick-back-hairstyle (1)

A slick back hairstyle is the easiest and quickest way you can make your hair look extra special and extra fancy. You can give your hair a really stylish and sophisticated look just by applying some shine and slick to it, and then combing it a certain way.

The slick back certainly does look fancy, but it’s not a complicated hairstyle to achieve. All you need is a really good haircut to begin with, plus some really nice pomade with a good hold, and a fine-toothed comb. You have to know how much styling product to put, because too much can make the slick back hairstyle look wet and greasy. And you don’t want a wet and greasy hairstyle on fine hair or receding hairlines.

Slick Back Hairstyle for Men Style # 2

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Did you know that a slick back hairstyle is also possible on men who have thick and wavy hair? It’s actually a great hairstyle to wear to keep the volume looking nice and manageable.

You don’t even need to get the really slick kind of slick, either. Just get the right amount of pomade on the hair and start combing it back away from the face. Make it as high as you want, or as flat as you want. Keep it smoothed and polished, or make it just a little bit messy. Any of these looks will be great with a slick back hairstyle.

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Slick Back Hairstyle for Men Style # 3

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A slick back hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle to do on a short on sides long on top kind of haircut. It’s also a great hairstyle to match with a thick and full beard.

To get this kind of slick back hairstyle, first make sure that the hair is clean and damp. Apply a pea-sized amount of pomade on your palms and work up a lather. Apply it all over the hair.

If you want more hold, you can add more pomade, but don’t put too much. Otherwise, it will look greasy and heavy. Once the pomade is in, start combing back the hair with a fine-toothed comb.

Slick Back Hairstyle for Men Style # 4

slick-back-hairstyle (4)

A great slick back is one that doesn’t look like it’s sopping wet, or one that looks stringy from all the styling products. It should look soft and smooth, with just the right amount of shine. You can easily achieve that by getting the right kind of pomade.

There are two kinds of pomades available in the market: ones that are petroleum-based and ones that are water-based. If you don’t like the hassle of washing off hard to remove pomade on your hair, go with the water-based ones.

Slick Back Hairstyle for Men Style # 5

slick-back-hairstyle (5)

A good slick back also makes you look both cool and hot in so many levels. There’s just something really sexy and exciting about a man with a great slick hairstyle. Pair that with some really kickass leather jacket and eyeglasses, you can pretty much get away with anything.

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Again, to get a really impressive slick back hairstyle, you must get the right amount of pomade or hairstyling product on your hair. Put too much and you end up having hair like Count Dracula’s. Put too little and you’ll ask yourself why you even bothered to put any at all.

Slick Back Hairstyle for Men Style # 6

slick-back-hairstyle (6)

If you’ll ask us how we want our slick back hairstyles to look, we prefer a slick back that looks neat and soft and all natural. The shiny and glossy kinds are really cool, but we like the ones with a dry matte finish as well.

If you have really fine hair, you don’t need to put a lot of hairstyling products on your hair. They can make the hair look heavy. Thus, not flattering at all. You can put a little pomade and then just comb the hair all the way to the back. You can create a short pomp in the front for added style.

If you want to keep the style in place all day, you can apply a little hairspray as well. The result is a slick back hairstyle with a pompadour that looks soft, natural, and stylish.

Slick Back Hairstyle for Men Style # 7

slick-back-hairstyle (7)

A good slick back should look relaxed and laid back, or polished and elegant, depending on your requirements. It should have a good hold on the hair, and make you look like a million dollars.

What a slick back hairstyle should not make you look like is wet and greasy. So many men commit this hair blunder for being too enthusiastic with the hairstyling products. They realize too late that they have put on too much when their hair looks like it’s dripping, or they end up looking like they just stepped out of the shower.

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Despite the name, you don’t want your hair to look like an oil slick. You don’t want to make it too shiny or too greasy. Instead, you want something that looks soft and natural, with just the right amount of shine.

You also need to use the right kind of brush or comb to style the hair. Always use a fine-toothed comb when doing a slick back hairstyle. If you use a regular comb or a wide-toothed comb, the hair will look like it’s been raked over. Also use a big paddle brush to smooth out the hair at the back and at the sides. This will give your slick back a really nice and smooth finish.

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