Epic Hairstyles for Short Hair – A Definitive Guide

Here are some epic short hairstyles inspiration for you to follow:

Wondering what style you can do on your short hair that will spice things up a bit in the hair department? You’ve come to the right place. We have here some of the coolest and most epic hairstyles for short hair which you can try, in no particular order.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 1

epic-short-hairstyles (1)

Hairstyles for short hair need not be plain and boring. You may have short hair, but you can still give your hair the celebrity treatment and style it with very hip and happening hairstyles. Just like this hipster hairstyle right here.

Most hipster hairstyles are short on the sides and back, and then longer at the top. The top hair is what you need to style. It can be combed a certain way to look slick and sophisticated, or it can be brushed up to look tall and spiky. Remember to use the right kind of styling product that will give it the required shine and hold. Choose to use pomades or hair wax for best results.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 2

epic-short-hairstyles (2)

Caesar haircuts may be simple and low profile, but they pack a lot of punch when it comes to looks and comfort. When it comes to these kinds of haircuts, sometimes less really is more.

It’s a short haircut, but definitely not short on style, sophistication, or sexiness. It doesn’t require a lot of styling, but you will always look like you spent a great amount of time on your hair because of how neat and polished it looks.

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It’s a good hairstyle for most types of hair and face shapes, and even looks flattering on guys with thinning hair or receding hairlines. You can choose to apply a bit of shine to it, or you can just wear it all soft and natural. Both ways, you’re guaranteed to look sensational.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 3

epic-short-hairstyles (3)

An undercut haircut should look kickass by default. But it will look even more interesting and more dramatic if you wear the undercut with a Mohawk. It doesn’t even have to be a tall and big Mohawk. The Mohawk on this guy is just a short one, but definitely something that will elevate your looks with all kinds of coolness.

This kind of short hairstyle will look great on men who have heart shaped or oval shaped faces. You can get the sides shaved off or just lightly buzzed, and then leave a little length at the top so you can style the Mohawk. You need to apply some hair gel so that the Mohawk will remain standing and spiky.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 4

epic-short-hairstyles (4)

Buzz cuts can also have a bit of fun with these awesome hair designs. There’s nothing more dramatic than a really cool and intricate hair design on a shaved head.

In case you’re not ready to wear the really kickass designs, you can start off with simple but really gorgeous ones such as this. Unfortunately, it’s not something that you can do by yourself. You must find a good barber or a hair artist who can help create the designs on your head and with your hair.

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You can get creative with the designs, too. You just have to maintain the length of the hair so that the designs don’t blur out once the hair starts to grow.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 5

epic-short-hairstyles (5)

Another epic hairstyle for short hair is the combination of an undercut haircut with thick and textured hair. Like any undercut hairstyle, it’s striking, impressive, and truly stylish.

Anyone with hair can wear this kind of haircut. And for something so stylish and sophisticated looking, you don’t even have to spend a lot of time trying to make it look perfect.

Just wash it and dry it. Apply some styling product, comb until you achieve the desired look, and you’re done. Just put on a little hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 6

epic-short-hairstyles (6)

Of course a buzz cut is an epic hairstyle for short hair. The buzz cut has been around for ages, and men still continue to wear it because of its effortless style and great comfort. It not only looks clean and flawless, it can also help take years off your face.

Just how many men have you seen with awful bald spots or thinning hair, who shaved off all their hair, and looked instantly hotter and younger? Yes, too many of them. But Bruce Willis and Jason Statham should clue you in already.

Buzz cuts are epic hairstyles because you don’t really need to style them. You sleep with this hair and you still wake up with this hair. You go to school or to work with this hair, and you take your woman out on dates with this hair, too. It’s a pretty great hairstyle for something that you don’t even brush or use styling products on.

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Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 7

epic-short-hairstyles (7)

Short hair is indeed sexy hair. It may look plain and boring for some, but it can be a go-to hairstyle for others. If you have short hair and are looking for a new hairstyle to try, you can wear this short and sophisticated Ivy League haircut that’s guaranteed to make the ladies swoon.

It’s short on the sides and slightly longer on top. There’s even a short pompadour in front to keep the hairstyle interesting. The gloss on the hair is light and natural, and the hairstyle is kept in place with a little hairspray.

This is just the kind of hairstyle that you can wear to work or to school, or to fancy parties and formal functions. It’s also a great haircut to have if you have wavy, curly, or thick hair. It’s a very trendy yet classic hairstyle that you can style up or style down.

These are just some of the epic hairstyles that you can do on short hair. Don’t let having short hair stop you from wearing the most awesome hairstyles. Great-looking short hairstyles run aplenty!

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