Do Women Prefer Men with Long Hair?

If you go to the trouble of growing out your hair will it really make you more attractive?

Men with long hair are not unusual, but when you’re a guy who sports long hair, you can’t help but stand out from the crowd.

For men, growing your hair long is a big challenge. Because human hair grows an average of about a half inch per month, many guys can start strong and then just quit after a few weeks of growing their hair.

Men grow their hair long for a lot of reasons, mainly because of fashion and personal identity.

But also because women find it attractive. But do they, really? Here are some hairstyles for men with long hair that have always been popular with the ladies.

Long Hairstyle # 1


Maybe they don’t like long hair on their men, but that won’t stop women from admiring other men with long hair.

Especially if they look this great with long and wavy hair. You often see this hair on guys who like sports and art and music, so it’s no surprise why so many women are huge fans.

This particular hairstyle does not even require a lot of upkeep. It’s an ‘anything goes’ kind of hair.

It can be worn long and loose, or high and tight. It will look good dry, damp, or wet. You can brush it or leave it untouched and it will still look good. But of course, if you want to save yourself the headache of brushing out the tangles or the dirty and greasy look, wash it, shampoo it, and condition it. Women love men with long hair, but not dirty and smelly hair.

Long Hairstyle # 2


Women generally like the thrill of adventure. When a man sports a hairstyle that looks wild and messy, it can reflect a guy’s wild and unpredictable nature, too. Which is almost always a turn on for most women. It’s a fun and carefree hairstyle for men with long hair.

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When you dial it up a bit, it can even be sexy and seductive.

Even if the hair is long, it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. You only need to wash, brush, and dry, and you’re all set.

Sometimes you don’t even need to dry it at all. When an occasion calls for it, the wild and messy hair can look presentable enough by combing it down in a slick back, or tying it up in a ponytail.

Long Hairstyle # 3


Men with long hair can also rock a man bun. We think men grow their hair nowadays just to wear a man bun.

That’s how big man buns and top knots are. However, you’ll find that historically, men have been wearing man buns and top knots since the ancient times, as demonstrated by the Japanese samurai, and even the Buddha himself.

Now, women don’t really mind if they share the same top knot hairstyle with that random guy on the train, who even has more luscious locks than them.

If guys look great in them, there should not be a problem if they wear them.

Women find men with long hair more appealing if they wear their hair up in a messy man bun or top knot. It also doesn’t hurt if there’s some sexy facial hair going on there.

Long Hairstyle # 4


Women like men with long hair, especially hair this length, and this soft and styled. It looks effortlessly sexy and stylish. Not to mention exciting and intriguing.

If you’re a guy with thin and straight hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

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The long strands and the big volume actually create the illusion of more hair. With the help of some good styling gel, volumizing brush, and hair dryer, you can achieve this gorgeous hair every day in just minutes.

It will look perfect on different hair colors, and even on medium thick to wavy hair.

On days when you don’t feel like styling or drying it, you can just do a simple and slick comb over (depending of course on your hairline), or simply tie it back in a ponytail.

Long Hairstyle # 5


Men with long hair also look very appealing when they sport their hair with an undercut and a comb over ponytail, just like what this guy in the picture is wearing.

It’s long and trendy without the homeless man look, and it succeeds in making one look young and adventurous, and just a little bit naughty.

To copy this look, you have to grow your hair to almost shoulder length. Ask your barber or stylist to do an undercut.

It depends on you how buzzed or faded you want the sides and the back to be.

On this guy, it’s a very light buzz, and he just finished off the hairstyle by finely combing over the top hair and tying it back in a small knot.

Long Hairstyle # 6


Women also like men with long hair, particularly black, curly and kinky hair in dreadlocks.

Especially dreadlocks that smell fresh and look properly cared for. This particular kind of hairstyle can look jazzed up enough to wear to formal events and gatherings.

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It can also be the perfect hair to wear for a day at the beach, or at the poolside with friends just grilling hamburgers.

The trick to wearing nice and glossy dreadlocks is to keep it moisturized.

Wash it regularly as you would normal and un-dreaded hair. Squeeze out all the excess water and apply shine wax from time to time to make it glossy and keep it smelling nice and clean.

Long Hairstyle # 7


Women are also big fans of men with long hair that are styled and cut in shags.

The texture and edges make a very nice frame around the face, and they really make long hair more interesting and stylish without being too big or too loud.

This kind of hairstyle will look flattering on any face shape.

You just need to get the right amount of layers or shags around the part of your face that you want to put less emphasis on. If you’re trying to hide a prominent forehead, you can always leave the fringes long and taper the sides or the back.

Overall, there are women who love men with long hair, and there are those who don’t. It’s entirely a subject of preference.

But always remember: More than to impress the ladies, one should wear their hair long only because they feel good in it, and they are comfortable wearing it.

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