Do Men with Long Hair Get More Attention from Women

It's no doubt men with long hair usually gets more of the attention from women, but why?

We can agree to disagree that women do notice and pay more attention to men with long hair. It’s not only because they’re tall and good-looking, but also because long hair is easy to spot and easy to remember.

Just like a bald guy, or a fully bearded guy, or a guy with a Mohawk, or a guy with ridiculously huge ear plugs is easy to remember.

Some women just like men with long hair, plain and simple. Other women, who couldn’t care less about men and their hair, find themselves checking out men with long hair because they look different and striking. They stick out like a sore thumb. But if you really want to know what women think about men with long hair, read on and find out.

Men with long hair stand out from the crowd.


Let’s face it. In a room full of guys with all the same kind of haircut and nearly the same length of hair, the guy with the long hair will be the first one you’ll notice, and most probably the only one you’ll remember shortly after.

Your long hair is the first thing that will catch people’s attention, or get them to recognize you, or make them remember you. Women’s eyes will be naturally drawn to men with long hair, because it’s not every day that they encounter men who have such long and luscious locks. Not a lot of men wear their hair long, so of course, when women see men with long hair, they usually stop and take notice.

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Also, when women talk about you and other people, men with long hair usually have the edge. “Remember that long-haired guy we met at Zach’s party?”or “Can you give this to Tom down at IT? He’s the long-haired guy with the beard.” You get the drift.

Men with long hair are seductive.


Credits will have to go to all those romance paperbacks that feature muscled men with long hair on the covers. There’s a certain kind of raw, and sometimes animalistic, appeal in men with long hair. Especially if their long tresses are coupled with a muscular body and an attractive face.

Just the simple act of running their fingers through their hair, or wearing their hair on top of their heads in a messy man bun can drive some women crazy. Something so long, soft, and silky like hair on a muscular and masculine man’s head really has a seductive effect and can send the senses into overdrive.

Men with long hair know a thing or two about commitment.


They know about waiting and working hard for something that you want. They know about taking care of something so that it will flourish and grow into something beautiful. They know about sticking to the plan and seeing it through until they get the results that they want.

They know about these things because they have successfully grown their hair long and did not cave in to the temptation to chop it all off. It’s really a test of resolve, and they have passed with flying colors.

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This can very well reflect their sense of commitment to other aspects of their life, like family, relationships, friendships, jobs, and hobbies. If you’ll look at the bigger picture, this really says a lot about him as a man.

Men with long hair are comfortable in their skin.


They don’t care about what other people say, as long as they like how they look in it and are comfortable wearing it. These qualities make them more self-assured and confident. And we all know how women like their men powerful and confident.

Having long hair is a natural confidence booster, so if you need to work on your confidence levels, start with growing your hair long and sexy.

Men with long hair are passionate.


It’s not a coincidence that most men with long hair are musicians, artists, athletes, travelers, writers, singers, and dancers. This just goes to show that there is passion and creativity raging inside them.

Of course, you can be passionate about something even without the long hair. But more often than not, men with long hair are passionate about something, and it can be something that they also do for a living.

He can be a musician who loves the ethnic sound. He can be a rare books collector who also writes his own books. He can be someone who loves toys and creates toys for children. He can be somebody important, so don’t be too quick to write him off.

Men with long hair represent brute strength.


Just like a lion and the lion’s mane, long hair can represent strength and power. Long hair can make you look tougher and more aggressive, which is a huge turn on for most women. It can also command the respect and admiration of other men. Not all men can grow out their hair with patience and willpower. It takes a lot of mind conditioning and self-control, so kudos to the men who are able to wear it.

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Nowadays, wearing long hair is no longer about foregoing the need to go the barber shop. It’s more of a conscious decision to grow out the hair as a fashion statement or as a reflection of their personality. Gone are the days when men only wear short and classic haircuts to look presentable.

Men with long hair are proving to be one of the most fashionable and most stylish people without even wearing the latest and hippest clothes. The trick is in being comfortable and confident with your long hair, no matter how skinny, or beefy, or tall, or short you are. You can have the most gorgeous long hair around, but if you’re always nervous or afraid, it’s all for naught.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, be ready for the attention. Give people a sight they will enjoy and remember for a long time.

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