Dealing with a Receding Hairline

How to deal with receding hairline? Follow these tips and you'll never go wrong:

A receding hairline is inevitable, but it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean getting stuck wearing the most ridiculous hairstyles just to hide it. You can make a receding hairline work for you by keeping in mind some of these tips on how to handle one.

Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 1: Get a short haircut.

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Contrary to popular belief, wearing your hair long does not make a receding hairline less noticeable. In fact, it actually makes it look more prominent.

If you want to make your receding hairline less conspicuous, you need to cut your hair short. A good haircut that will do just the job is the Caesar haircut.

It’s closely cropped and textured, and is often combed forward, which can make wide foreheads and thinning hairlines less noticeable. This haircut also gives a nice and balanced look to the hair. It looks stylish and natural, and doesn’t look like it’s covering up for something.

Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 2: Shave it all off.

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Call it a preemptive strike if you must, but a buzzed head certainly looks better than long hair that just tries too hard, or comb over hairstyles that just look plain ridiculous. If we had a receding hairline, we will definitely just shave it off and rock the bald look with pride and style.

To get this look, all you need is a set of clippers, a large mirror, and a pair of steady hands. Just adjust the clipper’s settings depending on how buzzed you want your head to be, and then shave away! It’s easy, it’s quick, and definitely a lot cheaper.

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Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 3: Grow the top hair long.

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There’s nothing wrong with holding on to whatever good and healthy hair that you still have. If you’re not ready to shave it all off, you can grow it at the top so that you can work with different hairstyles and effectively make the receding hairline less prominent. Keep the top hair long and busy, but keep the sides short and thin.

Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 4: Color your hair.

Coloring your hair a darker shade can also help in making your hair look thinner and fuller. Pick a natural color, preferably one that’s a shade darker than your natural hair color. Choosing to go blond when you’re dark haired will not only look drastic, but it can also look unnatural or unflattering on you.

Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 5: Grow a beard.

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If you’re losing the battle of hair on your head, you can shift it to the beard instead. Take away the focus from the receding hairline and give people a beard that they will talk about.

This is an impressive full beard that will make you feel like the manliest of men. It’s long and thick. It’s perfectly shaped and neatly trimmed down to the equally impressive mustache. It doesn’t make you look like a wild mountain man, but it certainly makes you look like a strong, sexy, and intellectual man. Between an awkward comb over and this impressive full beard, we’ll take the beard anytime!

Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 6: Get a shaggy haircut.

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A shaggy haircut is a great haircut for guys who have receding hairlines. It doesn’t look awkward or unnatural, but it effectively helps and hides problem areas along the hairlines. Not to mention that it looks cool and stylish. It will also work on most hair types, whether fine or thick, or straight, wavy, or curly.

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If you want a slick hairstyle, you can put on some pomade or hairstyling wax. Be careful how much you put, though. Too much hairstyling products can make the hair look greasy, stringy, and heavy. They will make the hair look even finer than it actually is.

Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 7: Keep it textured and spiky.

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A tall and spiky hairstyle can also make receding hairlines less noticeable. Height and spikes are a good way to distract the eyes and keep them away from the hairlines. You can achieve this hairstyle by letting the top hair grow long, and then keeping the sides and the back trimmed short and neat.

Use some pomade or hairstyling wax on the top hair, and then start styling the hair with a round volume brush to create more height and texture. Lock the style in by applying a little hairspray.

Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 8: Don’t wash your hair too much.

Avoid washing your hair with shampoo too much. You need the natural oils in your hair to make it more soft and manageable. Frequent shampooing can strip the hair off its natural oils and make it more prone to damage.

To combat the greasiness that can happen when you don’t shampoo regularly, use a conditioner on a daily basis. You want to avoid your hair looking and shiny and greasy because this can make the hair look patchy and clumpy. Try to limit the shampoo to just twice or thrice a week.

Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 9: Don’t use too much styling products.

Too much styling products on thinning hair or receding hairlines can make the hair look even heavier and thinner. If you can wear a hairstyle that’s natural and dry, do so. This will also allow the hair to breathe and relax without being weighed down by too much styling products.

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Handling a Receding Hairline Tip # 10: Ditch the hat.

When you don’t want to deal with your receding hairline, don’t cover it up with a hat every time. It’s not only lazy, but a hat can seriously cramp your style. It also can damage your hair by trapping it all underneath the hat. You need to let your hair loose and let it breathe.

A receding hairline need not be such a problem, or a terrifying thought for those who don’t have it yet. It can be something that will make you look even better. You just need to know the right way to show it so that it looks flattering on you.

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