Cool Hair Designs – Are you Brave Enough?

We bring you some creative ways to do your hair if you're just sick and tired of the normal hairstyles!

When a simple haircut just won’t do, it’s time to bring out the big guns. It’s time to take the hair game to the next level. It’s time to make things a little more interesting. And how does a man achieve this goal? By wearing these awesome and kickass hair designs on your head. A word of caution, though. They’re not for the faint of heart. They take a certain kind of man to wear them bravely and confidently. No idea what we’re talking about? Check out these seven cool and badass hair designs that have been worn by real men and you’ll know why.

Cool Hair Designs Style # 1

cool-hair-designs (1)

We know, we know. Yes, that’s a hair lizard resting comfortably on this guy’s scalp. If you’re deathly afraid of those things, this will definitely be one of the ugliest hairstyles you’ve seen ever seen on a man. If you love lizards and even own one as a pet, it totally makes sense that you wear your beloved pet on top of your head. So yes, it’s either you love it or you hate it.

What’s so cool about this hair design is the detail and the precision that went to it. Under just the right lighting, it looks like a real live is resting on his head. Pretty freaky if you ask us, but so undeniably cool!

Cool Hair Designs Style # 2

cool-hair-designs (2)

This hair design is a lot less bizarre than the previous one, but definitely still cool and awesome. If anything, it’s the simplest and the least intimidating from this bunch. Perfect for the guy who’s trying on hair designs for the first time.

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It may look simple and unintimidating, but it’s certainly not easy to create. All those curves and curls take a lot of patience, concentration, creativity, and most important of all, a steady pair of hands. It also requires the right kind of hair texture and hair fade to get the required shade of black to make the hair design even more dramatic. Respect to the people who can do such amazing things with hair!

Cool Hair Designs Style # 3

cool-hair-designs (3)

This next hair design is just like a ray of sunshine (pun intended).It looks like the sun is shining right out of your head and the rays are there on your scalp to prove it. In our books, that’s very, very cool. Or hot, because the sun is hot. Anyway, it’s as awesome as awesome can get.

As if that red Mohawk does not look awesome enough, right? Again, we are just so blown away by the clean and gorgeous design, which we can’t even draw straight with pen and paper, let alone real human hair and a pair of clippers. It really takes a lot of creativity and skill to not mess everything up.

Cool Hair Designs Style # 4

cool-hair-designs (4)

If you want to prove how much of a Chicago Bulls fan you are, there can be no better way than to do it with hair. Many a basketball fan have done it. Surely you can do it, too! Come on, where’s your spirit?

You can spot the Chicago Bull logo from a mile away, and it’s perfectly set on the head, too. Again, much respect to the person who can do such a great job using such hairy canvass. This kind of hair design will not only look great with a Chicago Bull logo, though. You can wear any sports team or product logo on your head and it will still look cool. Just make sure you get a really good hair artist.

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Cool Hair Designs Style # 5

cool-hair-designs (5)

We know this is not fifty shades of grey, but there are enough shades of grey here for it to make it to our cool hair designs list. Seriously. If we had hair this epic-looking, we won’t even bother going to the gym, or growing a beard, or getting a tattoo. All the sexiness and coolness that this hair design can provide will be enough to make us look cool and sexy forever.

Just looking at all the different fades and the sloping curves is such a treat already. We love how everything looks so separate and distinct, yet still makes one great look.

Cool Hair Designs Style # 6

cool-hair-designs (6)

Sometimes you just have to let the whole world know how much you love music. Sometimes belting it out in your YouTube videos or at the karaoke joint just won’t suffice. Sometimes you have to wear it loud and proud right on your head.

Kudos to the really artistic way the musical notes seem to float on the hair. Everything just looks precise and flawless it’s hard to believe that a hand and not a machine did this! It’s hard to believe that it’s not something that you paste on the head and then dab with water, and then the design will transfer itself to the skin.

Cool Hair Designs Style # 7

cool-hair-designs (1)

If fades and curls and curves don’t impress you that much, you can always go with a little color! Still, you need a pretty kickass design that’s usually comprised of curls and curves. Once you have that all settled, you can bring in the colors and make it a lot more interesting and eye catching.

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There’s a colorful Mohawk sitting on top of the head, complimented by an even more colorful streak of blue and grey at the side. If soldier from another galaxy is the look you’re aiming for, you’ve got it down pat with this badass hair design. You can make it as colorful as you want. You can even make it all over your hair, not just the sides. The more colors you put in, the more kickass it will be!

The key to an awesome hair design is an extremely talented, creative, and skilled barber. They are not a lot, though. So once you’ve found one, make sure you never let him go. Whenever you’re ready to get one of these kickass hair designs on your head, they are just a call or an SMS away.

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