Can a Side Part ever be a Sexy Hairstyle for a Guy?

You bet the side part is a sexy hairstyle! Guys love it when it suits them best:

The side part hairstyle is every man’s hairstyle. When you have a strong and perfectly positioned side part, you can’t go wrong with your hair. In fact, you’re opening yourself up to a world of hairstyle possibilities. Because with a side part, you can basically wear any hip and happening hairstyle that you feel like wearing.

A side part will look perfect with a taper or fade haircut, and with the help of styling products, you can create different hairstyles depending on your mood or the occasion

Side Part Hairstyle # 1

side-part-haircut (1)

The side part is a classic hairstyle that’s flattering on most men. Any kind of side part hairstyle just looks more natural and relaxed because the hair doesn’t look too top heavy, and it just follows the natural movement of the hair.

The side part is one of the most versatile and elegant hairstyles that can be styled in a ton of different ways. Almost always, they require hair to be thick and full at the top, and thin and light at the sides.

When the sides and the back are cut short, the side part will provide just the right flattering angle for the hair. Round and angular faces will look more flattering with a side part hairstyle, just like tall hair with strong side parts can create the illusion of an elongated face.

Side Part Hairstyle # 2

side-part-haircut (2)

That’s a side part right there just beside the smooth sideswept hair. Does Mr. Clooney look sexy with the side part hairstyle? Hell yes! This hairstyle makes him look every bit the gentleman that he is, and even helps soften the long pointy chin.

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Side part hairstyles are perfect if you’re a big fan of sidesweeps and combovers. The lower the side part is, the more dramatic the hairstyle looks.

In fact, so many great hairstyles rely on a good side part. If you must choose where to put your side part, keep it close to the ear. This is the most flattering side part and will look great on just about everyone, regardless of face shape.

Side Part Hairstyle # 3

side-part-haircut (3)

Jet black hair and sexy side part hairstyle — yes, we approve. The hair looks perfectly set on top of the head, and it looks full and thick and soft to the touch. It frames the face gloriously, and it’s quite hard to imagine this guy with any other kind of hairstyle.

Even if the hair looks soft and wispy, because of the side part, the face still looks masculine. The sides and the back are thin, which provide a nice contrast for the hair on top of the head. This actually allows you to do any kind of hairstyle, whether slick, or loose, or textured.

Side Part Hairstyle # 4

side-part-haircut (4)

Side part and brushed-up hair — perfect combination.The sides are lightly cropped and the hair on top sits tall and soft.

The side part gives this hairstyle the balance between thin and thick, and tall and short. The side part is also a stylish indicator on where you should start brushing up the hair and where you should be brushing it down towards the ears.

Side part hairstyles are perfect for long hair because you can easily change your look just by switching the direction of your hair. Even wearing dry matte or slick hair can also transform your look dramatically.

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Side Part Hairstyle # 5

side-part-haircut (5)

This side part hairstyle is tall and long, and soft and wispy. But it doesn’t diminish the masculine look northe strong alpha male appeal. If anything, it makes him look more like a bad boy with a romantic heart.

The side part hairstyle is a popular favorite because of its versatility. You can do so many hairstyles with a side part that fits the occasion just by brushing your hair a different way or using a different styling product. This side part hairstyle can be smoothed to the side or to the back, and you get a different look. It can be brushed forward or brushed up and you get an entirely new look, too. Now just how cool is that?

Side Part Hairstyle # 6

side-part-haircut (6)

This is another great example of a classic and sophisticated side part hairstyle that you can wear to fancy or formal events. For a hairstyle so chic and dapper, it only takes less than four songs on your favorite Spotify playlist to finish.

The side part hairstyle actually sets the hair to bigger and greater hairstyles, so getting the perfect side part is very crucial. Just check your hair in the mirror and see which direction it grows. Just follow the natural direction and this will be where you should have your side part. From there, comb it to the other side and get styling!

Side Part Hairstyle # 7

side-part-haircut (7)

Most of the best hairstyles for men involve a side part. It’s actually kind of hard to visualize a hairstyle without a side part, because they’re that common. Common, yes, but never ordinary. A side part hairstyle can give you a trendy hipster look today, and a clean cut gentleman the next day.

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There’s never just one look with the side part hairstyle, which is why it continues to remain popular with the newer and younger generations. You can dress it up or dress it down. You can shave it, or trim it, or fade it, and it will look awesome no matter what. Most importantly, it looks great on just about anybody.

The side part hairstyle has been around for years and it shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. It’s a classic hairstyle that blends well with the new. It looks fabulous on just about anyone, regardless of personal styles, facial features, or hair structures. And chances are, you’ve been wearing the side part hairstyle since you were a kid, so it’s very much a part of what makes you you.

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