Can a Curly Fade Hairstyle Ever Look Good?

Curly fade hairstyles are just as good as straight ones! Here are the best ones out there:

The answer is a big and resounding yes! Fades and curls go together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly. Just take a look at some of the best looks we’ve seen for a curly fade hairstyle. They’re so good-looking they make our toes curl with delight.

Curly Fade Hairstyle # 1

curly-fade-hairstyles (1)

The thing with having curly hair is that you must love your curls so that they will love you back. You must accept the fact that they will be stubborn and unruly on some days, and well-behaved and manageable on other days. Once you have wrapped your head around this thought, it will be easier for you to live with your curls.

What’s great about a curly fade is that it can give your curls a smaller and more controlled look. It can give the hair a nice and natural-looking shape without having to put too much hairstyling products, or resorting to tying your hair into a ponytail.

Curly Fade Hairstyle # 2

curly-fade-hairstyles (2)

A curly fade can just be the thing you add to your entire look to give you that quirky or interesting appeal. It’s just the kind of hairstyle that can give you the added confidence to speak to strangers or approach that girl you think is better looking than Emma Watson.

Pair it with a full beard and you will be a force to reckon with. You can really achieve any kind of look with a curly fade hairstyle. You can let the curls loose on top of your head, or you can bring them all to one side for combover. Keep the curls soft and light by using an anti-frizz serum. Lock the hairstyle in place by applying a little hairspray with a soft to medium hold.

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Curly Fade Hairstyle # 3

curly-fade-hairstyles (3)

Keep your curly fade short and interesting by keeping the curls short and tight at the top of the head. Get a high fade for the sides and the back, and just keep the top hair thick and busy. You can texturize the top hair to make it look thicker and less curly, or you can leave it long and spiky to get a taller hairstyle.

When it comes to styling, it’s not a hassle with a curly fade. Just apply your favorite hairstyling product, like a soft hold pomade or a hairstyling wax. Start styling your hair with your fingers until you achieve the desired look. You can also use a comb if you want the curls or the waves to look less prominent.

Curly Fade Hairstyle # 4

curly-fade-hairstyles (4)

When the hair is curly and the fade is high, you pretty much get this kind of hairstyle. If Sam Smith can look this great with this kind of hair, so can you. It doesn’t require a lot of effort when it comes to grooming and styling, anyway. But you’ll instantly look like some obscure but really famous British pop singer with a really kickass band, and then we will all be having hair envy. But we digress.

A curly fade is just the perfect hairstyle for guys who spend too much time trying to keep the hair to behave and stay in place. It’s also a great way to cut the volume that comes with naturally thick and curly hair. Not to mention that it’s also a pretty neat hairstyle that doesn’t require too much styling.

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Curly Fade Hairstyle # 5

curly-fade-hairstyles (5)

A curly fade hairstyle definitely works with tight and kinky curls, as illustrated by this guy’s hairstyle. What better way to control those beautiful but oftentimes unmanageable curls than to cut them short at the sides and leave them long at the top?

Any kind of fade will work with this type of curly hair. You can leave the top hair long, full, and thick, or you can keep it short and close to the skin as well. Either way, it’s both quite easy to maintain, because you only need to shampoo and condition it, and then dry it. That’s it. You’re all set to go.

Curly Fade Hairstyle # 6

curly-fade-hairstyles (6)

If you’re still not sold with the idea that curly fades are a great looking haircut, just take a look at the hair on Usher right here. Black and tight curls, check. Fade at the sides, check. Overall sexiness and stylishness, check.

To get this look, you have to cut the curls and shape the hair into something that’s short on the sides and the back. You can keep the top hair short, too, but the hairstyle will look even more dramatic if the top hair is longer. Get a really close fade to clearly show the contrast. You can also wear a short stubble to enhance the overall look.

Curly Fade Hairstyle # 7

curly-fade-hairstyles (7)

Take your curly badass hair to the next level by getting a badass fade at the sides and the back. Call it an undercut if you must. Make sure that you have a pretty strong part going. Gather all the top hair and tie it back in a top knot.

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It’s a quick and easy hairstyle that does not require any other hairstyling products or tools aside from a comb and a hair band. It’s a hairstyle that you can wash and wear, and one that can help control wild and unruly curls. Just make sure that you keep the curls curly and soft so that they will still look great even when tied back.

Keep the curls moisturized by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can also keep some leave-in conditioner handy so that you can apply it on your hair all throughout the day as needed.

If you’re running out of styling ideas for your curly hair, we strongly recommend getting a curly fade hairstyle. It’s fun and fashionable, without you spending an eternity trying to make it look perfect. For a curly hairstyle, it’s also very functional, flexible, and versatile. Try any one of these hairstyles and give your curls the great makeover!

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