Bun Hairstyles for Men that Actually Look Good

Styling your medium or long hair into a bun can be challenging, but when done right, it's an absolutely perfect sight:

Bun hairstyles — either you love them or you hate them. You’ve seen them on fashion models and Hollywood celebrities. While some look great wearing them, others are just weird and scraggly-looking.

We completely understand if you’re not crazy about bun hairstyles. It’s like the top knot, but with longer hair. But don’t knock them ‘til you’ve tried them. If you want, you may also know what face shape suits this hairstyle.

We have picked out seven of the best bun hairstyles on the internet that actually look good. Bun hairstyles we won’t even be ashamed to wear right here, right now.

# 1


Who would’ve imagined that men will be sporting bun hairstyles as normally as one would wear a pair of glasses? People may have conflicting thoughts about them, but men’s bun hairstyles have actually been around for centuries. It was the hairstyle of choice by high-ranking generals and samurais in Imperial Japan, and had even been worn by the Buddha himself.

When bun hairstyles are styled neatly and properly, they actually look very attractive and flattering on a man’s hair. Take a look at this bun hairstyle, for example. The overall effect on this guy is that it makes him look intriguing, mysterious, and intellectual. Which he may not really be in real life, but you get the drift. The right bun hairstyles can give your face a complete makeover.

# 2


Without the full beard and dark-rimmed glasses, bun hairstyles can still look neat, sexy, and stylish. It takes the hair away from the face and allows you an unrestricted view. A bun hairstyle also need not be tight and severe all the time. You can actually wear it loose and high and still get an overall clean look.

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This guy rocks a simple bun and makes it look runway ready. Just a quick pullback using his fingers and an elastic to tie the hair together were all he needed to create this look. It’s not the perfect bun, but it looks awesome all the same.

# 3


When you say man bun, you kind of get this picture in your head. Bun hairstyles can emphasize a man’s strength, power, and masculinity, much like this muscular guy right here. He wears a pretty solid man bun to compliment his full facial beard and rock hard physique. Does the bun hairstyle make him look laughable? Big no.

In fact, it’s the perfect way to wear his hair. Any other style and the whole look will not be as powerful or as effective. So yes, bun hairstyles can actually make the look. And this one right here is just how man buns should be worn.

# 4


Not only do bun hairstyles display a man’s masculinity and virility, they can also show their playful and romantic side. This particular bun hairstyle looks fun and natural. It looks relaxed, and even flirtatious. It’s a little rumpled and disheveled but still manages to look stylish and presentable.

When you wear your hair long and thick, bun hairstyles can become your go-to hairstyle if you want something clean-looking, easy, and fuss free. Aside from that, it can instantly put a stylish and fun spin to any look. You can wear bun hairstyles for both formal occasions and casual events. You can wear them anytime you feel weighed down by all that hair.

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# 5


Let’s be honest. If we all looked this great in bun hairstyles, we will never leave home without wearing one.

This kind of bun hairstyle exudes the man’s confident and passionate nature. He’s confident in his skin, and it is pretty evident just by the way he sips his morning coffee by the window with no shirt on.

If you notice his bun hairstyle, it’s tall and full of volume, and looks even more masculine because of his facial beard. It doesn’t even look like he used a comb to gather all of that hair up in one pile. Still, the bun looks natural and relaxed and effortlessly attractive. If there were such a thing as a hair genie, you all know what our first wish will be.

# 6


Bun hairstyles like this are just the kind of bun hairstyle to wear if you’re going for trendy and chic, or classic and elegant. You’ve got there a strong and basic fade haircut with a defined side part. There’s also a lot of long hair at the top that is combed back to a small knot. There’s even a small quiff happening there for added effect.

It doesn’t get more hipster than this. But everything about this bun hairstyle works like a charm. If you’re going for maximum style and comfort, bun hairstyles are a must. They can work on any length, color, and texture of hair.

# 7


When you say bun hairstyles, you must at least see something on top of the head that resembles a bun, or even just a small knot. With this particular bun hairstyle, you can see the bun quite clearly as it nestles beautifully on this guy’s head.

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Instantly he makes you think he’s someone intelligent and deep, or creative and artistic. Someone who loves to sketch faces while waiting for the train. Someone who likes to spend his Saturdays taking photographs. Someone who creates something beautiful for a living.

You may be right, because his man bun definitely suggests so. If a woman can think of all those things just by looking at his man bun, what are we still doing here talking about man buns when we should be practicing styling one?

Bun hairstyles are not as awful and as scraggly as you think them to be, as illustrated by these eight awesome bun hairstyle ideas. Just a quick tip: To make the perfect bun, don’t shampoo your hair. Freshly-shampooed hair makes it harder to style and hold in place. For best results, do a man bun on day old hair. Don’t shampoo, just use conditioner. You will see that your hair will be more cooperative and easier to twist and turn. It will definitely hold its place.

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