Beard Types that Suit Guys who Work in an Office

Sporting a beard face hairstyle can really make you look more like a boss, and these styles will suit perfectly:

Unless you’re the boss in the office, you simply cannot walk the office halls sporting your Hagrid level beard. Especially if you work in the corporate world where people dress in power suits, and wear clean and polished hair and fresh faces.

It’s probably because a beard can mask your true emotions and reactions. It can also be construed as a symbol of defiance and going against the norm. It can send the message that you’re your own person and you won’t let a few company policies stop you from wearing the beard that you want.

However, there are some industries that encourage you to be yourself and wear what you’re comfortable in. Including long and full beards. These are the offices that will not frown upon piercings, tattoos, and wild facial hair. Usually they’re involved in the arts, or design, or technology. But don’t worry, we have selected seven of the best beard types that will be perfect in any kind of office setting.

Beard Types Style # 1


If you work for a company with a strict dress code policy, chances are they have a strict code regarding beards as well. Not a problem, because this beard hairstyle is appropriate enough for boardrooms and conference calls.

Guys who work in a traditional office setting should have a short and properly trimmed beard. This can be easily achieved by regular trimming every week. You can use a beard trimmer, a shaver, or a pair of scissors. Also, trim the mustache when the hair starts covering your upper lip, or when the hair starts to go inside your mouth when you talk or eat. That’s a big turn off, so keep the mustache at an attractive length at all times.

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Beard Types Style # 2


One of the beard types that you can sport at work is this thin and nicely shaped stubble. The facial hair is trimmed close to the skin, and the mustache is very neat and proper.

You don’t even have to wait too long to grow out this kind of beard. Just a week or so and you already have a decent-looking beard. For men who are not blessed with thick facial hair, this is the perfect beard type that you can wear in and out of the office.

It’s an elegant-looking beard that can instantly give the impression of someone who’s professional and mature.

Beard Types Style # 3


Tight and kinky beard hair such as this one can look bushy and wild when left untrimmed. That’s why you need to keep it short and trimmed close to the skin.

This is the perfect example of how you can maintain a thick beard without looking like a mountain man. Keep it short around the edges, and neatly trimmed and shaved on the cheeks for definition.

Thick and coarse hair also tends to get dry, so make sure that you are properly moisturizing your beard. This prevents it from feeling stiff and scratchy. Moisturizing your beard makes it soft and smooth. Definitely no beard rash for your honey.

Beard Types Style # 4


You can keep your beard short and clean, but you can also make it a little more interesting. Just like this Klingon style beard right here.

It gives you the masculine and professional look, while keeping it quirky and just a tad geeky. It evokes a certain playfulness beneath all the gruff and serious exterior. It’s closely cropped and is spread evenly on the chin and along the jawline. It’s an impressive-looking beard that will definitely be a hit among your bosses, your colleagues, and your clients.

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Beard Types Style # 5

beard_5Who says office beards can’t be fun and exciting? This beard type is hip and stylish, and certainly evokes fun and playfulness in an otherwise classic and iconic beard. It’s just the kind of beard that will be perfect for the fashionable employee who takes style very seriously.

If your office is more the suit and tie kind of office environment, you can wear this beard to put a trendy hipster spin on your look. Match it with a mean pompadour and impressive hipster clothing, you will be walking the office halls in style. Wear this beard and make it your signature look.

Beard Types Style # 6


Perhaps this is the most popular beard type that most gentlemen in the office wear. It’s no nonsense. It’s simple. It’s neat and sophisticated. It does the job of making you look mature and competent.

This beard type will actually be perfect in any kind of office setting. Be it the formal and corporate environment, or the relaxed and informal one.

If you need to look less like the youngest or the least experienced person around the office, wear this kind of beard. A simple beard can completely transform how you look. It will give you a boost of confidence to start being your awesome self.

Beard Types Style # 7


And then of course there are beard types like this that simply command respect from just about anyone. It’s the beard of the distinguished gentleman, who has years of experience under his belt, and who has achieved what he has set out to do

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The gray hairs on the beard add to its appeal. It’s the kind of powerful beard that separates the gentlemen from the real gentlemen. No matter what you wear or what you do, this beard will just add depth and character to your whole look. It’s all about the understated elegance and sophistication that cannot be easily found elsewhere.

The trick to wearing an office-appropriate beard is to keep the beard clean, short, and well-groomed. Keep it as pretty as possible. Make sure that people can still see your face, and that the beard will not be a negative distraction when you communicate. Keep in mind that you will be facing people from all walks of life, and you want to look your most professional and absolute best.