Beard Fade – How to Get the Look

We give you some tips on how to get the beard fade look the easy way:

One simply does not grow a beard and leave it to fend for itself. When you grow a beard, you have to look after it so that it’s always nice and proper. The beard will not be the only thing that will grow in the next few weeks. The sideburns, the faded hair, the buzzed, and the hair at the neckline will also start to grow. It is important to maintain the beard very well.

It’s important that you keep this things well-trimmed and managed to keep the original look of the beard. There should be a seamless and flawless transition from hair to beard. Here are some beard fade styles that have managed to do just that, as well as how you can get the look.

Beard Fade Style # 1


You can see the beard fade from a mile away. Most guys prefer a clear hard line that separates the hair from the beard, while some prefer a smooth and gradual transition. Either way looks cool to us, so no complaints here.

But if you must do the fade yourself, you can start with a number 4 guard on your electric clippers. Start trimming the sideburns, using the ear as your mark.

Always start the fade using the clipper’s highest settings. It’s much easier to trim again when the length is not to your liking than end up with something that’s way too short or faded, whose only solution is to wait weeks again for it to grow out.

Beard Fade Style # 2


From tall and shiny, to light and thin, to thick and coarse — you can clearly see where one set of hair starts and where one set of hair ends. And this is exactly what you want on a beard fade.

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He’s wearing a tall and spiky hairstyle with a good high fade going, which then transitions quite abruptly to thick, curly, and slightly different colored beard. The beard is fully grown and covers the cheeks and the jaw impressively. However, it doesn’t look that much disconnected from the hair, thanks to the carefully created beard fade. You don’t even need a set of clippers to achieve this beard fade. A comb and a pair of scissors should do very nicely.

Beard Fade Style # 3


In case you’re wondering, no, not all fades look complicated or troublesome. A beard fade need not be so dramatic, either. Just take a look at the beard fade on Mr. Zayn Malik here.

It’s light and thin, just like the short stubble, but we clearly know that there’s a beard fade right there. The beard fade goes very nicely with the low fade haircut, too.

It’s a very basic and very easy beard fade that you can do even with a razor. With your eyes closed. Using only one hand. You get the drift.

Beard Fade Style # 4


If you can’t see that specific area where the hair stops and the beard begins, we think it’s time for you to have your eyes checked. Seriously, though, this is more of a disconnect than a fade, but it can be altered so that the hard line fades smoothly into the beard.

Once again, you can get your clippers to fade it. Start high because you don’t want to include the hair on the jawline. Always start with the longer setting, and decrease it when necessary. It’s always good to see how a length looks before cutting it short straightaway.

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Beard Fade Style # 5


We truly appreciate a hairstyle that seamlessly transitions and blends in with the beard. Looking at this buzz cut and how it softly disappears into that that short but handsome beard makes us want to grab our electric clippers and fade everything on our face exactly like this.

It’s easier to fade the beard this way, but be careful not to lose the beard pattern on the cheeks. You need to keep this beard line nice and straight for when the hair starts growing back.

Beard Fade Style # 6


A beard fade need not be such a short and severe fade. Sometimes, it’s also nice to see continuity, with just the right length and just the right texture. Like this beard fade example here.

The hair is short on the sides and long on top, and the side burns smoothly transition into full scale beard. It can look better with a beard fade, sure. However, it looks plenty good-looking without, too.

It has a lot to do with the faded hair at the sides, which make the sideburns look like a part of the haircut. The beard can still be fuller or longer, and it will still retain the nice, balanced look. It may look just a little bit unnatural if this had been a short stubble.

Beard Fade Style # 7


You want dramatic? You want a beard that everyone will notice? You want something that people will remember for a long time? It’s all right here with this beard. We can’t even stop looking at it, because it’s that badass.

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There’s no hair on the head to use as a fade starting point, but there’s a fade right there. It’s a handsome, clever, and masterful way to shape a full beard that still works flatteringly on the face and the shape of the head.

Even if you have a shaved or bald head, a beard fade is still possible. If there’s a will, there’s a way. In this case, if there’s a beard, there’s a fade. You will definitely stand out from the crowd with such a beard.

When it comes to doing a beard fade, always start long and big. Adjust the clipper’s settings as you go. Don’t clip too much too soon, or else you will have to wait weeks just to get that portion of hair again. Also, keep a good hairstyle that will complement your beard. When the beard is good-looking, your hair should be, too. Lastly, always keep your hair well-groomed and fresh so that it’s easier to trim and shape in the future.