Ask for this if you want a Low Fade Haircut

Need some ideas on how to sport the low fade haircut? Let our examples give you something to spot on:

The low fade haircut is a type of haircut that requires the hair on the sides and the back to be buzzed and tapered evenly until it reaches the top, where it grows longer and fuller. It looks very neat and tailored, and it can instantly give you a new look. There are plenty of ways to wear and style a low fade haircut. Here are seven awesome low fade haircut ideas to show your barber on your next visit.

Low Fade Haircut # 1


This low fade haircut is slick, stylish, and sophisticated. When you wear this hair, it’s so hard not to feel like Harvey Specter from Suits the TV show. When your hair is looking good, everything else will follow.

It’s a pretty simple low fade, finished with a fancy pompadour or combover. To make this haircut work, you need to have really long hair at the top so you can style it better. You can brush it to the sides, or you can brush it back, too. It’s a popular favorite among teenage guys and young professionals. It’s a cool hairstyle that only takes five minutes to achieve.

Low Fade Haircut # 2


Another low fade haircut you can ask your barber to do is this one. The fade is strong at the bottom, near the base, and ever so gradually thickens on its way to the top. It almost looks like a military cut with soft and textured edges.

Keep the top long, and find the hair part that works best for your facial structure. With the help of some hair pomade or hair wax, you can style your hair with your fingers to get taller hair. You can also style it with a fine-toothed comb for a simpler and cleaner combover. It actually feels like you’re wearing different haircuts each time because of the so many ways you can wear your hair.

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Low Fade Haircut # 3


The hipster in you will be happy to know that a low fade haircut like this can be so easy to achieve. The fade is pronounced at the base. Towards the middle, it starts to taper off near the top just where the hair parts.

The top part is where it gets exciting. Do we do a side combover, or do we do a slick back? Do we wear it tall and proud, or do we wear it short and confident? You can wear it anyway you want to match your mood or fit the occasion. What’s great about it is that you don’t need a lot of fancy hair styling products to get this look each time!

Low Fade Haircut # 4


This low fade haircut shows a soft fade at the base and at the sides. It’s finished with long, loose, and soft curls at the top. The overall look is clean and fresh, young and energetic. Even if you’re no Zayn Malik when it comes to good looks, singing chops, or popularity, you can still rock this look and feel like a pop celebrity.

Get this low fade haircut if you have medium to thick hair that borders on wavy to curly. It’s the perfect way to style wild and stubborn hair. With a little hair wax here and a little hair spray there, who cares about Zayn Malik, really?

Low Fade Haircut # 5


Curly hair, don’t care! With this low fade haircut, you will love your curls and will not stop wearing them in all their full glory. It’s a nice, trendy, and fashionable way to control your curls and style them however you want.

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You can keep wearing it thick and long, or you can also shape and trim it, and wear it short and sweet. The trick is to buzz it high and tight, and then leave the long hair at the top. There are so many ways to style it, and they all look like salon worthy hair. With hair this good-looking, you will feel even more inspired to style it in a whole lot of different ways.

Low Fade Haircut # 6


This low fade haircut is high and tight, and looks perfectly alright. Its style levels are way off the charts, while achieving the look is easy as pie. Like any other great combovers, this one starts with a strong fade haircut and culminates with a dramatic combover.

You don’t need a village to have hair as good-looking as this. You only need to have a good tub of pomade or hair wax, hair spray, and a reliable comb. That’s it!

Got a hot date in a few hours? No problem! You can get this look in as quick as five minutes. How great is that?

Low Fade Haircut # 7


Let it go, let it fly. The tips of your hair, at least. Buzz the sides and the back and make sure the hair on top is a lot longer and thicker. This low fade haircut is best styled with the fingers to achieve the right height, volume, and texture. You want to make it look a little messy and disheveled.

It doesn’t need to look too tall and stiff, either. With just a pinch of hair wax, you can easily get the soft and tousled look.  The great thing about this style is that it doesn’t need to be perfectly styled to look fabulous! Now just how awesome is that?

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The low fade haircut looks great with just about any hair length and texture, which makes it one of the most popular hairstyles for men. Get creative and combine it with any style that fits your personality and personal style.

If you want a low fade haircut, you need to find a skilled barber who knows the different kinds of fade haircuts. This is the kind of haircut that requires accuracy and precision. So invest in a good barber and replenish your stock of hair gels, hair waxes, hair sprays, and fine-toothed combs.

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