9 Original Buzz Cut Styles that Rock

A buzz cut is definitely a style that makes you more polished and cleaner than ever. Find out how you can rock this out:

Are you ready to shave off all your hair for a completely new look? Are you tired of all the styling heat and styling products and just want to give your precious, luscious locks some space to breathe and relax? We hear you, brother! Check out our gallery of rockin’ buzz cut styles and pick the one you’ll be wearing soon.

Buzz Cut Styles # 1


Ever since his breakout role (no pun intended) as Michael Scofield in the hit TV series Prison Break, the buzz cut has been Wentworth Miller’s hairstyle of choice. And why not? It’s a truly versatile hairstyle to wear. What can be more versatile than a hairstyle that looks awesome on the red carpet and at award shows, while also being the perfect hairstyle to wear behind bars, or while living the life of a fugitive?

Buzz cut styles can really transform how a man looks. If you have the right shape of face, and more importantly, the right shape of head, the buzz cut can definitely give your sex appeal a very healthy boost!

Buzz Cut Styles # 2


Buzz cut hairstyles need not be severely buzzed, too. If you enjoy a little length and a little scalp coverage, you can get your barber to buzz your hair at this length. You have the perks of a buzz cut while also still sporting a kind of fade haircut. It’s cropped really short, but not too short.

It’s a very low maintenance kind of hairstyle that you can wash and dry in minutes, without the need to brush or comb. No hassle of styling, too. What you see is what you get. And what you get is a no nonsense, sexy, and stylish hairstyle 24/7.

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Buzz Cut Styles # 3


If you’re the kind of guy who enjoys more hair on his face than on his head, buzz cut styles like this will work perfectly on you. There is a clean and seamless transition from hair to beard, and it doesn’t look awkward and freaky like a unibrow does. Not at all.

The hair is lightly buzzed, while the beard is full, thick, and short. Everything is properly maintained and it succeeds in not making you look like a wild mountain man. It still provides good hair coverage against the harsh elements like heat and snow, while also giving you extra points in the looks and sexiness department.

Buzz Cut Styles # 4


If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you are the perfect candidate to sport a buzz cut hairstyle. Justin Timberlake has really curly blond hair. If you’re on the internet most of the time, you’ve most probably seen the meme of his curly golden locks being compared to uncooked instant noodles. Thankfully, JT ditched that hairstyle years ago and just opted for sensible buzz cut styles like this one.

Best hair decision ever. The buzz cut makes him look sexy and manly in all kinds of sexiness and manliness possible. Plus, the short stubble gives him more sex appeal than all of his N’Sync pop star years combined. Totally not a bad thing, baby.

Buzz Cut Styles # 5


You can also change the look of your buzz cut by shaving the sides and back closer to the scalp, while leaving the top hair a just a little longer and thicker. If you want this kind of haircut, just tell your barber you want a higher fade on your buzz cut. He should know what you’re talking about.

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A buzz cut can look a whole lot sexier if you throw in some facial hair. Even the most baby faced men will look a whole lot cooler and attractive with just a little hair coverage on the face. So if you’re not satisfied with just a buzz cut, you can always start growing a beard!

Buzz Cut Styles # 6


Colin Farrell may have worn some of the most awful hairstyles over the years, but this buzz cut is definitely one of them. This buzz cut does not fail. If he only stuck to it during those times when he thought a greasy undercut or an awful middle part looked cool.

A buzz cut, like we keep saying, is made all the more badass when it’s paired with a little facial hair. Especially if you have boyish features, or soft and weak angles.

Buzz Cut Styles # 7


A buzz cut is also a great haircut for guys who have thinning hair. Contrary to popular belief, letting your hair grow long is not a way to make thinning hair look less noticeable. It actually draws more attention to thinning hair or receding hairlines.

You want to keep the hair short and cropped close to the scalp so that it looks thicker and fuller. Plus it just looks more natural and less awkward than a combover or a shaggy hairstyle.

Buzz Cut Styles # 8


Buzz cut styles are perfect for guys on the go who don’t want to spend too much time on washing, cleaning, or styling. You can sleep tonight and wake up the next day wearing the same hairstyle without having the need to brush or style it.

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Of course, you will need to shampoo and condition it less often as when you have hair, but only to keep the scalp healthy and moisturized. But everything else is really very low maintenance.

Buzz Cut Styles # 9


While buzz cut styles look flattering on most men, like all other haircuts, there are still some limitations. Try to avoid a severe buzz cut if you are blessed with naturally big ears, or if you have a few scars and bumps on your scalp that you’re not particularly fond of.

A buzz cut is timeless and sophisticated. It’s stylish as it is convenient and functional. It can suit any kind of lifestyle, any kind of hair texture, and almost all face shapes. It can give any man an instant transformation. Depending on how you wear your buzz cut and what look you’re aiming for, it can make you look years younger, or just a few years older.

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